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Reports by Sudipta Chowdhury

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New Year in Bangladesh
by Sudipta Chowdhury, tour started December 2009, submitted 19 August 2010

Quest for the celebration of 31 December and the New Year in the village.

This trip was as usual in the India-Bangladesh border of Sylhet Division. But this time the mission was to see how people celebrate 31 December and New Year in the village. Unfortunately I couldn't find any exception in their life then any other day of the year!! For them; every day starts with a fixed schedule.

(laces visited: Jaintapur, Kanaighat, Jakiganaj, Biyanibazar, Boroleka, Kulawara, Komolganj, Srimongar, Shyastaganj, Chunarughat, Madhabpur.

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East to West Bicycle trip in Bangladesh
by Sudipta Chowdhury, tour started November 2009, submitted 17 August 2010

I was planning for a bicycle trip since April of this year. I am glad that finally I did make it. I started from Jaintapur, Sylhet and paddled up to Banglabandha, Tetuliya, Panchagar about 560kms. It took me 8 days to complete this trip. For me it was not just a cycle trip but also mastering my fear! I did this trip alone so that I can learn what it is after the fear. I took only the India-Bangladesh border road. And I have learned a lot. In the way I had to stay in the school veranda or sometime people gave me shelter in their house. I am thank full to all of them who have helped me to complete this trip.

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