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Reports by Luddo Oh

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Gran Canaria - Beaches, sun and cycling
by Luddo Oh, tour started May 1997

Gran Canaria is one of the islands of the Canarian archipelago. The island is crowded with small, bending roads. Although the island is not very big there is much to cycle for more than a week. Because of the barranco's (canyons) riding is also very hard. I have been there for twelve days and stayed in an apartment in Playa del Ingles, the tourist centre of the island.

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by Luddo Oh, tour started December 1994

I visited Tenerife in December 1994 for two weeks. [...] We have cycled totally 1400 km, without getting bored. There are a lot of beautiful climbs. Tenerife is really an eldorado for mountain goats, without a flat kilometer.

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map of Tenerife
Bicycle Vacation Sweden-Norway
by Luddo Oh, tour started 1991

After weighing the pros and cons the far north was attracting me, and the choice fell on Sweden and especially Norway. The timing and the route were perfect - we would return just before the start of the mountain stages of the Tour de France; in June relatively few mosquitoes are around, and, especially in Sweden, there was a fair chance of good weather. The flat part of Sweden gives you a good opportunity to do a bit of cycling before attacking the steep Norwegian mountains.

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Blood, Sweat and Tears - Cycling in the mountains
by Luddo Oh
language: en, nl

Reports and pictures from various mountains of Europe, America, and Australia. Partly in Dutch.

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