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Austria (all)

This page lists all reports that for Austria including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Austria.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

by Stefano Gerosa, tour started 1995
Europe: Austria
language: it

See all 3 reports by Stefano Gerosa

Bici Stelle e Strisce
by Rick and Monica Pappas, tour started 1995
Europe: Italy, Austria

A gorgeous trip through the Alps, over several passes: Simplon, Furka, Oberalp, Wolfgang, Fluela, Ofen, Stelvio, Mortirolo, Tonale, Mendola, Sella, Fedaia, Gardena, Campolongo and Pordoi. Don't miss this great story!

[...] I saw three bikes being loaded onto the conveyor...two of them were in boxes that looked different than the ones I had so carefully reinforced and packaged back home. Sure enough, my bike and Eric's had suffered terminal damage to our front wheels, and Eric's front pannier racks had been damaged badly. How were they able even to start this tour? Read on!

This is an older version without pictures; the main one is no longer available on the net.

See all 2 reports by Rick and Monica Pappas

Tour of the Alps 1994
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1994

This is the great report of a tour in the Alps that Jobst Brandt did in the summer of '94.

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Fahrrad-Thermal-Urlaub in Ungarn
by Ralph Sontag, tour started August 1993
language: de

Kosice, Roznava, Miskolc, Eger, Tiszafüred, Hajdoszoboszlo, Szarvas, Csongrad, Kiskunhalas, Villany, Haromfa, Zalakaros, Heviz, Sarvar, Kapuvar, Breitenbrunn, Bratislava.

See all 3 reports by Ralph Sontag

Transalp 1993 - from Munich to Lake Garda and back
by Christian Flenker, tour started July 1993
Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy
language: de

An excellent report, also from a technical point of view. Die ``Gardasee-Tour'' war meine erste größere 'Radwanderung', die ich mit Peter Steinlehner unternommen habe. Damals gingen wir in die 11. Klasse vom Gymnasium Vaterstetten und starteten uzu dieser Transalp-Tour, auf die wir uns schon lange gefreut hatten. [Diese] euphorische Tourenbeschreibung ist in den Tagen nach dieser Tour entstanden

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Tour of the Alps 1993
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1993

[...] I rode past the emerald Lago di Carezza in whose glassy surface the myriad spires of the Latemar (2846m) were mirrored. Then after passing the huge magnificent hotels with massive 1920's architecture near the summit of the Costalunga (1753m), I descended to Pozza di Fassa (1220m) and on to Canazei and turned up the Pso Sella (2257m), the Gardena (2121m), and the Campolongo (1875m) and onward to the Giau (2236m). The view from the Giau was magnificent with the great Dolomites, the majestic Le Tofane, Monte Cristallo, Monte Cadini and the Marmorola above Cortina, clear and bright in the afternoon sun while to the southwest, the glacier glistened on the Marmolada.

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Cycling Central Europe
by Eric McCaughrin, tour started 1993

This is the Pilsner tour, covering Germany, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The terrain is rolling hills and the routes traverse famous rivers and the towns and cities that formed along their banks.

See all 5 reports by Eric McCaughrin

Beer, what else?
A tour of Hungary
by Franco Comai, tour started 1993
Europe: Hungary, Austria
language: en, it

See all 2 reports by Franco Comai

Tour of the Alps 1992
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1992

The adventure of riding over Frut to Tannalp and Engsteln from Sarnen was out of the question because the snow level was about 1500 meters and I am not so hot on trails on cliffs in the snow. We rode over the Brunig (1008 m) and down to Meiringen, where we wolfed down some good bratwurst with potato(e) salad, hot soup, and good fresh whole-wheat bread.

The rain lifted in the morning as we rode up the Grosse Scheidegg (1961m), directly beneath the face of the Wetterhorn that was making artillery like sounds as enormous icefalls crashed down its walls before we broke out of the clouds. By the time we could see the mountain, the show was over. About 15 cm of new snow made a beautiful spring scene as we reached the summit where Eiger, Moench, and Jungfrau with their glacial appendages made a striking appearance in spite of grey skies.

The climb [up the Izoard] crosses a false summit from which the rest of the road is visible on the opposite side of the canyon. After stopping at the Coppi memorial for a picture I found mysterious power for the last two kilometers and rode like 30 years ago feeling no limits but the size of the carburetor bore as I breathed at max volume. Marc asked, ``what happened back there?'' when he arrived at the top. It was great!

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Tour of the Alps 1991
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1991

In the morning we headed back up the hill in a light drizzle that turned to snow just below Gletsch. But wait there's more. As we entered the high valley below the Rhone Glacier and Furka Pass (2431m), we saw snow blowing about in brilliant sunshine on the summit. It was so cold and dry our clothes were completely dry as was the road where the snow just blew to the gutter. The drifts of powdery snow on the summit were so deep that my bicycle would stand alone in it. It was an exhilarating climb with storybook weather.

I passed the closed Lingotto FIAT plant, with test track on the roof, that is being refurbished as an automotive trade center. The modern streetcars with antique trolley poles and bronze trolley wheels wend their way between ancient buildings on narrow streets paved with 0.5x1.0m red and tan granite plates set at a 45 degrees. The rushing sound of the trolley wheel on the wire is truly a sound from the past for me, reminiscent of four trolley tracks on San Francisco's Market Street in my youth.

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Tour of the Alps 1990
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1990

The Iseran probably earns the ``highest pass in France'' title, being actually higher and because it is steep, spectacular, and is surrounded by glaciers and snow. When you're there you know there's a There there. This is truly the haute Savoie, whose red and white emblem was the inspiration for the emigrants who took their red flag with the white cross along as they founded Switzerland.

The Stelvio may not be the hardest, longest or anything else, but it has a special place in my heart for its magnificent and exquisitely orchestrated landscape. It seems to have its own Wagnerian accompaniment, magnificent and grand. I have ridden it in every weather and it is always an emotional moment at the top with the ice caps of the Ortler and snowfields of the Gran Zebru as a backdrop to the road that drops 1000m into the canyon in the Shadows of this deep ravine. Forty nine numbered hairpin turns and 2000m below lies the valley.

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Le grand boucle
by Jan Cramer, tour started August 1989
language: de

Dem Hitzschlag nahe erreichen wir nach rasanter Fahrt Passau. Der erste Eindruck ist hervorragend, eine alte. schön gelegene Stadt am Zusammenfluß von Donau, Inn und Ilz. Wir fahren durch die Altstadt, um erst einmal ein Getränk zu bekommen, denn heute ist Maria Himmelfahrt, ein Feiertag in Bayern. Ein großes Spezi rinnt die Kehle hinunter.

Wir fahren durch die ganze Stadt zurück zur Jugendherberge. Unten steht ein Schild: 22%ige Steigung, Autos kommen kaum hinauf, ich probiere etwa 10 Meter, Torsten vielleicht 30, dann geben wir auf.

Schieben, schieben in der Hitze bis ganz nach oben auf die Burg. Die Rezeption liegt nochmals 20 Meter höher und schließlich unser Zimmer im vierten Stock des Burgturmes - kann es schlimmer kommen? Wir schleppen alles hoch, das Zimmer hat zwanzig Betten und bietet als Entschädigung ein toll es Panorama.

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Alpen: Wien - Luzern
by Martin Wittram, tour started 1989
language: de, en

See all 27 reports by Martin Wittram

Austrian Alps and Slovenia - A Brief Tour West to East
by Malcolm Clarke, tour started 1987
Europe: Austria, Slovenia

Mountain pass pictures and information.

Francis & Sheila' Virtual Alps
by Francis & Sheila

A great photo archive. Each page includes no more than 3 photos, on average, 25,000 bytes. We hope you enjoy them. There is a help page if you are having difficulty viewing the images. The photos are not of printable quality - if you wish to use any of these pictures in a hardcopy publication, please contact us and we will supply a high-resolution file.

See all 2 reports by Francis & Sheila

The Mountain Site
by Jan Jans

A huge collection of altitude profiles of cols and climbs.

Da Trento all'isola di Krk - 13 tappe e 880 km lungo i fiumi di Austria Slovenia e Croazia
by Dario Pedrotti
language: it

Il giro è molto bello e non eccessivamente faticoso. Si trovano delle ottime cartine fino a Maribor (Da Dobbiaco è tutta ciclabile, la Drauweg), un po' meno in Slovenia e Croazia, dove ciclabili praticamente non ce ne sono, ma ci sono parecchie strade secondarie senza traffico. In Slovenia agli uffici turistici si possono trovare cartine della zona decenti (noi ci siamo accontentati di quelle, ma consigliamo caldamente di procurarvi una carta almeno al 200.000, possibilmente con le curve di livello?) e un paio di pubblicazioni interessanti, anche in Italiano, su ``Slovenia in bicicletta'' e ``Le strade secondarie sono più accattivanti di quelle principali''. Aiutano molto. Non fate troppo affidamento sui cartelli segnaletici delle presunte piste ciclabili (``kolesarska pot'', in sloveno) che a volte mancano. Sulla strada che abbiamo scelto noi abbiamo incontrato traffico solo in alcuni punti che non avevano alternative, andando a ficcarci in strade impossibili solo un paio di volte, evitabili.

See all 3 reports by Dario Pedrotti

Cycling the Danube Bike Path
by Bob Lucky
Europe: Austria, Germany

These were our initial worries: the trip was too easy, it was too crowded, and the scenery would be monotonously the same for the length of the river.

As it turned out, there was some small truth in each of these worries, but none was nearly as bad as we had anticipated. [...] I had read that the Danube bike path is very crowded in the summer months, and that since all riders start from the same intermediary points (the same hotels) at about the same time, there are traffic jams on the path. As it turned out, this worry was greatly exaggerated. The path was reasonably crowded, particularly near the towns on the weekends, but there were other long stretches when we wouldn't see another cyclist for perhaps ten minutes. We did get in ``synch'' with certain other small groups that we would encounter from time to time, but we never saw any of our own tour group after the first morning. About once an hour we would be passed, or would pass, a ``peloton'' of perhaps 20 to 30 cyclists, and every fifteen minutes or so a solitary biker, looking like he was doing the Tour de France, would pass us at great speed. On balance, I wouldn't have called the path particularly crowded.

See all 5 reports by Bob Lucky

Melk Abbey
Cycling Central Europe
by Eric McCaughrin

This is the Pilsner tour, covering Germany, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The terrain is rolling hills and the routes traverse famous rivers and the towns and cities that formed along their banks.

See all 5 reports by Eric McCaughrin

La pista ciclabile dei Tauri lungo il Salzach
by Laura and Ivan
Europe: Austria
language: it

La pista ciclabile dei Tauri, dal nome della catena montuosa austriaca, si snoda lungo le valli dei fiumi Salzach e Inn partendo dalle cascate di Krimml, attraversando la città di Salisburgo fino a giungere a Passau (D), dove si congiunge con la pista del Danubio. L'itinerario di circa 400 km è stato da noi percorso in una settimana (AGOSTO 1999), dedicando un po' di tempo alla visita di cittadine e altri luoghi interessanti. Il materiale utilizzato per organizzare l'itinerario (in italiano) ci è stato fornito dall'Ente Austriaco per il Turismo.

Synchronicity is the Root of Coincidence
by Chuck Anderson
Europe: Austria

Nice pictures but not a lot about bicyles: ``On this summer sunday, after months of travel, I was riding my bicycle through lush, green, central Austrian farm country. The narrow unmarked country roads carried little traffic and provided enough space and quiet for me to stop whenever I wished to play my penny whistle or take pictures of poppy fields. As I was riding along, letting my mind wander across open fields, the steady spinning of my legs and feet, the rotating wheels and the rhythm of my own breath all fused together into a meditative gestalt - with me at the center.''

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Via Claudia Augusta
Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy
language: en, de

from Donauworth in Germany through Austria to Ostiglia and Altino in Italy includes cycling information

Cycle Odyssey home page
by John and Daniel Gould

On these pages we will show you the cycling pursuits of John and Daniel Gould (from Australia) and our friend Peter (from Japan).Our challenge will be to ride from London to Istanbul through 12 countries in 2 months while having a great time and seeing the sights. Peter should be there to Italy and then its just 2 unless anyone else wants to join us. For father and son John and Daniel the quest will also try to raise money for Odyssey House.

Archivio salite d'Europa/European climbs
by Voronin
language: it, de, fr, en

Tabular data and altitude profiles of mountain passes all over Europe.

Alpen Pass Photo Sketch
by T. Kitamura
language: jp

A photo album of mountain passes in the Alps

Op de fiets
by Luc Oteman
language: nl

Several cycling travel stories and detailed descriptions with profiles of 17 of the most beautiful climbs in 7 different European countries.

Patrick Schleppi's Bicycle Pages
by Patrick Schleppi
language: en, fr, de

Extensive data about Patrick's extensive tours in the Alps from 1991 to 2005: includes reports, maps, diagrams... a must-see for the Alpine cyclist. Contains a list of passes in the Alps and the Jura, true stories about cycling, and some pictures.

See all 6 reports by Patrick Schleppi

Patrick Schleppi at the Grimselpass
Ciclabile transdolomitica Italo - Austriaca: Lienz - Dobbiaco - Cortina d'Ampezzo - Calalzo di Cadore
by Stefano Lugli
Europe: Austria, Italy
language: it

Ogni descrizione, parola, aggettivo sulla bellezza dell' itinerario sarebbe superflua, essendo questi paesaggi alpini i più fotografati al mondo; mi limiterò solamente a consigliarlo ad un cicloturista allenato!

See all 10 reports by Stefano Lugli

Stefano and Gianluca in Sillian
Tour of the Alps 1960
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1960

Jobst's 1960 tour started and ended in Tuscany. The Net was not in place yet, so the report had to wait...

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Tour of the Alps 1959
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1959

Well, there's a first time for everybody, and Jobst too had to discover the Alps once. If you are looking for the inspiration to do it yourself, just go ahead and read this glorious report.

I had asked Mr Cinelli what the greatest road in the Alps was, to which he replied without hesitation, the Stelvio, but that I might not like it because it was unpaved. That especially caught my interest so here I was heading up the Valtellina at Tirano where the road to the foot of this great pass starts its climb.

I arrived in Bormio at 3:30 and decided to go to the top in beautiful afternoon sunshine. After a snack at the store I headed up the road that ran out of pavement at the city limit and became a coarse gravel and grey powdery road that, with a little rain, was pretty solid. I discovered that standing up easily caused wheel spin, so I pulled my straps tight and worked on a smooth stroke to keep traction.

Farther up the Braulio canyon the road went through several tunnels for avalanche and rockfall protection. These stone arch tunnels wind along the wall with ventilation holes near the floor that give a little light, and because they are not straight, I could only see where I was going from reflections from the wet floor. Everything was dripping and water rushed in drains under the walls. The amazing part is that these are one lane tunnels in which uphill traffic has the right of way, as is common here. Therefore, downhill drivers had to assess when to enter by watching what went in from below, something that is possible from the lay of the land.

I was discovering why Pirelli named their top racing car tire the Stelvio. This has a special meaning to people who know this road. At the end of the Braulio canyon the road goes up a wall in a series of traverses with tight hairpins to reach the upper Braulio Valley at Bocca di Braulio, that ends at a ridge over which the Umbrail pass from Switzerland joins the Stelvio, about three kilometers below the summit.

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt


Heide mountain bike trail tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started March 2014, submitted 26 March 2014
Europe: Austria

some of my followers expect that I am on big tour, most probably at South America - but I am not....

We expect to carry our recent bought ship home to Austria. The ship still rests at Frankfurt / Main (Germany). Needless to say, it is a costly and time consuming job. That's why...

I have not forgotten to train myself. One of the very typical daily tours lead me to the 'HEIDE' (a local recreational area) A trail, which starts right in front of my house and consequently ends here... Distance: a rough guess: 23 kilometers (about 15 miles) . Climbing, moderate, up to about 550 meters elevation. Duration: with a short rest and a beer: 2 hrs.

Enjoy the pictures and my report. Good luck to all my followers!

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downhill on the wine trail
Discover the South and North of Vienna by Mountain-bike
by Iris Mueck, tour started April 2012, submitted 2 May 2013

This has been a counter visit of of our German biking friends from Hamburg. Beate, a powerful riding lady; Norbert with an E-pedelec and a very good Li-battery has been accompanying us on our 3 day tour. My daughter Anne and her boyfriend accompanied us on our first day of riding. We ended the tour by riding through the Thaya national park, as our German guests decided to continue riding back home using some popular trails in Czech Republic. I am still impressed of the performance of our guests. They have been riding the national park trail with all their heavy luggage (which I called 'stone collection').
Enjoy the pictures and comments. Good luck to our followers!

See all 119 reports by Iris Mueck

Czech Thaya national park
A mountainbike tour to the Reisalpe (Lower Austria)
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2012, submitted 3 October 2012
Europe: Austria

The Reisalpe is rather high located (nearly 1.400 meters), and with a bicycle not easy to reach. We circled around to find a way up, which takes a while and made our day distance rather long: 55 kilometers. Some parts so steep, that we have pushed the bike upwards. I never have been riding so long distances on my most easy sprocket ring. Downhill has been another difficulty, as because of the steep decent, braking the bicycle made the rear wheel drifting... We have started at Wiesenfeld (near the city of Traisen) using the 'wrong' way up via Schindeltal, passed the Ebenwald summit, and later found the way up. We went down to Furthof and returned on the Traisen bike path back to Wiesenfeld. Our tour started 'wet' but ended in typical fall sun conditions. An evening break and rest at the restaurant of 'Mostheurigen Karner', located at the Hafnerberg road, near the little town of Noestlach rounded our tour. Enjoy the report and pictures. Good luck to our followers.

See all 119 reports by Iris Mueck

Never give up - even when it's time
Alpi Bike. Travesía de los Alpes en BTT (Trieste-Ventimiglia)
by Zinaztli, tour started July 2009, submitted 14 December 2009
language: es

Travesía de los Alpes de este a oeste, que une Trieste y Ventimiglia . Circula Cinco países: Italia, Eslovenia, Austria, Suiza y Francia. Los macizos montañosos más conocidos de los Alpes: A. Julianos, A. Cárnicos, Dolomitas , Adamello-Pressanella, Ortler, Engadina, Bernina y Bregaglia, lagos de Como y Maggiore, Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Monviso, Alpes Marítimos y Mercantour. Recorrido realizado en solitario en 43 días (del 4 de julio al 15 de agosto de 2009). Son unos 2.100 kilómetros y cerccerca de 60.000 metros de desnivel (media diaria: 50 km. y 1.400 m.). Coincide en muchos tramos con al Vía Alpina, Alta Vía Cárnica, Tour del Monte Rosa, Tour del Mont Blanc, Alta Vía del Valle de Aosta y Vía de la Sale. Cruza collados por encima de los 2.500 metros (Tarscher Pass, Stelvio, Cassana, Turlo, Salati, Bettaforca, Nana, Malatrá, Chavannes, Chivasso, Longia y Sibolet). Cicloturismo de montaña en estado puro. El sueño de todo biker de atravesar todos los Alpes.

See all 13 reports by Zinaztli

Transalp Oberstdorf - Torbole am Gardasee
by FiloRosso Webdesign, tour started August 2000, submitted 13 April 2006
language: de

Alpencross Bericht einer Mountainbike-Extremtour von Oberstdorf zum Gardasee, 7 Tage (davon 4 Regentage)/440km/14000 Höhenmeter.

See all 2 reports by FiloRosso Webdesign

Transalp Oberstdorf - Torbole am Gardasee
by FiloRosso Webdesign, tour started August 2000, submitted 13 April 2006
language: de

Alpencross-Bericht einer Mountainbike-Extremtour von Oberstdorf zum Gardasee, 7 Tage (davon 4 Regentage)/440km/14000 Höhenmeter.

See all 2 reports by FiloRosso Webdesign

Mountainbike the Alps
by Ralf Bueschges, tour started 2005, submitted 1 January 2006

Photos and reports of transalp mountain bike tours from Bavaria to Italy. Alpine traverses between Oberstdorf and Lake Como and Tegernsee and Lake Garda.

MTB-tour in the Eastern Alps (Germany/Austria)
by Christian Flenker, tour started 1994
Europe: Germany, Austria
language: de

An excellent report, also from a technical point of view.

See all 4 reports by Christian Flenker

Bike and Board
Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy
language: de, it

The Bike \& Board site has the following goal: ``Das wollen wir mitteilen: in den Bergen gibt es viel mehr für die Seele als man denkt. Geht in die Berge und respektiert sie, seid wach und nehmt nach Hause ein Erlebnis mit, das dem Leben mehr Sinn geben kann.'' Among the mountain bike trail descriptions in Germany, Austria and Italy: Lagorai/Latemar (in German and in Italian), and Transalp 2000 (in German): an Alpine crossing from Germany to Italy.

Mountainbiken in Tirol
by Landesforstdirektion Tirol
Europe: Austria
language: de

an excellent collection of mountain bike routes by the Landesforstdirektion Tirol - Landschaftsdienst.

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