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Reports by Michiel Erens

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Cycling in Iceland
by Michiel Erens

Has some beautiful photos of Icelands, great maps and descriptions of hiking trips and bicycle tours, and plenty of excellent information - a must-see if you plan to visit the country.

First the easy part: why Iceland? Because it's a country with magnificent, raw, bizarre and fascinating landscapes, unique in Europe and probably the world. A place where you can see scenery that makes you wonder what nature had in mind when it was created. But why cycling? I don't think it's the ideal way to move around in Iceland. You are less limited and vulnerable with a 4-wheel Drive. You can cover longer distances and stay drier in a bus. And you're closer to nature on foot. The first reason for me to go cycling is, that this way of transport gives a good balance between money and freedom. Renting a car costs loads of money, and you keep a distant feeling with the environment. The bus or walking limits you to the places where you can stop or go. But I have to admit, that on every cycling holiday, I also used the bus to cover long distances. And I always had some hiking days. I even did an organized one-day trip on my last vacation. You just pick the best way of transport for your goal : to see Iceland.

The weather is often mentioned as the reason not to go to Iceland. I think I've seen nearly all weathertypes there, except snow. Luckily I missed that in July1998 when it snowed in the north east. The first time I was in Iceland we had three weeks of bright sunshine. My second was pretty good, with a lot of sunshinebut also some rain. My third tour was one with a lot of dark clouds and rain. On my fourth I had a lot of mist, but it was mainly dry. And my last tour was excellent again, with only 2 days with mainly rain. My prediction for a three week holiday in the summer are

  • temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees Celcius
  • at least three days with bright, sparkling sunshine
  • at least three days with mostly rain
  • the rest of the days ever changing weather
  • at least one storm
  • and there will always be wind!