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Reports by Györgyi Gábor

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Wonderful and motivating Brenta - Ortles Brevet with Passo dello Stelvio, Gavia ..(363 km + 8088 m)
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started August 2015, submitted 13 December 2015

Brevetto Brenta-Ortles is a wonderful challenge in North Italy with beautiful ascents, lakes, landscape and motivating climbs. The route (officially 363 km + 8088 m) starts towards the Lago di Molveno with breathtaking mountains in the background, then through the Val di Non and Merano. The ride’s two most challenging climbs are the legendary passo dello Stelvio (2760 m) and Passo di Gavia (2621 m), but it is followed by Passo del Tonale, Passo Campo Carlo Magn next to the Brenta Dolomites and at last a short, but romantic ascent to Stenico. To cycle this roundtrip the participants has max. 34 hours to be a „finisher” of this challenge. I did this in August and was amazed by the nature, mountains, and otherwise it was adventurous too, becaue few hours before cycling up to Passo dello Stelvio a heavy strom caused landslides on the descent to Bormio and few times I had climb onto and down from the rocks to reach Bormio and then finish the challenge. It was a wonderful, memorable ride and I can suggest to others !

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Lago di Molveno, Italy
Bicycle tour in Andalucia: Costa del Sol + Sierra Nevada (Pico Veleta, etc) and other mountains
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started August 2012, submitted 8 March 2015

This bicycle tour in Andalucia was a mix of cycling along the sea on the Costa del Sol and visiting few panoramic mountains (Mirador Cabra Montes, Haza de Lino, etc.) and cycling on the mountains of Sierra Nevada and Sierra de los Filabres. Bwtween Nerja and Castell de Fero the coast is wonderful with romantic bays. On the most memorable day we cycled up to Pico Veleta (3394 m) which can be reached on the highest finishing paved road and offers wonderful panorama. Above 2500 m we had very heavy wind gale. Once it lifted my touring partner's bike as he was walking next to it (he felt too dangerous to cycle there). Standng at the peak we could see Granada and the landscape around it , the coast, the Alpujarras and thanks to the wind we could see Gibraltar and a little bit Africa too. Another interesting memory was to cycle though the semi-desert of Tabernas and meet and look deers by sunset at the ridge of the Sierra de los Filabres.

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Cycling along the Sierra Nevada to Granada and the same day up to Pico Veleta
Ötz valley (Ötztaler) bicycle marathon (I had a dream) 2010': 228 km + 5300 m
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started August 2010, submitted 5 May 2013

In the year of 2010 I participated in the Ötz valley bicyclemarathon (228 km + 5300 m) which is one of the most prestigious bicycle marathon event in Europe. Its slogan is „I have a dream” and a lot of starters think this, me too. First I saw a report about it in the TV 17 years earlier and I hoped I would cycle it once in my life. I rode my touringbike and I carried a small videocamera with me to record the day for video.

The route starts in Austria, Tirol. Its 1st climb is Kühtai (2020 m) which ascent contains a stretch with 16% steepness. On the descent I reached 86 km/h speed. After Brennerpass the 3rd ascent was Jaufenpass / Passo Monte Giovo by pleasant sunny weather. As I reached Bad St Leonhard in time (before timelimit) I knew that the last hard climb, Passo Rombo / Timmelsjoch (250 m) would be a pleasure for me (I knew it too, had climbed earlier): enough time and unbelievable feeling on that wonderful road. I took a lot of photos and often used my videocamera and enjoyed the last climb very much, while I saw few cyclists struggling. I reached the finish with great emotions and memories: that was one of the most memorable day of my life. The travelogue contains a 28 minutes long video about the bicycle marathon.

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Ötztaler bicycle marathon: last pass: Passo Rombo
Bicycle tour in the French Alps: completing the collection of paved ascents going above 2000 m
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started June 2011, submitted 2 February 2012

After my previous year, when I cycled up to all of the paved ascents of the Pyrenées above 2000m, for this bicycle tour my aim was to complete the collection of the paved roads above 2000 m in the French Alps. That meant visiting hardly known climbs, like for example Parking du Laus (2110 m) by Lac Allos, or Chalet Laval, Lac Besson (2090 m) above Alpe d’Huez, or the climb to Plan d’Aval and Plan du Lac (2362 m), about which there were no cycling informations on the internet, although it is a wonderful road. Besides these climbs I visited well known cols, passes, where I was indulging in nostalgia. Almost every 2nd day I had few hour long rain, and during the tour I cycled minimum 5 times in rain above 2000 m, but fortunately I was lucky on the „milestone-days”: when I climbed La Bonette (2802 m), Col du Galibier under clear skies and Col de l’Iseran. With cycling up to Courchevel (2030 m) I reached my aim: I cycled up to all of the asphalted roads of the French Alps finishing above 2000 m. The travelogue contains about minimum 15 minutes long videos about each day.

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Gábor Györgyi bicycling to Col de l'Iseran from South
Bicycle tours on steep and wonderful ascents of Tirol & South Tirol (with videos)
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started May 2011, submitted 29 January 2012

In May, 2011 I visited Tirol & South Tirol to cycle up to few ascents going above 2000m which I missed and hadn't already cycled. I returned to the wonderful Passo Gardena, which was the 1st pass above 2000m for me, where I cycled 15 years before. AFter Sella I climbed to Rifugio Gardeccia (1949 m), which was Giro d'Italia stage finish 2 days later, and finished the day with the similarly steep, Pampeago / Zischgalm (2000 m). On my last day I visited one of the hardest ascents of Austria, Idalpe (2320 m) with its 13-17% steep kilometers and finished the day with the hardly known mountain road to Belpiano / Schöneben (2105 m), which is situated by the Lago di Resia, not far from the Italian border. I arrived at the camp at 2 am, after cycling the last 2 hours in rain, but feeling well: during the 4 days I cycled up to another 6 new climbs for me and remained only ca. 35 pieces to have the complete collection of the Alps above 2000 m.

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Passo Gardena, western ascent with the view to Sassolungo
BicycleTOURing in the Pyrenées II. (France, Spain)
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2010, submitted 9 March 2011
language: en, hu

In 2010 my bicycletour went back to the Pyrenées to collect another paved roads going above 2000 m, to have all of them. By its start I cycled up to Mont Ventoux on its four different ascents in the same day to have the Galerien version of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux.

I saw 3 times the Tour de France: they were great feelings, unforgettable memories. I climbed legendary Tour de France climbs, like Col de Peyresourde, Aspin, Luz Ardiden, Aubisque, Pla d’Adet, Col d’Azet, etc. In Spain I was amazed by the huge rockwalls of the Ordesa canyon and the region of that and found wonderful (and one of the most beautiful roads) the East side of the Coll de Fanlo. In Spain with other ones I visited Cerler, Boi Taüll, a hardly known, but wonderful road to Presa L’lauset, then in Andorra 3 roads: one of them the legendary and nice Arcalis. I visited calm ascents like the idyllic valley of Lac Bouillouses and valley of Puigmal. After climbing Vallter I finished my tour in Barcelona.

The bicycletour was totally 2368 kms + 42996 m heightdifference.

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Col de Peyresourde before the Tour de France caravane
Alpine bicycletour from a col onto an other col - 7th year / part
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2009, submitted 17 February 2010

In the summer of 2009 I cycled in the Alps again. I organized my tour around 3 milestones: I registered for participating in the 2nd hardest well known bicycle-marathon of Europe, the traditional and famous La Marmotte (174 kms + 4900m heightdiff. with the Col du Glandon, Col du Galibier and at last Alpe d’Huez.). The other event was the international BIG meeting in South Bayern (Germany) with other bicycletourers and at last a test tour along the route of the Ötztaler radmarathon (228 km + 5200 m heightdiff.). A participation on that event in the following year became one of my dreams in my life. Beside these I visited another nice and memorable climbs above 2000m, in Switzerland (Mattmarksee, Lac Moiry, Barrage Grand Dixence, Alpe Galm, Tatschalp, Oberaarsee besides snowwalls and the wonderful Männlichen, etc) and in France (Col de la Colombiere, Val Thorens, Col de l'Iseran, etc.) the country of the Tour de France.

I had successful days on the La Marmotte and the Ötztaler radmarathon testtour.

Totally I cycled 2335 kms + 47060 m heightdifference on 18-19 whole days.

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Col de l'Iseran (2770 m), France
Bicycletour in Tenerife and La Palma, the steepest island of the world
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started April 2009, submitted 19 January 2010

I bicycled 2 weeks in Tenerife and La Palma, the steepest island of the world. Both have mild weather so they are said to be the islands of the forever spring. The clouds fly under the height of 1500m, so above it the Sun always shines and we can see the clouds lower.

In Tenerife I visited the wild Teno mountains with the beautiful Masca, later I ascended up to the 2100m Teide plateau where one can feel as in Arizona. In La Orotava I enjoyed the Loro Park animal park with orca, penguine and dolphine shows, then I cycled through laurelsilva forest next to La Esperanza.

The islands have subtropical climate and subtropical plants, besides I saw a lot of cactusses and sometimes papaya and orange trees. In La Palma I ascended the Roque de los Muchachos (2426 m) from both sides. As I looked around from the ridge of the Caldera crater I could hardly say a word: outside I saw te clouds from above to the infinity, while inside clouds in the half-rounded crater shined by evening sunlights. I had a round the tour in the island and visited volcanos and tropical forest. Wonderful islands!

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Bicycling above the clouds on Teide (Tenerife)
Bicycletour in the Alps with legendary climbs: Mt Ventoux, Bonette, Agnello, Passo Mortirolo, Passo Stelvio, etc.
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2008, submitted 6 January 2009

In 2008 I cycled 1807 kms and 32199 m height difference in the Alps. I climbed the 3 ascents of Mt Ventoux in a day, had a nice tour in Provence and at the Riviera. I had huge memories: riding my bicycle from the sealevel to the 2802m high Cime de la Bonette that I reached in the evening.

I had a dangerous descent in the rain from Col d'Izoard. Also climbed Colle Agnello (top in fog), and another fantastic day with an italian guy, Mauro Repetti as we did the Trittico Mortirolo : 3 ascent in 1 day. The last serious ``task'' was Passo Stelvio (2760m) from Tirano.

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Raid Pyreneen 2007 - From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean sea by bicycle
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2007, submitted 16 November 2007

In 2007 I and the tourmate of mine, Peter Riskó planned cycling in the Pyrenees. The tourist version of the RAID PYRENEEN seemed to be ideal for us. It is 790 kms long, has ca. 18000m heightdifference with 28 cols and we had 10 days for it. Before starting the Raid Pyreneen, we spent 4-5 days in the Pyrenees, in Andorra and visited such climbs as Port Cabus (2300 m), Port d'Envalira (2408 m) and enjoyed the Tour de France feeling. We had fantastic memories at Cirque Gavernie and then in the valley of Cirque Troumouse, where we saw waterfals, and small clouds coming up from the bottom of the valley not much before sunset. I enjoyed very much the legendary climbs of the Pyrenees as the hard (11% for 4 kms) Col du Marie Blanque, Col d'Aubisque, Col du Tourmalet... which we waited very much. With a little bit clouds around us the surroundings of the col was so fantastic which made the Col du Tourmalet one of the most memorable col for me through my 15 years bicycling.

The second half of the Raid went through lower mountains, but we had Col de Mente and Portet d'Aspet, Port de Pailheres as legends. It was a good feeling, that we cycled where famous bicycleracers climbed a few decades before us. Our last day was memorable again with the beautiful Col de Garavel, the mediterranean Col du Palomere with the sight for the sea and the last 20kms along the sea through a few tourist village.

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Col du Tourmalet
2006: Cycletours and training in the Dolomites and participation on the Granfondo Campagnolo
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started June 2006, submitted 14 January 2007

In the summer of 2006 I aimed to finish to succeed the Granfondo Campagnolo, the hardest bicyclemarathon in Italy in 2006. Before the Granfondo I and two friends of mine spent 3 days in the Dolomites, with those tours I bicycled onto 6 passes above 2000m there. The most wondeful climb was the very hard Tre Cime di Lavaredo (2350 m) from the Lake Misurina, with a beautiful panorama. An another memorable pass was the Staller Sattel (2052 m) on the austrian border: the last 5 km is very nice with panorama, calmness, forest, flowers, blue lake down and snow on the mountains. The Giau pass was a hard one, but ``only averagely nice''.

The Granfondo was one of my most memorable bicycle memory. I was the only one who finished it with a 13 kg+ 2,5 kg pack heavy touring bike. I could bicycle with the last 30-40 participant; I enjoyed the nature, countryside and the feeling; I stopped few times for photos. After arriving in time, as the speaker saw with how a bike I arrived into the finish, he called me next to him and after 2-3 sentences he spoke a few minutes about my performance. After it, the 50 people audience clapped for me and immediatelly I could hear the hungarian anthem from the loud-speakers. It was a surprise for me from the speaker, who found this performance very serious with a bike, I had.

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At the Finish of the Granfondo Campagnolo 2006'
An Alpine bicycletour onto the next few cols above 2000m - the last / 3rd chapter
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2006, submitted 14 January 2007

After the last 2 years of my alpine bicycletours, in 2006 I went back to the Alps with the aim that after my tour maybe I would be the first hungarian people who bicycled up to all (74-75) of the asphalted alpine passes above 2000m. After 6 years of alone bicycling, this year I had two guys with me. In Italy and France we had nice, warm, sunny days with cycling a few hard cols, passes, like the 2612m high Passo Nivolet (I'm sure between the 3 best / most beautiful passes, where I had been), or the almost unknown Passo del Preit (2083 m), onto we bicycled in stormy weather with thunderstorms. The Fort Gondran (2347 m)was also very nice next to Briancon, I can suggest to visit it.

After Col du Lautaret, Alpe d'Huez, Col du Sabot, we arrived to Chamonix on a nice day, when at last we could see the snowfields of the Mont Blanc before sunset. Next day we got rain and cold as we cycled to Switzerland, and the bad weather remained for 3-4 days long. We had to postpone passes onto the next days, or climbed 1-2 of them partly in rain and arrived to the top in 4-8 degrees Celsius. The Sustenpass was the worst and coldest. The Passo Spluga (2117 m) was also a very beautiful pass, with a lot of hairpins, views and superb hairpin-row on a almost vertical wall, with short straight sections. Because the times went by too fast on that evening I decided to climb the famous Mortirolo (and the 2100m high Passo Val Bighera) in dark, in the night. It was wonderful: in a calm, dark forst in a warm air. I enjoyed very much the nature, air, and the views, because it was light, because I had fortune with the full Moon. I enjoyed the feeling so much, that I spent much time above. Our last pass was the Passo Goletto di Crocette (2070 m), onto we had 8-10% steep kilometers in or after raining for 2-3 hours. With a few passes postponed, we remained 4 passes to climb, that I did in September 2006.

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Climbing Passo Nivolet (2612 m), Italy
On the legendary climbs, cols of the Giro d'Italia and Tour de Suisse
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2005, submitted 1 February 2006

Although the tour that I had on the legendary climbs of the Tour de France in 2004 tempt me back to indulge in nostalgia, this year (2005) I decided to bicycle on the cols of the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de Suisse, and beside it to take part in the hard Fausto Coppi bicyclemarathon / gran fondo, which is a real challenge with its 187 km and has 4400m height difference.

Before the fantastic marathon, I bicycled to France to climb the Col de la Moutiere, and when I were there it was logical to climb also the 2802m Cime de la Bonette. Both cols are unforgettable.

Next to Briancon I enjoyed the nice Col du Granon (2413 m) which was not only steep but very beautiful. In 2005 at the Colle Finestre (Italia) there was a hard fight between profi Giro d'Italia racers; on my tour I had the most remarkable experience after a light rain, when the Sun could shine between the clouds.

In Switzerland I had cold weather for days, but I could climb nice cols. I loved Grimselm because I enjoyed very much the feeling of a triathlon race, and I loved Gotthard because its ``old'' feeling - thanks to the cobblestoned road.

In the last 3 days - through sunny weather - I went up to the legendary Passo Gavia, Passo Rombo / Timmelsjoch and last day the 2829m high Gletscherstrasse. The highest point on the last day!

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Fantastic view: 3 kms from the 2802 m Cime de la Bonette (cycling from Col de la Moutiere)
On the legendary climbs, cols of the Tour de France (2004)
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2004, submitted 30 January 2006

In 2004 I succeeded in cycling through the French Alps, which had been one of my Great dream, plan for years. For years I felt that a tour in France can have more problems than in the nearer countries, but with the experiences of my tour in 2003 (along the Adria and to Montenegro), in 2004 I felt enough encourage to cycle up to the famous french cols. I had read a lot of travelogues (Trento Bike Pages,,, etc.) and I tried to think about every problems which can occur through a French Alps tour: weather, busy campings, the effects of the Tour de France, and maybe some mechanical problems, etc.

In the first two days and in the last two days I had some problems, adventures, but just between the high mountains of the French Alps everything happened well. During the 12 days between the mountains, I climbed almost all of the passes / cols, that I planned for the whole tour, this means 21 serious ascents, 13 of them are above the height of 2000 m. The most famous cols where I cycled are: La Bonette (2802 m), Col du Galibier (2645 m) , Col d'Izoard (2361m) , Alpe d'Huez (1860m), Col de Iseran (2770m), Col Agnel (2744m), etc.

Although there was 1 or 2 rest days in the plan, as I didn't have any serious - whole day long - rain through the tour, every day I was riding my bicycle. The beautiful nature and the experiences, adventures, ascents gave my power to climb them. Usually 1-2 days with panniers were followed by a ``light'' day without panniers (but with 2 climbs).

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After about 8 hours climbing (2300 m heightdifference) I reached the 2802 m High Cime de la Bonette
Biketour along the Adria sea
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2003

After experiences in cycle-touring abroad gathered 6-8 year long, for this (2003) summer I preferred to cycle along the Adria next to the mountains than to push the pedals on the ascents of the Alps (I did it in 2001). Year by year I like more and more those places where I can enjoy both the beauty of the mountains and the clear lake or sea. Croatia and Montengro are such places. I knew that bicycling along the Adria to Dubrovnik would took me about 7-9 days, but besides (emellett) I wanted to visit a few islands. I thought if I reach Dubrovnik - this wonderful town, only one day trip from the Gulf of Kotor - I would have to cycle there to. About Montenegro I read and saw beautiful photos on the website of and and On the website of baraka there were useful informations about travelling to Montenegro and their programtips gave me good ideas where to bike. I could fit in the more than 2 week, less than 3 week long holiday only if I had reached Ljubljana by train and had planned to travel to home from there by train too. (This way was shorter by one day than biking to the sea from Zagreb) Besides I purchased a ticket for a ship between Dubrovnik and Rijeka.

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Bicycling in Slovenia: Suggestions, ideas, experiences
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started 2003

Between 1997 and 2003 I was four times in Slovenia by bike, from these three times I crossed this small, but beautiful country. On these tours I gathered 261 + 654 + 252 + 217 = 1384 kms in the slovenian land. From these experiences I compiled the following tips.

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Bled and Lake Bohinj
Training Camp in the Greek spring
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started 2002

As the winner of an article-writing competition in the Hungarian Bringa magazine, I could spend 11 days together with the Hungarian MTB squad in a training camp 80 kms from Athens, between 12 and 26 march 2002. We were in the friendly Hotel Bakos, in Loutraki, situated 3kms from the Korinthos channel and the Peloponnesus peninsula and at the foot of a 1300m high mountain. Although on ascents I prefer cycling looking around, taking pictures and making videofilms than cycling in a hurried style. So I was the odd one out from 24-26 head team. My goal was not to spend a good 11 days training, but to make nice cycle tours, enjoy the nature of Greece and to discover the north-east Peloponnesos.

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Lake Voullaaagmeni
Crossing the Swiss Alps
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started August 2001

With the experiences of 5 tours to the High-Tatras and two cycletours in Austria and Slovenia, in the year 2001 with joining to the holiday of my parents I tried to cross the swiss Alps. The startpoint was a small village Champoussin, situated 1575m high not too far from the Lake Leman. [...] On my first cycletour I biked to France through the not too high, but steep Col de la Forclaz. This pass are usually compared to the famous climb, Alpe d.Huez, because of their comparable steepness and long. Before that time I hadn.t seen the Mont Blanc, so I found amazing the huge mass of snow. [...] (1st training-tour: 171 km + 3741 m height-diff.) On my second cycletour . thanks for the warmer weather . I took sight at the 2469m high Col du Grand Saint Bernard, at the border between Switzerland and Italy. [...] On the last 7-8 km I met with a guy from Netherlands who cycled up with a bike with about 30 kg pack. [...] The tour ended with an almost 2 hour long climb that I got used to two days before. My parents were waiting for me with a warm soup and a delicious supper. (2nd training tour: 173 km + 3371m height-diff.)

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From the snowy mountains to the sandy beach
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2000

After getting experiences on five cycletours in Slovakia and two in Austria and Slovenia in july 2000 I was ready to bike on my most serious tour in my life: to push the pedals from my favourite area, the Dolomites - which is said to be one of the world.s most beaufiful mountain-ranges . reaching the Adriatic sea to Nagykanizsa, a hungarian town next to the border. As in last year this year I also travelled to Cavalese, the place of our holiday with my parents, from where I set out the 1400km long . with a 3 day long detour . homeway after a week long training, warming up and programs together with my parents. In every case I wanted to visit the wonderful Lake Garda . which I only heard about . and Venice that I liked from the videos, but where I also hadn.t been before. During the week I spent in the Dolomites with my parents I made three beautiful cycletours and managed to cycle through some passes.

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Crossing the Carpathians by bike
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 1999

After four Tatra-tour I knew that I wouldn?t be satisfied with visiting only Zakopane; our goal was to cycle to Krakkow and than back to Hungary. I didn?t know that a guy from the team punctured, so when I cycled back, I found nobody. I had to continue my tour alone, but I hoped we would meet until the evening. In Zdiar during eating I was just thinking that I would have to get used to cycling alone, when my teammates apperared on the road. At the wooden house in the forest at the top of the first climb of Poland we turned not left as in 1997 or 1995, but turned right to north, to the Glodowka meadow. In my fifth Tatra-tour, with about 7-8 years of experiences in cycling I could discuss with the guys that if they don?t join me I could visit the famous wooden church of Debno 15 kms from there.

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On the road
Zig-zag in Slovakia
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started 1998

We arrived at Kosice on a sunny and hot main road. The personell of a petrol station were so nice to let us to have a shower. Kosice was such a nice city, that I would rank it among my most favourite towns, to between Banska Bystrica and Bardejov. The center is ordered, clean and is full of flowers. The houses in the promenade are redecorated. In the middle of the main promenade there is a theatre, next to it a fountain in a small park. The water of the fountain erupts for the voices of music. That is an other place where people can spent a lot of time. We liked the center so much, that we decided to go back next morning.

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An adventurous bicycletour to the Tatra
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 1997

In the following day we could took delight in the castle of Orava, that was built onto a steep rock. We went on cycling in the flat valley of the Orava river to Dolny Kubin, the town that I can remember because of its nice flowery bridge. After we left the town we had to hurry to under the roof of a bus station; we had a fast shower. To arrive to Terchova, the center of the Small / Little Fatra we needed our last efforts to climb a 12-14% steep ascent. As we saw some tables that prohibitted a lot of things because of the National Park, we decided to sleep outside of it. After a breakfast in the sunny square, we was biking through the nice, romantic, rocky Vratna canyon in sunshine and under blue sky. I found it one of the most beautiful place during our tour A stream was plashing (csobog) next to the road, and some green fir trees made the land variable with the white rocks.

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A break in the woods
High-Tatras expedition
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started 1995

I set out to make a good and complete tour to the High Tatras. We took part three of us in this thin two weeks planned expedition: Zoltán Maráz and R´dei from Szolnok and me, from Budakalász. Based on the guys experiences we planned the tour for the middle of august. Zoltán Maráz, with whom I got acquainted in the tour in 1993, had already cycled 6 times to there and back the highest mountain-range of the Carpathians through the years, the other guy had only one. I had left 28000 kms behind me by bike in the last 5 years before 1995. We agreed to meet in R´páshuta in the Bükk mountain-range. For me it meant 200kms for the first day with the pack of about 20 kgs. At dawn of the 9th of August 1995 we started at the same time, at 5 am. It was dark. On the whole rainy and grey day I tried to get used to the 20 kgs heavy pack. After the tiring, hilly area before Eger I had to climb on a long ascent up to the 700m high Bükk-plateau, and after 200 kms I arrived at the Hunter-restaurant in R´páshuta, where my tourmates had already waited for me.

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Lake Dedinky
Tatra bicycletour
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started August 1993

After long planning ´s some training I and a friend of mine (from the secondary school), Csaba Budavári started to „conquer” the Tatra by bicycle. We had already known the hungarian land next to our home: Vác, Penc, Acsa and the sunny, hilly area with sunflower-fields. In Verseg we spent a little time in a village-muzeum (skanzen) which consisted of only two old houses. The old lady who showed us the rooms was very friendly. Not much before Gyöngyös, after reaching the top of a climb we got a nice view to the town, and the mountains (the highest: K´kestetõ) behind it. In the evening it wasn’t a problem to fall aslep; we were tired.

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In the Tatras
Biketour-tips: Pilis, Mátra
by Györgyi Gábor

In the last few years the popularity of cycling has increased in Hungary, so more and more people are choosing biking to spend their spare time. With the growing popularity of cycling the local governments can only limitedly satisfy the claims of bike road-building. Although the length of cycle-roads increase a little from year to year. These roads are sometimes real roads, not the edge of tracks or parts of pavements, but in other cases they are separated with a line from the tracks or pavements.

Pilis is ideally situated for either cyclists to see Budapest or the bikers who are curious about Esztergom (church!!) and the Danube bend. We can find here roads with good quality, but the asphalted forest roads (without any traffic) are also good. The ascents [...] are generally 4-8% steep.

Mátra is the highest mountain-range (on a small area) of Hungary, its top Kékesteõ is 1015m above sea level. With the normal and forest roads, the Matra is in any case a favourable mountain-range for those who search after roads in forests, and who like the ascents. Eger, Parádfürdõ, Szilvásvárad, and the castle of Sirok are things that are worth seeing or cycling there for. At the south foot of the Matra are grown grapes.

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A (pale) view of Budapest

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Bicycling in Slovakia: Suggestions, ideas, experiences
by Györgyi Gábor

Between 1993 and 1999 5 times I went on 10-14 day long bicycletours in Slovakia and in the polish Tatra with packs behind me. On these tours I gathered ca. 5500 kms in the slovakian land. I compiled the following tips from these experiences: If bicyclers go on a bicycletour in Slovakia, it is very likely that they will visit the High Tatra. Because in each of the 5 occasions we didn?t missed the High Tatra, I will divide the slovakian routes into two parts, based on, if they are situated eastwards or westwards from the Tatra ? B?kk (hungarian mountain-range) line.

See all 26 reports by Györgyi Gábor