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Contributed by Marco Buffa in November 1995


Start from Breno in main route of Valcamonica: traffic may disturb but the street is flat. Till to Edolo beware of the level crossing of Brescia-Edolo railway. The first demanding stretch at Forno Allione just after crossed the way to Vivione Pass (beautiful place).

From Edolo with a couple of hairpins starts the real ascent to Tonale Pass; last easily reachable drinking fountain is in Vezza d'Oglio at your right near a free car parking (and look at the Adamello's group). Bypassing Ponte di Legno via an external route I get to Passo Tonale as soon as the effort makes evident. Passo Tonale is like a wide saddle, as Simplonpass, surrounded by beautiful mountains. (Till here: 63Km, 210min, 1500 of devilment)

After a minilunch, I start the rapid descent to Dimaro; beware of many bends, I note many grasslands that invite you to stretch yourself on ... but the way is still long. During the ascent to Campo Carlo Magno I have to put up with hot air and a bit of tiredness (because the last ascent is not so far); splendid view of Dolomiti di Brenta helps me (it's the first time I see a Dolomiti's mountain) to face the last kilometers. (Till here: 98 Km. 345 min 2400 mt of devilment) I need water: I find on the left a drinking fountain in S. Antonio Mavignola. The weather is getting worse and wind (against my travelling direction) arises so I start at once the long descent in Val Rendena up to Tione. From Tione 4.5 Km. and 200 mt of devilment take me to the descent towards Lodrone (Till here: 163 Km. 500 min 2600 mt fo devilment) Here I have two choices

I covered the second in the other way and I remembered that the ascent is continous and straight interrupted by a 2 Km. of descent and then a more steep stretch to get to Bagolino. So I'm taking the route to Riccomassimo which turns to be more steep than the other and gets to Bagolino with a steepest descent (be careful). Bagolino is a nice village and here I take the last break before starting the ascent to Crocedomini. The surroundings environment is splendid but the ascent is very demanding: in Valle Dorizzo(1160 mt.) the last village before the pass there is a resting stretch. From here begins a hairpin's series in the middle of a pine wood. Another resting stretch: I'm in a place named Gaver (1560-1700 mt). The only shortcoming of this (lonely) place is that I can see all the remains of the ascent and, as I'm quite tired, I' m not happy in seeing it. Slowly I get to top (1943 mt. while the pass is 1 km. after at 1882) : till here 191 km. 730 min 4000 mt of devilment.

It's late: just the time to wear something warmer and then get down to Breno. The street is always in descent but very dangerous both for many bends and for "narrowness": however I get to Breno quite tired but very happy.

Questions and answers:


Yes, I think so: you start with the most difficult ascent (Crocedomini) while the last becomes the ascent to Tonale not so difficult and then you end the ascents at km 150 not at km 190 !


Maybe Edolo so you get to start ascent of Crocedomini already warmed up.


For me the stretch from which you see Dolomiti of Brenta; for those that have never been to Croce Domini, the route from Valle Dorizzo to Croce Domini Pass