The west side of Col du Tourmalet viewed from the top -- the highest paved road in the French Pyrénées at 2115m (6939'). Source: Steven Hill,

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The Trento Bike Pages collect bicycle tour reports, mainly for road bikes, but also mountainbikes, as well as general bicycle touring and travel information, and bicycle club and organization listings. If you plan a bicycle tour, you'll find plenty of tour reports of people who have been there before. The Trento Bike pages got started in 1995 by Andreas Caranti, and have grown from a mailing list for the Italian Trento area to cover all of Europe, and now also Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The Trento Bike Pages got a new maintainer in 2005. They are kept alive by people submitting tour reports, so please tell us about your own tours! Spread the word.

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Tour of North Wales
by Richard Evans, tour started September 2020, submitted 18 September 2020

I had planned to tour from Grenoble this year, taking in Mont Ventoux along the way. Covid ruled that out. I was still keen, however, to get a trip in, all the more so given the limits that have applied. I opted in the end for Wales.

This was a very enjoyable trip, with some breathtaking scenery, and some genuinely interesting towns. The trip took in long climbs, high passes and coastal roads. The variable weather and the costs in the UK are off-putting but in a year with constrained choices, this proved a memorable trip.

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Hinnant Pass
Backpacking in the West Bank
by Tim Williams, tour started 2020, submitted 11 July 2020

Tim Williams describes his experience bikepacking the West Bank territory of the Middle East, along with some useful tips, like where to go, what to avoid and how to stay safe.

Ride on the way from Zatarra to Dead Sea
Training Presence at Nordkapp
by Igor Kovse, tour started August 2018, submitted 23 January 2020

On the sea shore I found a middle sized fresh fish which I cut to pieces and eat raw as a sushi. The fish was a remarkable catch, like the one in Hemingway?s ?Old man and the sea?. The fish was a part of my scavenging routine. It started with a half of the sandwich which I found in the garbage box at the airport of Tromsø continued with a piece of cheese found near the toilet in one roadside rest-area. If I'd taken scavenging seriously, it could fulfill all my caloric needs.

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Napoli-Termoli, 850 km in bicicletta cost to cost. Ciclomaretona 2019
by Andrea Canta e Bruno Riva. , tour started July 2019, submitted 2 December 2019
language: it

Resoconto finale completo ed esclusivo della Ciclomaretona 2019. Napoli-Termoli in bicicletta. 850 km dal Tirreno all’Adriatico toccando lo Ionio. Coast to coast, da ovest ad est, dal mar Tirreno al mar Adriatico, toccando anche lo Ionio. Appassionati di natura, di vacanze on the road e bicicletta.

Final and complete report of the Ciclomaretona 2019. Naples-Termoli by bicycle. 850 km from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic, touching the Ionian Sea. Coast to coast, from west to east, from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Adriatic Sea, also touching the Ionian Sea. Nature lovers, on the road holidays and cycling.

Alla partenza del viaggio
Da Montevago a Messina in bicicletta per solidarietà a "Inbiciperadamo"
by Francesca Ferraro, tour started July 2019, submitted 2 December 2019
language: it

Il diario di viaggio che ci entusiasma per la passione e l’impeto che ci trasmette per sostenere un progetto. Grazie ai lettori.

In bicicletta da Klaipeda (Lituania) a Danzica (Polonia) attraverso Kaliningrad. Terza parteparte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2019, submitted 2 December 2019
language: it

Essere di nuovo sul suolo europeo non fu un sollievo neppure una liberazione. Eravamo partiti per visitare questa parte di Russia e nonostante l’idea dei giorni precedenti che ci conduceva a pensare che il programma fosse stato al di sotto delle aspettative, stavamo maturando la sofferenza di aver terminato un programma piacevole, senza seccature fastidiose e con sufficienti particolari da ricordare.

In this last page we describe the itinerary through Frombork, and the arrival in Gdansk, a surprisingly beautiful city.

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meeting in Frombork
Vienna's critical mass 2019
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2019, submitted 20 October 2019

Participants: Heide, a very brave bicyclist; Iris, the tired bicyclist

Vienna's critical mass took place October 18th 2019. Assembly 17:00, Start 18:00. My ride, about 20 kilometers. As usual a high number of participants. Meanwhile the local police is good prepared and directs the riders safe throughout Vienna's roads. It reminds me on the city tours I have been riding in the US. Per example "Le tour de San Francisco". Iris, the tired bicyclist has got a hit from destiny: Parkinson disease. Riding under pain, but forgotten when with other riders and mood is good. You will not see to many Iris blogs in future. Good luck to our followers. Enjoy the pictures.

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Starting point
In bicicletta da Klaipeda (Lituania) a Danzica (Polonia) attraverso Kaliningrad. Seconda parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2019, submitted 5 October 2019
language: it

Continua il racconto di un viaggio fino all'arrivo alla capitale Kaliningrad, una vera sorpresa per i protagonisti e lo sarà per voi. Cosa vedere, dove dormire, casa e dove mangiare. Seguirà una galleria delle più belle immagini di Kaliningrad.

Continue the story of a journey to the capital Kaliningrad, a real surprise for the protagonists and it will be for you. What to see, where to sleep, home and where to eat. A gallery of the most beautiful images of Kaliningrad will follow.

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Yantarni, una ciclabile sul mare.
In bicicletta da Klaipeda (Lituania) a Danzica (Polonia) attraverso Kaliningrad. Prima parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2019, submitted 5 October 2019
language: it

Un viaggio che inizia a Klaipeda dove era terminato il precedente nei Paesi Baltici nel 2012. Attravera lo stato di Kaliningrad e raggiunge Danzica in Polonia. Questa è la prima parte con i consigli per l'organizzazione.

This journey begins in Klaipeda where the precedent in the Baltic States ended in 2012. It will cross the state of Kaliningrad and reach Gdansk in Poland. This is the first part with advice for the organization.

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Klaipeda, Lituania. Rent a bike.
2019 Credit Card Tour of the Alps
by Nige White, tour started July 2019, submitted 20 August 2019

My first bike tour. I chose to do it in lightweight, credit card touring mode. I think this is the way I will holiday in future. No equipment needed.

View of Bourg d'Oisans from the road to Villard Reculas
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