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Nongeographical bicycling information

The Science of Cycling
by San Francisco Exploratorium, , submitted 4 June 2007

The Science of Cycling is a large Web site - there are over 20 pages in six main sections, 20 audio and video clips, interactive javascripts, and lots of images.

  • Introduction -- What is the Science of Cycling?
  • The Wheel -- Why do road bikes have thin tires, while mountain bikes have fat tires?
  • Drives & Gears -- How do gears help make the bicycle so efficient?
  • Frames & Materials -- What are the best materials for frames?
  • Braking & Steering -- How do you stop and steer a bicycle?
  • Aerodynamics -- How does drafting help a cyclist?
  • Human Power -- Why is the bicycle the most efficient way to travel?
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