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Lundby Krat, Aalborg, Denmark

Contributed by Mikkel Bech Frandsen ( on Fri Dec 9 12:50:29 1994
This place is for those who think that a technically difficult trail is fine. The trail is situated 5 km. south of Aalborg, a city with 150.000 inhabitants. On the trails you will find steep, technical uphills, drop-offs and all you need to get your pulse to max. Try and find "Carsten Madsen's Hill", a very steep singletrack uphill, made by a member of the local bike club and therefore named after him. It's worth a try - but don't be sorry if you can't climb it... it's very steep. Only a few members of the local mtb-club have done it.

It is possible to put your own trails together here at Lundby Krat. There is a lot of singletrack, possibilities for short downhills and a chance to see the nature of Denmark from it's most beautiful side. The various trails also provide various difficulty levels, so it's a place for everyone.

Be careful not to run down runners or other people walking around Lundby Krat, since this is a very popular place to go for Saturday and Sunday trips with the kids and mom.

See you in Denmark.

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