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Nongeographical bicycling information

A Guide to Bike Racing for Beginners and Competitors
by, , submitted 1 December 2011

Today, bike racing or cycling is a popular sport as well as pastime. Bicycles are versatile because they can be used for sport, recreation or transport. Bicycles were introduced to people in the 19th century, yet in such a short amount of time, there are already 1 billion bicycles on the road all across the world. In fact, for many regions in the world—especially the destitute regions—they are the main form of transportation.

  • Racing History and Basics
  • Types of Races: Ultra Marathon, List of Bike Races, Kinds of Bike Road Races
  • Tactics & Strategies: Aerodynamics, How to Draft, Racing Strategy and Technique, Cycling Race Tactics 101
  • Equipment: Road Bike Buyers Guide, How to choose the Right Bike, Bike Helmets, Taking Care of One’s Bike
  • Training: Training to be the Best, Ultra Marathon, Plotting Bike Race Training, Chart for Cycling Training
  • Racing Dos and Donts: Advice on Time Trials, Tips for Bike Racing, Tips for Cycling, Advice for Successful Cycling, 10 Tips for Beginning Road Racers,, Race Preparation Advice
  • Racing Safety: Cyclist’s Safety Manual, How to Not Get Hit by Cars, Cycling Health and Safety Tips, Cycling Injuries, Road Rash
  • Additional Racing Resources: Worldwide Bicycle Tour Directory Website, Bicycle Vacations in Europe (Italy), Bicycle Race Resource Page, Glossary of Biking Terms and Slang