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Reports by Paul Love

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Via Francigena 2011
by Paul Love, tour started September 2011, submitted 24 December 2011

This is a description of our 30 day (almost 2000 km) trip from Canterbury to Rome, on the Via Francigena by tandem. We found our way using paved roads on a diagonal route from Calais passing through Arras, Reims, Langres to Besancon. We crossed into Switzerland at l'Aubusson and St. Croix. One of the highlights was the 42 km climb over the Grand St. Bernard Pass from Martigny, Switzerland into Italy. The route then took us through the Val d' Aosta and south eventually to Pontremoli, Lucca, Siena, Montalcino, Bolsena, Bracciano and into the heart of Rome via the bike path along the Tiber River.

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