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Reports by Mike Hayes

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all over the Andes by bicycle...
by Mike Hayes, tour started January 2010, submitted 22 January 2011

a number of months spent cruising the Andes by bicycle from the far south to the far north via the road less travelled.

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Cerro Fitzroy, Patagonia (Argentina)
Cycling through Ecuador and Colombia
by Mike Hayes, tour started January 2008, submitted 11 February 2008

Just a two month cycle tour, starting with a loop around the highlands of Ecuador before crossing the border into Southern Colombia and making my way north to Bogota via the Andes and then the Valle de Rio Magdalena, with some extra riding in the mountains just north of Bogota.

Tour started January 2008 and finishes end February 2008.

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Southern Morocco by Bicycle - a solo journey
by Mike Hayes, tour started December 2005, submitted 12 April 2006

This is my own personal diary from a solo trip I made by bicycle around Southern Morocco over Christmas and New Year 2005/2006. My bicycle tours invariably seem to turn into wild and woolly adventures involving deserts, mountains, extremes of weather... and fantastic experiences. This trip was meant to be a little less 'epic' in nature, as such all the camping gear was left at home in favour of guesthouses and pensions though I did fill the space to a degree with a lot of cold weather gear and my sleeping bag - fortunately as you'll see! It worked out well, though the terrain and weather proved to be no less extreme than past adventures and events did not quite turn out in accordance with my admittedly very rough pre-trip plan.

This, my second visit to Morocco, only served to strengthen the memories I have of the country as being populated by overwhelmingly hospitable people and blessed with some of the grandest scenery on the planet.

Picture by Mike Hayes,

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