The west side of Col du Tourmalet viewed from the top -- the highest paved road in the French Pyrénées at 2115m (6939'). Source: Steven Hill,

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The Trento Bike Pages collect bicycle tour reports, mainly for road bikes, but also mountainbikes, as well as general bicycle touring and travel information, and bicycle club and organization listings. If you plan a bicycle tour, you'll find plenty of tour reports of people who have been there before. The Trento Bike pages got started in 1995 by Andreas Caranti, and have grown from a mailing list for the Italian Trento area to cover all of Europe, and now also Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The Trento Bike Pages got a new maintainer in 2005. They are kept alive by people submitting tour reports, so please tell us about your own tours! Spread the word.

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Loop through the Flanders
by Ant, tour started August 2022, submitted 28 September 2022

Counterclockwise loop in nine stages through the Flanders region of Belgium. Fine cities, excellent beer, and cobbled "walls" including:

  • Oude Kwaremont
  • Paterberg
  • Koppenberg
  • Taaienberg
  • Grammont (Muur van Geraardsbergen)

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Riding Stelvio on a Triplet
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2022, submitted 14 September 2022

A tour of Switzerland, Italy, and Austria on a triplet tandem (with support from an e-bike). As far as I know we're the first (and only) triplet to have done the climb on a triplet, with children under 11 (the children were 7 and 10 on the day of the climb).

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Approaching the Stelvio Summit
All my trials and awards
by Iris Mueck, , submitted 4 September 2021

This is a summary of my rides and awards (1999 - 2000) when I stopped to participate bike races. In case you are interested: I am riding bicycles since my age of five. A number of accidents I suffered... The latest is a femoral neck fracture. (Oberschenkelhalsbruch). Very hard to go back to normal life. But I am still going on. Enjoy the info! Good luck to my followers.

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Greetings to all our bicycle friends
A summary of my bicycle rides until 2002
by Iris Mueck, , submitted 28 August 2021

I am riding bicycle since my age of five. I had some good years in terms of mileage, riding 16.000 kilometers per year. And some bad, making just 2.000 kilometers per year, because of the demand of my job... I had some accidents... The most worse happened 2001, when a car hit me from the rear and have thrown in the ditch. Since that, my legs are loosing sensitivity, slowly getting stiff... Sometimes I am riding under pain! Car drivers, found over here, are no more seen in the world (except Austria) Bicycle visitors, take care! Review of my tours The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

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Biketour and Mountainbiking in Costa Rica
by Welt Explorer, tour started January 2021, submitted 26 January 2021
language: de

Biketour and Mountainbiking in Costa Rica. Enjoy the wildlife and beautiful natural scenery in the national parks Rincon de la Vieja, Palo Verde, Manuel Antonio, Arenal and Monteverde. Pura Vida and pure Mountainbike Adventure.

Through Kashubia with Bikerafting on Lupawa river
by Richard Löwenherz, tour started September 2020, submitted 6 November 2020
language: de

In September 2020, I spontaneously crossed northern Poland in consistently late summer weather - two weeks in pure nature with a Bikerafting section on the wild river Lupawa. As a finale I went two days offroad directly along the mostly deserted beach of Baltic Sea...

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final offroad cycling on the beach of Baltic Sea
Bikerafting through the mountains of Swedisch Lapland
by Richard Löwenherz, tour started August 2020, submitted 6 November 2020
language: de

Because Russia remained closed for tourist travels in 2020, I decided to go on a Bikerafting tour in northern Sweden to enjoy there an intense wilderness adventure. Together with a good friend we took a route that would lead us off all roads deep into the "Fjälls" - paddling from lake to lake and between cycling on hiking trails. How well we can go with our heavily loaded bikes on the hiking trails, we didn't know before, it was an experiment... we learned: it was more difficult than expected, but still a special experience to cross this amazing country in such an independent and varied way.

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paddling over lake Tjeggelvas
Eastern Caucasus: Through Chechnya and Dagestan to the Caspian Sea
by Richard Löwenherz, tour started September 2019, submitted 6 November 2020
language: de

Ten years after I crossed the western Caucasus by bike, it was time to travel through the Muslim-influenced eastern part of the mountain range. The advantage of the belated completion: the autonomous republics of Chechnya and Dagestan presented themselves as relaxed travel countries, where the risk of terrorist attacks is no longer higher than in most major cities in the world...

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mountain road down to Golotl
Chukotka: With Fatbike and Packraft to the end of the world...
by Richard Löwenherz, tour started July 2018, submitted 6 November 2020
language: de

Chukotka is the most northeastern tip of Russia, just across from Alaska. Completely cut off from the road system of the rest of the country and under the strict regime of the Russian border guards, this part of the planet is as difficult to travel as hardly anyone else. Four years, I fought for a special permit to travel on my own to the felt end of the world - a privilege that only a few Western individual travellers had been granted. In the summer of 2018 I got the long awaited "Yes" and the way was finally cleared for an extraordinary expedition across the unpopulated inland - from the Kolyma swamps to the Bering Sea.

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offroad into the Chaantal mountains
North Yakutia with Fatbike: On ice roads into the Russian Arctic
by Richard Löwenherz, tour started March 2017, submitted 6 November 2020
language: de

On so-called "Zimniks", the Russian winter roads over frozen rivers, lakes and swamps that only exists a few weeks, I went into the Russian Arctic for a third time in late winter 2017. After my first tours, which took me to the Polar Urals and Nenet tundra north of the Arctic circle, this time I went through one of the coldest areas of our planet: through Yakutia in eastern Siberia - with a finale on the ice of the frozen Arctic Ocean.

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night ride on frozen Arctic Ocean
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