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Ciclopista del Sole

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When the first Autostrada (motorway, higway, freeway) from Milan to Napoli was built in Italy, it was named Autostrada del Sole (Sun Freeway). Perhaps it was a subtle reference to the fact that fossil fuels burned by internal combustion engines ultimately derive their energy from the sun.

In any case, it was high time for cyclists to have a nationwide cycling path too. FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta), the Italian bicycle advocay group, has now started such a project, named Ciclopista del Sole (Sun Bicycle Path). The name is aptly chosen, because the path runs from the Brenner Pass (at the border between Italy and Austria) all the way South to Napoli, and thus one always faces the sun. (Going back North? Why should you want to do that?)

The map of the first part of the Ciclopista has just been published by

Ediciclo Editore
via Po 41
I-30026 Portogruaro VE

Voice/Fax +39 421 74475

It covers the section from the Brenner Pass to Trento, and has been researched by the Trento Section of the Amici della Bicicletta. There are two alternative itineraries, one going from Sterzing/Vipiteno to Bolzano/Bozen through Brixen/Bressanone, the other one, slightly more challenging, going over Merano/Meran.

The itineraries follow actual bicycle paths, or secondary roads with little traffic. Some of the paths are unpaved, but paved alternatives (albeit not so pleasant) are available.