Trevor's Bicycle Tour Checklist

This packing list for long-ish tours in Europe is a modification of Jobst Brandt's list, also on this server. The list reflects a different way of packing the bike (i.e., not packing it and trusting the airline to deliver it in one piece), and some different clothing choices. The total weight of these items and a pannier is about 4 to 4.5kg.

On-Bike Clothing

Cycling shorts (2 pairs)
Short sleeved cycling jersey
Light thermal undervest
Cycling socks (2 pairs)
Arm warmers (more efficient than also carrying long sleeved jersey)
Leg warmers (more efficient than also carrying tights)
Light long sleeved windproof (e.g. Gamex) top
Rain cape
Cap with visor (for sunburn protection)
Track mitts
Thin thermal gloves to wear under mitts

Off-Bike Clothing

Socks (1 or 2 pairs)
Undershorts (as many as you think you need)
T Shirt
Lightweight long trousers
Short trousers


Spare tubes (2)
Spare tyre 
Patch kit
Tyre levers
Spokes with nipples (2 of each length)
Spoke key
"Cool Tool" (includes chain tool, cross-head screwdriver and adj. spanner)
Set of appropriate hex. wrenches for bike
Small flat blade screwdriver


Passport (if necessary)
E-111 medical form if you're an EC citizen and travelling in the EC
Travel insurance details
Address book
Money (cash to get you started)
ATM, VISA and MasterCard cards 
Small camera and film
Washing kit (e.g. toothbrush, razor, ...)
Medical kit (e.g. antiseptic, plasters, painkillers, ...)
Travel wash, a few clothes pegs and some string for ad-hoc washing line
Pocket knife
Sun lotion, chap stick
Plastic produce bags (4+)
Tape, white adhesive or duct tape
Can opener
Matches (or lighter)