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Reports by Bryan Hollamby

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A cycletour of Brittany, NW France, 1999
by Bryan Hollamby, tour started September 1999, submitted 3 January 2006

A self-contained cyclecamping tour of Brittany in September 1999, lasting eleven days and 600 kilometres, with photos.

``The payback for the long uphill stretches came later on, when the last ten kilometres of the day's run to Carhaix was very fast indeed, down superbly smooth highway. Thus it was that I made good time in getting to Carhaix-Plouguer, stopping at the Intermarch´ supermarket to stock up on foodstuffs, toilet rolls and wine. I had been forewarned that the supermarket stood at the top of a very long hill which led down to the Les Hyères campsite, where we would be setting up camp that night, and so it would be wise to stock up there before heading down to the campsite. The bike made a comical sight when I had managed to stow the toilet paper (see picture).''

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7 a.m. sunlight over a canal at Corlay, Brittany
Cycling around Lake Kerkini, Northern Greece
by Bryan Hollamby, tour started May 1998, submitted 3 January 2006

Lake Kerkini is a wetlands wildfowl reserve in Northern Greece, with a large variety of bird and other animal life, as well as a virtually traffic-free dirt road for most of its circumference. Ideal for a day's cycletour and some birdwatching. This is a description of the area, with photos, and some hints on making the most of a trip there.

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Lake Kerkini in spring in Greece, near the Bulgarian border