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I'm cycling from California to Argentina
by kilo, tour started May 2010, submitted 17 August 2010

I'm cycling from California to Argentina.

Thus far, the desert of Baja Mexico has taken all my expectations, pulverized them into a small jar labeled 'you wish!' and then at regular intervals, delivers a healthy dose of dust in my face. Luckily, my expectations were not that great to begin with, and have now lowered considerably, so the jar was emptied swiftly. However, I have had my fair share of 'WTF' moments. Baja, in all its glory, is deserted for a reason, mainly because the terrain is harsh and inhospitable. This makes for 'interesting' cycling, especially for someone like me who thought Baja was flat and not going to be too hot as it's the rainy season. Well, that jar of dust was opened quickly as my expected 100km leisurely descend into Ensenada, turned into a hilly, unpaved, insanely hot and dusty ride. Not one to let go of misinformation so easily, especially when it's of my own making, I continued down the coast in search of flatter and cooler surroundings.

Needless to say my search was in vain, and the true Baja revealed itself, small mountain ranges dominate the land, and with afternoon highs of 120/50c, and very little opportunities for shade, I found my experience coinciding with the environment, in all it's extremity.