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Reports by Mike Jacoubowsky

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From sea to Haleakala Summit (10,023ft) on Maui
by Mike Jacoubowsky, tour started November 2005, submitted 29 January 2006 : USA

It's just a hill, in the grand scheme of things. Only different. Not because it's 10,023ft at the summit, but because this is one of those rare mountains that you can literally start at sea level... well, not just sea level, but actually at the sea! You don't have to do the ride that way though; you can start at the base of Highway 37 (near the airport), and pretty much eliminate the chance of taking a wrong turn and adding another 1700ft to the climb. But what's the fun in that?

The climb isn't challenging because it's steep (it isn't), but rather the length. You start climbing and never, ever stop, until you reach the top. Lots and lots of photos on our page, along with a printout from a HAC-4 heart monitor/altimeter.

Literally sea level in Paia, the start of the 10,023ft climb up Haleakala