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Reports by Andrea Casalotti

All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


A trip to Sicily
by Andrea Casalotti, tour started March 1997

A group of five, three boys and two girls, went to Sicily in the third week of March 97. We all love cycling but for three of us it was the first week-long trip. We brought our mountain bikes, but did only two off-road stretches. [...] What makes Sicily an excellent place to cycle is the quality of the food. And in fact you'll read about ice-cream, sesame-filled bread, ricotta-filled cakes, spaghetti with sardines and bread-crumbs, pasta with anchovies and melanzane, cassata and cannoli, almond pastries, olives bread... but cyclists do need prime fuel after all!

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A solo trip in Southern Morocco
by Andrea Casalotti, tour started November 1994

The diary of a trip from Marrakech over the Atlas, along the Draa valley to Zagora, then coasting the Sahara to Tata and Akka, over the anti-Atlas to Tiznit.

See all 2 reports by Andrea Casalotti