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America (all)

This page lists all reports that for America including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Myrtle the Turtle Trike Tour
by Sylvia Halpern, tour started July 2007, submitted 1 September 2010

My plan is simple: ride as long as it is fun!

In July 2007 I closed the door behind me to start my first trike tour. I had no idea how far I would get and this tour took me from Canada to Guatemala. I had such a good time I continued on spending 9 months cycling New Zealand and Australia. In 2009 I cycled through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

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East by Northwest - 2008 solo cycle tour across North America
by Alex Grove, tour started March 2008, submitted 24 August 2010
America: Canada, USA

From mid-March until late October of 2008 I cycled some 13,000 kilometres (8100 miles) across North America. I started from Victoria, British Columbia, slowly making my way north by bike and ferry to Anchor Point, Alaska, the most westerly point in North America reachable by continuous road from elsewhere on the continent. From Anchor Point I headed more or less south east, but not in a straight line, taking my time to explore and to visit, letting the wind and my whim dictate my route, eventually arriving at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, the most easterly place in North America.

I'm cycling from California to Argentina
by kilo, tour started May 2010, submitted 17 August 2010
America: USA, Mexico

I'm cycling from California to Argentina.

Thus far, the desert of Baja Mexico has taken all my expectations, pulverized them into a small jar labeled 'you wish!' and then at regular intervals, delivers a healthy dose of dust in my face. Luckily, my expectations were not that great to begin with, and have now lowered considerably, so the jar was emptied swiftly. However, I have had my fair share of 'WTF' moments. Baja, in all its glory, is deserted for a reason, mainly because the terrain is harsh and inhospitable. This makes for 'interesting' cycling, especially for someone like me who thought Baja was flat and not going to be too hot as it's the rainy season. Well, that jar of dust was opened quickly as my expected 100km leisurely descend into Ensenada, turned into a hilly, unpaved, insanely hot and dusty ride. Not one to let go of misinformation so easily, especially when it's of my own making, I continued down the coast in search of flatter and cooler surroundings.

Needless to say my search was in vain, and the true Baja revealed itself, small mountain ranges dominate the land, and with afternoon highs of 120/50c, and very little opportunities for shade, I found my experience coinciding with the environment, in all it's extremity.

Back on Hwy 1
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2008, submitted 13 August 2010
America: USA

It is a repeat tour! It seems, I felt in love with Hwy 1. Pacific Coast Hwy. San Francisco - Los Angeles. In May, the same year, I have done the same with my daughter Anne. You may find a short report on this portal. This time, I did a little detour: I stopped for a couple of days at Pismo Beach and discovered the surroundings of San Louis Obispo. I detected, the Los Osos Valley Road, the Lopez Lake, The Foxencanyon Road, Solvang the Danish city replica, the Marcos Pass road, etc. All places, I will remember well...! Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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Take care !
Palm Springs Tour 2010
by Iris Mueck, tour started February 2010, submitted 12 August 2010
America: USA

I did it the usual way: taking the CalTrain down to Santa Clara and heading for Hwy 9 at Saratoga. This time, I have been confused - found the wrong way, met another biker who convinced me to ride up to Skyline Blvd. via the Old Page Mill Road. I should have been warned: this road is very steep and with all my luggage (two saddle bags) and absolute no-training at all, it has sucked all my power of. [...]

What a challenge! Freeways surround San Bernardino. Not made for bicycles. Luckily I found the entrance to the San Timoteo Canyon Road. So, I escaped the freeways for a while. Not knowing, I will re-enter Hwy 10 again. There was no way out at the city of Banning. I have been riding on Hwy 10 at least for more exits: Then I found, there is a little side road after the Hwy fence. I slipped through the fence and have been continuing riding safe of the sideway of Hwy 10. Hwy 111 has taken me down to Palm Springs, where I arrived pretty late in the dark after a 200-kilometer ride. [...]

Again: Palm Springs is not made for bicycle riders. It is surrounded by the San Bernardino mountains in the North and the San Jacinto mountains at the South. Riding down to San Diego and Tijuana was a sort of deja-vu. San Diego's Old Town has not been so busy as time I have been there with Anne. It looks to me: California is in a sort of economic recession. Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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climbing up the San Jacinto mountain range
My daughter Anne and me - Californian Tour 2008
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2008, submitted 11 August 2010
America: USA

To complete our Hwy 1 experience (remember, we did Seattle - San Francisco), we decided to do the Southern part. Final destination has been San Diego (I tried a bit more: Tijuana [MX]). Anne has been a very brave rider! It's was a beautiful tour. Worth to go!

Recommended to have a stopover at Solvang, and further the Foxencanyon Road via the San Marcos Pass which leads you to Santa Barbara. We made it it via Lompoc and the Vandenberg airfield. Funny: we, as foreigners have passed the military complex, whilst an US citizen has been stopped... Maybe because of the reason: we had an ID, the poor US cyclist had no ID. The distance San Diego - Las Vegas we managed by a rented car. But we where back on bike in Las Vegas. Going down to the Hoover Dam, is recommended. Wonderful, real scenic landscape! If you like it or not: Las Vegas is always a place to see. Good luck to all the followers!

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What a photo - background: the lonely Cyprus
Bicycle Tour Seattle to San Francisco
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2007, submitted 9 August 2010
America: USA

As my managing director retired in the same year as I did, we decided to do a joined bicycle tour... We have found information in a popular booklet 'bicycling the Pacific coast'. At the Internet, we found the tour description by the publisher of this web page.

Me, as the tour leader, was inspired by the idea of doing this tour. Nearly 2000 kilometres. That' s what we have been looking for... Staring at Seattle, which is a hilly city (I found myself reminded on San Francisco), we took the ferry to Bremerton in order to hit Hwy 101 in day trip. Washington has been a little 'wet' - not raining, but high ambient moisture. Oregon coast: just beautiful. Every day continuous eye catchers... [...]

Californian people are very open. Clear English, easy to understand, and still a flower people mentality... Very pleasant! Good luck to all the followers!

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My managing director and me - both retired - still going strong
Canyonlands & Las Vegas 2004
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2004, submitted 8 August 2010
America: USA

My former managing director Raimund and me (Iris Mueck) started bicycling the Western world after our retirement. Our most desire: to pedal round the Grand Canyon (what we actually did not - as the distance is too big. With the help of a rented car, we made a lot of local trips to the parks.

Starting at Los Angeles, we hit Las Vegas. If you like it or not. It is worth to see. And, if you plan a trip to Grand Canyon, there is more or less no way. A stopover should be planned.

Sideway trips leaded us to the Arches park (oh wonder bicycle path ways up to the park) and to Page (Glen Canyon). From there to the Antelope Canyon, which is operated by native Americans. And further to the Monument Valley. On the way back, to complete the circle trip, we hit Bryce Canyon and the Zion park.

Back to San Francisco with another side tour to the Yosemite park. As a well known book author was still alive, we tried to meet him at the campus of the Stanford University. Good luck to all the followers!

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On sideways to Monument Valley
Montreal - New York City Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2009, submitted 7 August 2010
America: USA, Canada

I have heard so much about the beautiful Hwy 100 which mainly winds down Vermont. Starting at Montreal, which is worth more as a day. I remember, when mountains appeared at the skyline, and a Canadian bicyclist said: you will find hundreds of them, if you ride down to NYC. He was right...! NYC, a place for bicyclists. Car drivers are friendly - never closing a path gap. Police are friendly. If I would get a Dollar for crossing an intersection on red, I would be a millionaire...

The Central park: a huge bike way, which closes in a round 5 miles circle. Some bikers doing city races. Hard to follow. I have been staying for 10 days in NYC, did my daily exercise in crossing the city to the Hudson river bike path. Very recommended bicycle path. Starting at the Statue of Liberty, ending at the Harlem river mouth. Good luck to all the followers!

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bike path on time square
Canyonland 2009
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2009, submitted 4 August 2010
America: USA

The Big Circle: A round trip which is a little demanding. All eye catchers needs to be 'earned' by your personal power. Good luck to all the followers!

San Francisco - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Bryce Canyon - Zion Park - Death Valley - LAX.

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On top of Bryce Canyon
Cycling in America
by Paul Jeurissen & Grace Johnson, tour started 2010, submitted 16 July 2010
America: USA
language: en, nl

Cycling in America is; friendly people, vast landscapes, hamburgers and picnic tables by the campsite. Our favorite region to tour through is the American Southwest with its painted deserts, mountains and colorful rock formations.

On our Cycling in America website we show what it's like to travel across the states (via the Adventure Cycling Transamerica trail) and through the American Southwest.

See all 4 reports by Paul Jeurissen & Grace Johnson

Cycling through the American Southwest
Fahrrad Tour Rocky Mountains Kanada
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010
America: Canada
language: de

Fahrrad Tour von Calgary aus in die Rocky Mountains von Kanada, durch die Nationalparks Banff und Jasper in Alberta, Hiking auf dem Berg Lake Trail beim Mount Robson und schlussendlich wieder mit dem Fahrrad über Kamloops und Whistler nach Vancouver in British Columbia.

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Biking Travelogue Mexico: Zacatecas - Guadalajara - Manzanillo
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010
America: Mexico

Riding the Running Bull - Bike Tour Travelogue Mexico. Biking adventure through the desert of Zacatecas and to the Pacific Ocean at Manzanillo. Biking Route: Bike from Guadalajara to the Santiago Canyon, through the desert of Zacatecas, back to Guadalajara, over Sierra Manantlan (part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range) to the Pacific Ocean at Barra de Navidad and Manzanillo.

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3200 miles in 33 Days: Solo, self-supported ride across the US by female
by Corbin, tour started July 2009, submitted 21 June 2010
America: USA

I finished up my MBA at Wharton and decided to bike across the country before starting a life of 80 hour work weeks. I rode from Seattle to Washington, DC, alone, self-supported, creating my own route while I went, covering about 100 miles a day (3200 miles in 33 days). My blog details the logistics like where I stayed, how far I rode, and what roads I took. It also covers some of the more entertaining bits: the amazing people I met, getting lost a LOT in the west, being chased by dogs, coinciding the the Sturgis Bike Rally, my mild obsession with Wall Drug, and other daily trials.

As a single woman, this whole thing made my mother very nervous, but it was a fun adventure.

Daves Travel Pages
by Dave, tour started 2010, submitted 17 April 2010

My name is Dave Briggs, and I am an Adventure Cyclist from England. My current cycling trip, is to cycle the Pan-American route from the very north of Alaska to the south of Argentina. I began my journey in July 2009, and am estimating that I will finish sometime in October 2010.

My route has taken me past sights of natural beauty, over rough tracks, near mayan ruins, and enabled me to meet hundreds of friendly people.

This is not my first trip, however. I have also cycled from England to South Africa, details of which are also at my site, which covers nearly 15 years of travel around the world.

Put the kettle on, make a nice cup of tea, sit down, and enjoy !!

Photo take at the Arctic Circle
Our cycling trip across the Icefield Parkway from Jasper to Banff
by Fernando Candido, tour started August 2006, submitted 1 March 2010
America: Canada

This is the story of our trip in Bicycle between the towns of Jasper and Banff in Canada.

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Beautiful Jasper National Park
Manaus - Caracas
by Roberto Canessa, tour started August 2009, submitted 24 February 2010
America: Brazil, Venezuela
language: it

siamo un piccolo gruppo di amici che stanno pianificando di viaggiare in bicicletta da Manaus a Caracas il prossimo mese di agosto. Se qualcuno fosse interessato a partecipare sarebbe il benvenuto.

Biking the Rockies to the Okanagan Valley
by Fernando Candido, tour started August 1999, submitted 23 February 2010
America: Canada

This is the story of my trip from Field in British Columbia, Canada through Rogers Pass all the way to the sunny Okanagan Valley.

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Rogers Pass in British Columbia
Bike Tour Peru
tour started 2010, submitted 9 February 2010

3rd try is a charm. Strained Achilles, Broken arm, pause. Now we're in Argentina with next to no money, setting out into the unknown. El niño may have washed out the roads in Bolivia, Macchu Picchu is closed until April. With alternate itineraries at the ready, we think we'll make it.

Biking from Whitehorse to Inuvik - A Canadian Arctic Journey
by Fernando Candido, tour started June 2002, submitted 8 February 2010
America: Canada

This a description of my cycling trip across the Yukon and the Northwest Territories via the Dempster Highway a 1400km long journey.

See all 5 reports by Fernando Candido

The spectacular Dempster Highway
Tour of Gondwana
by Michael Ayers, tour started May 2005, submitted 20 January 2010

My goal for this Tour was to visit all of the major inhabited parts of the former supercontinent of Gondwana. Today, those places are mostly located in the Southern Hemisphere. Another aspect of my plan was to avoid long airplane trips by crossing oceans on container ships. That part of my Tour frequently caused problems, but I did hold fast to that idea, more or less. I traveled alone during 40 months and covered a little over 86,000 km by bike in 44 countries. My primary interest was the simple joy of cycling in new places, but I also concentrated on Natural History, Flora and Fauna, Ancient Sites and Diverse Cultures. My site contains sections describing Tour preparations, detailed logs, photos, posts written during the Tour, and a collection of essays written once it was complete.

Gyatso-La, at 5,220 meters, the highest pass of the Tour, in Tibet
6000km Through the Heart of the Amazon Jungle
by Douglas Gunzelmann, tour started September 2009, submitted 5 January 2010
America: Brazil, Peru

Inspired by an article in National Geographic, Gunzelmann hoped his personal adventure and real-time blogs would help bring awareness to the rainforest destruction occurring along the unfinished "TransAmazonica" highway he traveled. Though not entirely paved, the highway already connects Brazil and Peru from coast to coast. In a journey filled with vivid stories of swarming ants, scorching heat, violent political riots, poachers, a river crossing in the bucket of a bulldozer, and a daring escape from a cougar on top of a speeding fuel truck, Gunzelmann would have never guessed what would be the most dangerous thing of all he would encounter—that the very people he blamed for the destruction of the Amazon were often also the people who would also help him the most.

Jungles of Amazonia
A Bicycle Trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island July 2003
by Susanne and Ole Jacobi, tour started 2003, submitted 25 November 2009
America: Canada

For the last many summers, we have visited the islands of the Eastern Atlantic seabord: Lofoten in Norway, the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland in Scotland, Ireland, Wales which is not an island, but might as well be one, and Gotland in Sweden which is an island, but in the Baltic, not in the Atlantic. The time had now come, we thought, to cross the Atlantic and see what it looks like on the other side. As islands seem to be our preferred locations, we chose Prince Edward Island (PEI in the local vocabulary) in Canada which has the advantage of being fairly small and not too hilly.

See all 2 reports by Susanne and Ole Jacobi

Transcendental Great Divide
by SLObike, tour started July 2009, submitted 19 October 2009
America: USA

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff Springs, Alberta Canada to the Mexico border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico. This ``off road'' route parallels the Rocky mountains for 2715 miles and with approximately 200,000 feet of elevation gain. National Geographic magazine calls it the #1 Trip of America's top 50 Adventures

Great vacation!

See all 2 reports by SLObike

Bike and BOB
Canada to Mexico Cycle
by Dan Hargrave, tour started September 2009, submitted 13 October 2009
America: USA, Canada, USA, Mexico

A three week solo and unsupported ride from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico. I followed the Pacific Coast most of the way south using the American Cycling Association maps.

See all 2 reports by Dan Hargrave

Pedaling South from Alaska to Argentina
by Lucie and Torrey, tour started September 2009, submitted 26 August 2009
language: en, fr

We're cycling 25 000 km across the Americas from Alaska to Argentina to raise funds for Cyclo Nord Sud, a non-profit that sends used bicycles to developing countries. As ambassadors for this organization, we will meet with Cyclo Nord Sud's Latin American partners and hopefully create contacts with new ones along the way.

We're a francophone/anglophone couple from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We're each adding original content in our respective languages, so our blog is a 2 for 1. Enjoy!

Nous traversons les Amériques dans un voyage autonome de 25000km en vélo, de l'Alaska à l'Argentine afin de ramasser des fonds pour Cyclo Nord-Sud, une organisation à but non-lucrative qui envoie des vélos usagés dans les pays en voie de développement. En tant qu'ambassadeur, nous visiterons leurs partenaires en Amérique latine et créerons de nouveaux contacts.

cycling on cuba
by Conrad Philipp, tour started February 2009, submitted 25 August 2009
America: Cuba
language: de

What does you connect with the Caribbean island Cuba? The plates rum, Rumba and Mojitos can be found easy in Havanna. The tourist face high-quality restored quarter of the Vieja may not be transferred however to the whole country. To this realization we came after three weeks and more than 2000 km by bike. Cuba presented itself from its special side. A violent tempest over us swept few hundred meters after the route start away. On a cow meadow we spent the first night and drove towards to the east into that wildest part of the island. Cows, pigs and goats coined/shaped fauna along the roads scattered by impact holes. In start to the notorious road La Farola we stayed overnight in a small settlement and the native handed dinners and breakfast to their new Amiegos. The local police had noticed us but with a match bright. We were allowed to remain fortunately and our hosts got also no annoyance. After we had overcome the la farola road the landscape changed into a desert. What a contrast to the sumptuously green northern part of the east. Over Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba we drove more than 200 km between the sea and the highly rising summits along of the Parquenacionalturquino. Here in the mountains Fidels friends had already their hiding place. Numerous posters always referred us to the achievements of the revolution. Also a complete beach day granted ourselves in a solitary place in the middle north...

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Across North America on a Yellow submarine
by Igor Kovse, tour started July 2009, submitted 18 August 2009
America: Canada, USA

The lack of traffic brings wildlife closer to the road. He sees two cranes, some kind of partridge with a crest on its head, a fox and a strange black creature the size of a big cat with long fat tail (a wolverine maybe?). There is also a bird who sings refrain 'We all live in a yellow submarine'. This becomes a hit for the rest of the tour, especially the beginning 'In the toooown, where I was boooorn, lived a maaaaan, who sailed the seeeeeas', as this is all Mr. Iik can remember from the song.

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In the Canadian praries.
My pedalled globe tour (part 1): Las Americas
by Christian Bomio, tour started May 2007, submitted 24 July 2009

In May 2007 I've started a round-the-world bicycle tour. This is the first part of this journey which began in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska going south through Canada, USA, Mexico and Central America. After one year my wheels were in Colombia to begin riding around South America (Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina) in order to reached Ushuaia at the end of the world in Tierra del Fuego by end of 2009.

In Bolivia following the railway line sometimes is better then the dirt roads.
A simple life on a beautiful world... and on a bicycle
by Hervé Neukomm, tour started September 2004, submitted 1 June 2009
language: en, fr, es, pt

I left home in September 2004. I was supposed to cycle to Tibet in 7-8 months. Until now, I never reached Tibet and I'm still on the road. A cold winter in Turkey make me change my itinery and then my travel's philosophy. I decided that the performance was not that important but the road itself brings me everything. In almost a total of 2 years where I worked as a safari tour guide in Namibia, I had enough money to continue and live the dream further and further. Soon, I will attempt to buy a boat in Amazonia and turn it into a bicyle-boat to cross the Amazonas on its bigest highways: the rivers! This tour is still in process and I will keep it updated on my website. nature, dirt roads, cultures and wildlife lover..

Around the salar of Coipaisan, in the Bolivian Altiplano
World Biking:share the adventure of cycling around the world
by Amaya Williams and Eric Schambion, tour started June 2006, submitted 20 May 2009

World Biking: The web's most comprehensive Africa Cycling Expedition. Eric and Amaya pedalled 55,000 kilometers and traversed 55 countries (37 in Africa) when they cycled from France to Cape Town via West Africa and then back to France via East Africa and the Middle East between 2006 and 2009. The next stage of their expedition beginning in June 2009 will take them across the USA and then through South America all the way to its southernmost tip, Ushuaia. Lots of photos, tales of their adventure plus touring tips, practical information and gear reviews.

See all 2 reports by Amaya Williams and Eric Schambion

Cycling in Western Sahara.
Summer cycling from Hungary to Morocco and across Canada
by Alfred Maleczki, tour started 2006, submitted 28 March 2009
language: hu

A lonely Hungarian cyclist who has the Summers free and likes to make new advantures on his bike.

Started with his short Croatian tours, but made it always longer, and in 2005 didn't stop before the 2700th kilometer in Greece. In the following year he decided to start the real adventure, to cycle out of Europe.

2007 was the year of cycling across Canada, the headwindy way - of course :) After this 9000km trip now he is in the planning stage of the South-American tour for 2009.

Atlas mountains, Morocco
From Oregon to the Yukon
by Benjamin Heumann, tour started 2007, submitted 11 March 2009
America: USA, Canada

Two months of cycling from Portland, OR to Whitehorse, Yukon in four segments. 1) Solo- Portland, OR to Seattle WA via the Pacific Coast. 2) Solo- Victoria, BC to Cortes Islands, BC to Vancouver, BC. 3) with Nick C. and Stacy: Vancouver, BC to Port Hardy, BC via the Sunshine Coast. 4) with Nick P. Prince Rupert, BC to Whitehorse, Yukon via the Cassiar Highway.

The first three segments were very civilized with camping in state/provincial parks and beautiful summer weather (except the occasional rain storm). The final segment was 12 days of intense cycling (100+km per day), rustic camping, many, many bears, but some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever cycled.

Website has journal entries, pictures, and maps.

Canada C2C 2008 - Biking Canada Coast 2 Coast
by Mary Sanseverino, tour started May 2008, submitted 3 March 2009
America: Canada

In the spring and summer of 2008 my husband Mike and I cycled 9450 km across Canada from Victoria BC to St. John's NL. We were joined for almost all of this trip by our friend and long time cycling companion Mark.

I took a small computer and we were able to keep a blog for the entire trip. Our website is full of stories, detailed maps, pictures, and links. I hope you find it interesting.

All in all, we had a fantastic trip through a country full of stunning landscapes and wonderful, warm, welcoming people. A ride across Canada is truly one of the world's great bicycle adventures. I highly recommended it!

Mary on the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada
Americas and Europe with a mandolin
by mandolpierre, tour started 2008, submitted 11 February 2009
language: en, fr, es

recorri todo Argentina y Chile, y mucho del alrededor, 30.000km. escribi una guia en espanol, con el estado de las rutas y el paisaje, y km. proximo viaje Bolivia.

tambien puse fotos y lazos j'ai parcouru aussi l'Est du Canada, 6.000 km et la Belgique 1.300km et j'ai ecrit un guide en francais pour parcourir ces 2 pays en velo.

il y aussi les fotos et des liens.

The blog of a journey through South America, beginning in the north of Colombia
by Osmosno, tour started January 2009, submitted 6 February 2009

Osmosno is David Walker and Sebastian Wevers. We have been living on the road for around ten years during which time we have covered 50,000KM by motorcycle and three times that by bicycle through the Middle East, Asia, and North and South America.

Our passion is Asia where we spend most of our time, especially China and the Himalayas, but now for the second time we are visiting South America.

Our journey begins in the north of Colombia and will continue south tracking the Andes until we stop. This blog will tell the story of our journey.

See all 2 reports by Osmosno

David and Sebastian just before Laguna Verde, Paso San Francisco, Chile.
Velotraum, Ruth's und Horst's Radabenteuer von Inuvik nach Ushuaia
by Ruth und Horst Hammerschmidt, tour started June 2005, submitted 22 January 2009
language: de

Ruth und ich (Horst) fuhren mit dem Fahrrad von Inuvik, nördlichster im Sommer anzufahrender Punkt in Nordwestkanada bis zum südlichsten anzufahrenden Punkt im argentinischen Feuerland, Ushuaia. Wir waren 22 Monate unterwegs, legten 29'100 Kilometer mit dem Rad zurück, fuhren 280'000 Meter in die Höhe, obwohl wir durchschnittlich genau nur jeden 2. Tag im Sattel sassen. Das nur für die Statistiker, Weiteres auf unserer Website.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
by Nicolas de Hemptinne, tour started July 2008, submitted 7 January 2009
America: USA, Canada
language: fr

A trip from Calgary to Denver.

This summer I had the chance to ride a (big) part of the `Great Divide Mountain Bike Route'. An itinerary suggested by Adventure Cycling Association (Sections 1, 2 and 3).

This road goes to the United States from the North to the South follows the Continental Divide and takes more than 80% of gravel and dirt road.

See all 5 reports by Nicolas de Hemptinne

Tip to Temple
by Thomas Schultz, Zach Hoybatubbi, tour started January 2009, submitted 2 January 2009

In January of 2009, two dudes will embark on a 4000-mile adventure through the country of Chile. Their Journey will start in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. As they push northward, they will encounter brutal winds, pounding rains and the driest of deserts. In the rainy South, glaciers will send shivers down their spines and remind them of the powers of nature. The dry North will bring scorching sun that will melt their minds and offer teachings of survival. They will end high in the Amazon where they will ride through the Andes, the second highest mountain range in the world. There they will visit the location where an ancient civilization once stood, and today only whispers of ghosts can be heard from the crumbling stones...

Tandeming 'round the world' 09
by Art & Judee Wickersham, tour started December 2008, submitted 29 December 2008

We are entering our fourth year on our tandem adventure 'round the world'. We have visited Mexico, Central & South America, New Zeland, Australia, South East Asia, China, and Europe. We are now wintering over on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. Off to Morocco in Feb. 09 then back into Europe for 09.

See all 2 reports by Art & Judee Wickersham

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