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Reports by the Traveller's Federation, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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A Bicycle Tour in Egypt made by the command of St Petersburg Bicycle Club
by the Traveller's Federation, Saint Petersburg, Russia, tour started 1997
language: ru

Hurgada - Sharm-el-Sheikh - wadi Dahab - mt. Sinai - oazis Feiran - Suets - Cairo - Luxor - Quena - Hurgada.

The old riverbeds that cross the mountains of Sinai Peninsula are called ``wadi''. Now the rains are rare, but when they happen these narrow valleys become rivers again. We could see signs of it as the soil was a mixture of sand, stones and thorns, and we had to ride on narrow dry streams of clay that could hold the bicycles. The thorns probably belonged to some poisonous plant as they poisoned our living a lot. One day we had to repair the flat tires at least seven times.