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Memories of Norden, a 25 day bicycle tour of Sweden and Norway near midsummer 1994

By Dave Dermott (, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
This great report is split up in five parts


Vandrarhem (or Vandrerhjem or Vandrarheim) == youth hostel
Sverige Leden a marked bicycle route through Sweden
Vättern Rundan
Norden means "the North" and usually includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and maybe Estonia and a few other places, it's a broader term than Scandinavia and easier to type.

My steed: Old 531DB touring frame (Raleigh Grand Sport); Randonneur handle bars with Suntour Bar-cons; Avocet Cross tires 700x32 on home built wheels, Weinman 917 rims; front gears 52-40-30, rear 13-34(7 sp); Blackburn rear rack and low riders; Esge fenders; Brooks B17 saddle. Carrying large rear panniers, small front panniers, handlebar bag, tent , sleeping bag and thermarest. Weight TOO HEAVY.