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Belgium (all)

This page lists all reports that for Belgium including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Cycling from Holland to Rome
by JW & Gu, tour started July 2004, submitted 8 October 2006
language: nl

In the summer of 2004 we cycled 2250 kilometer from Holland to Rome. During the trip we passed through 10 countries and cycled through the Ardennes, Vosges, Alps, Apennines and Tuscany. We enjoyed the beautiful italian villages and met a lot of other cyclists. A lot of pictures, tips and travel stories in Dutch (English translations will soon appear).

In 2004 fietsten we van Nederland naar Rome. We fietsten door 10 landen en door/over de Ardennen, Vogezen, Alpen, Appenijnen en Toscane. We genoten volop van de mooie Italiaanse stadjes en ontmoetten heel veel andere fietsers. Veel plezier!

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Rough path France
The Totally Knackered Tour - Across Europe and Central Asia
by Tim and Rowena Barnes, tour started March 2006, submitted 26 September 2006

In March of 2006 we set out to cycle from the UK to Tibet. We didn't quite make it but had a great adventure cycling across Europe in one of the wettest winters on record and then through the wilds of Central Asia. The site includes lots of images from Tajikistan one of the really countries for cycling.

Summit of the Khaburabot Pass Tajikistan
Via Roma - A bicycle journey from Holland to Italy
by Erik Nomden, tour started July 2001, submitted 3 July 2006

I do not believe my eyes. Before us lies a wide, completely flat valley. A late evening sun shines over the valley below. The 2.400 meter high Monti Sibillini rise majestically out of the plains. This is one of the most beautiful valleys I have ever seen.

Willem Hoffmans and I set out from our homes in Holland for a journey to Italy. Through the Vosges, the Jura and across a lot of cols in the French Alps we reach the Italian border. In Italy we make a lot of detours through Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

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Field of flowers in the Monti Sibillini in Umbria, Italy
Santiago and beyond - Cycle trip in search of the heart of Spain
by Erik Nomden, tour started June 2000, submitted 25 April 2006

I am hanging around the Cathedral for two hours, just to see the people passing by. Half of the passengers are locals, the others are pilgrims for Santiago. The pilgrims are full of stories about physical endurance, injuries, loneliness, spirituality, will power, faith, love and hope. A young girl thinks of giving up. An old man tells that he has slept on a churchyard because there were no normal facilities anymore. A special experience is meeting an old man who has a tremendous charisma; the man is constantly radiating from a seemingly enormous reservoir of stimulating energy. If it is actually possible to reach enlightenment in the way that Buddhists describe, then this man must have reached that stage.

Account of an eight week cycle journey through east, west, north, central & south Spain.

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There are a lot of hills on the way to Compostela
Joris en Stella fietsen van Nederland naar China
tour started August 2005, submitted 20 April 2006
language: nl

Joris en Stella fietsen vanaf augustus 2005 van Nederland richting China. Na een uitstapje door het middenoosten wordt nu de weg naar het oosten voor gezet.

Cycling tours through the world
by Jelmar en Maarten, tour started April 2006, submitted 7 April 2006
language: nl

We have cycled many kilometres trough Europe. On our first trip we cycled from Holland to Sweden. After Sweden we cycled trouhg Great Britain. And we cycled further trough Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and ended our tour 6000 km later in Faro (Portugal).

On our next trip we are going to cycle from Heraklion, Crete to Holland. This trip starts 14 April 2006. More info on our site. In the future we will expend our tours outside Europe.

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Riding the Camino Santiago
The Great Heart Travelers
by Julien Leblay, tour started 2004, submitted 28 November 2005
language: en, fr

``The Great Heart Travelers'' promote the blood donation riding around the world. They made a Europe tour of 5400 km in 2004, and a tour in New Zealand in 2005. (Follow the archive link at the bottom of the page to go to the European tour.)

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Riding to Aix
by Inge Harsten, tour started 2001, submitted 26 November 2005
Europe: Holland, Belgium, France

A record of my progress from Alkmaar to Aix; by pedal power. From Netherlands to France via Belgium.

Most important is perhaps to point out that this for me was a most enjoyable thing to do. It was also an easy thing to do, and required remarkably little advance planning. I checked the bike and did the necessary repairs and changes, I drafted a route though the low countries and through France, estimated how long it would take me to do it, and with the minimum physical preparations I set off from Alkmaar on the 5th June.

I benefited of course from previous bicycling experience, I was aware of possible (physical) problems that might turn up, and was very careful not to let minor problems develop into more serious ones. Also extensive travel experience over the years (not much of it on bicycle) has taught me that there is always accommodation, there is food and drink to be found on the way. I climbed from Bonnieux up the hill [...] there was the most fantastic ride down the narrow valley towards Lourmarin, narrow hairpin bends, and again a downhill ride that seemed to go on forever.

most fantastic ride down the narrow valley towards Lourmarin
by Jelmar en Maarten, tour started March 2005, submitted 17 November 2005
language: nl

We are 2 18 year old students. We made a tour across Europe from Holland to Sweden and Great Britain. After this we took the boat to Holland and set off to the south of Portugal.

In the spring (2006) we are going to make a trip from Anataly Turkey to Holland.

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A trip through Northern France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany
by Ted C. Herman, tour started 2002

I am a child of 67 summers who enjoys cycle touring. My ride is a 1999 Litespeed Blue Ridge fitted with 46-36-24 chainrings and 12-25 cluster. I have largely abandoned camping, and use small hotels and restaurants. I carry a [credit] card, a set of bike clothes (shorts, jersey, shoes with Frog cleats, helmet, tights, a capilene long sleeve shirt and Gore-Tex jacket) and a set of dinner clothes (running shoes, nylon long pants and shirt and a polypro sweater). A small bottle of CampSuds for the evening clothes wash keeps me social. Rear panniers (now with rain covers) carry the clothes and a handlebar bag carries maps and camera. All together bike plus gear comes to about 35 lbs.

Biking in Holland and Belgium
by Bob Lucky, tour started 2001
Europe: Holland, Belgium

From Bob Lucky's Biking Page. This is a trip that I took in 2001, beginning at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, following the coast of Holland south and crossing into Belgium. East across Belgium through Bruges and Ghent, and then north back through Holland. There are nine chapters here with detailed description and lots of pictures.

The sun is now shining brightly, and for the first time I don my sunglasses. After a while the bike path turns into a dirt path that is shielded from the wind. Except for being careful about rocks and pools of water, this is very pleasant biking. [...] The bike path goes along the shore leading to the bridge, with sheep grazing on the landward side.

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Along a dirt path
Europe is small: London to Eindhoven
by Wieler Touring Club Café Wilhelmina, tour started June 2000
Europe: UK, France, Belgium, Holland
language: nl

The 450 km London-Eindhoven tour will take place at June 24th of the year 2000 when we will start at 02.00 AM Greenwich Mean Time at the Piccadilly Circus. The London-Eindhoven tour is part of our project ``Europe is small'' because the center of major European cities are all within 24 hr cycling distance from Eindhoven. In 1997 we did start at the Arc de Triomphe for Paris-Eindhoven. This year we will do the London-Eindhoven tour and in 2002 Berlin-Eindhoven will be on the program.

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North Cape - Gibraltar, Approved by Guinness Book of World Records
by Erik Straarup, tour started 2000

The trip was an attemp to beat Fritz Hansens record from 1999. He did the trip in 20 dayes and nights, 3 hours and 12 minutes. I also went for his average of 289 km a day.

Why alone? It gives you some satisfaction, to know you did the trip alone, and without any help. If you bike in a group, you have to adapt yourself to the groups choice of route and daily distance. When you are alone you are completely free to follow your own rhythm.

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Polder to Polder or, Full Circle in the Low Countries
by Lenore Kennedy, tour started August 1999
Europe: Holland, Belgium

An account of four and a bit weeks' cycling in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Bicycle Rides in Belgium
by Gerald Soto, tour started May 1999
Europe: Belgium

Liège-``Bastogne''-Liège: May 29, 1999; and Pseudo La Flèche Wallone: May 30, 1999. The site also has many bicycle rides in England.

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Cycling Belgium's Waterways - 2,000 km of mostly car-free bikeway
by Dan Gamber, tour started September 1998
Europe: Belgium

An excellent and complete guide! If you like to ride on good pavement but away from car traffic, the towpaths of Belgium offer some of the best cycling in the world. You can ride across the country from north to south or east to west with only occasional concerns about cars or trucks. Much of the way is through pleasant farmland or nature preserve, with the loudest noise bird songs or the engine of a barge. The network totals a little over 2,000 km (1,200 miles), of which more than 1,600 km provide fine riding for any kind of bicycle.

The purpose of this guide is to describe the entire network from a cyclist's perspective. Included are all waterways in Belgium, and logical extensions into France and the Netherlands, which are or were within the last few centuries navigable and where it is physically possible to ride along or reasonably close to the water. Also included are a few connecting rail trails.

Dan Gamber on the south bank of the Schelde with Steendorp in the background
Radweg 1 Holland - Höxter
by Martin Wittram, tour started May 1993
language: de

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Paris - Leer 1985
by Martin Wittram, tour started 1985
language: de

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Fiets Vlaanderen
Europe: Belgium
language: nl

Fiets Vlaanderen is een initiatief van de Vlaamse Overheid, gericht aan recreatieve en woon-werkfietsers. De fiets die bijdraagt tot de leefbaarheid van onze samenleving, het milieu spaart en het mobiliteitsprobleem helpt oplossen staat centraal op deze site.

Cycle Odyssey home page
by John and Daniel Gould

On these pages we will show you the cycling pursuits of John and Daniel Gould (from Australia) and our friend Peter (from Japan).Our challenge will be to ride from London to Istanbul through 12 countries in 2 months while having a great time and seeing the sights. Peter should be there to Italy and then its just 2 unless anyone else wants to join us. For father and son John and Daniel the quest will also try to raise money for Odyssey House.

Archivio salite d'Europa/European climbs
by Voronin
language: it, de, fr, en

Tabular data and altitude profiles of mountain passes all over Europe.

Holland, Normandie, Bretagne
by Thomas Driemeyer
Europe: France, Holland, Belgium

Many of the towns in the Normandie have unusually large cathedrals. Eu was no exception. The cathedral is built on a hill. There is a youth hostel built into the base of the hill under the cathedral. It was more expensive than average (FF 93) but definitely worth the price. The picture to the right shows the hallway leading to the rooms, each with a vaulted ceiling and its own bathroom. Recommended.

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Cycling from the Baltic Sea to the Alps
by Karl Brodowsky
language: en, de, se

From the cycling pages of Karl Brodowsky: see the German Version for plenty of interesting reports in German.

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Fahrrad Reisen / Bicycle Touring
by camino10, , submitted 13 June 2010
language: de, en

Travelogues, trip reports and travel photography: Crossing the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in Mexico, along the Mediterranean coast of Italy, France and Spain, bike tour to ancient Greece and Turkey, Island hopping in Mallorca, Corsica and Crete, Trans Alps Bike Tour

Reiseberichte und Tourenberichte von Fahrrad Reisen durch die Rocky Mountains in Kanada und die Sierra Madre in Mexiko, entlang der Mittelmeer Küste von Italien, Frankreich und Spanien, Veloreise bis Griechenland und die Türkei, klassischer Donau-Radweg und Elbe-Radweg, Radtouren auf den Inseln Mallorca, Korsika und Kreta, Trans Alps Bike Tour.

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Danube River Bike Tour biking and cycling in Belgium
Europe: Belgium
language: nl, en

Descriptions for plenty of itineraries and bike routes and trails in Flanders, with points of interest for other routes. Rides are grouped by city and route.

Fietsroute in West-Vlaanderen en Noord-Frankrijk
by Tourisme à Vélo en Flandre occidentale
Europe: Belgium, France
language: nl, fr

Route descriptions, with maps of the recreational bicycle route network in West-Vlaanderen/Flandre occidentale and in the North of France.

Fietsen (punt) Eén Twee Drie
Europe: Belgium, Holland
language: nl

Welkom op de fietswebsite voor Amersfoort, Nederland, België en Wereldwijd! Dit is de (eerste) website voor fietsliefhebbers, die op zoek zijn naar mooie fietsroutes rond Amersfoort, in Nederland, in Belgi en Wereldwijd. Met de unieke 1-2-3 formule: 1. zoeken 2. printen en 3. fietsen!

Esapades en Région Ardennes-Eiffel
by Hugues Van Rymenam
Europe: Belgium
language: fr

A catalogue of excursion for walkers, mountain bikers and road cyclists, with maps, indices, etc.

570 km de sentier décrits en détail et 28 promenades. Vous êtes passionné de VTT ou de marche à pied et vous désirez de nouveaux horizons, sortir des sentiers habituels, vous oxygéner les poumons et la tête. Alors, suivez nos "Escapades" et partez à la découverte des plus beaux coins de Wallonie et des alentours.
Chaque mois, vous trouverez en feuilletant ces pages un nouveau circuit adapté à la marche ou au VTT.

by Karl Brodowsky
language: de

A massive travel site, this guy has been everywhere.

Hier finden sich einige deutschsprachige Reiseberichte von Fahrradtouren, die hoffentlich unterhaltsam und informativ sind, aber auch vielleicht die eine oder andere Anregung für Leute geben, die selber einmal so etwas machen wollen. Für englischsprachige Radtourenberichte habe ich hier auch einen Anfang gemacht, ebenso für schwedischsprachige Radtourenberichte, wobei noch ein bißchen auf norwegisch und dänisch dabei ist, aber diese drei skaninavischen Sprachen sind so ähnlich, daß man entweder alle drei ein bißchen lesen kann oder eben keine davon.

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Cycling info pages

Nieuws en achtergronden wielrennen
by s smit, , submitted 28 January 2007
Holland, Belgium: Holland, Belgium
language: nl

Wielerlinks NL is a portalsite for road cycling in the Netherlands and Belgium. The site contains news, background information and lots of links.

Wielerlinks is een portaalsite voor wielrennen in Nederland en België. De site bevat nieuws, achtergrondinformatie en vele links over wielrennen.

The Twizi hostel directory - the cheapest places to stay on the planet
by Patrick Sexton, , submitted 6 January 2007

[The author travels around the world and reviews hostels, and has built up a large hostel directory.]

What are hostels?

The quickest answer I can give to you is that hostels are budget accommodations where you share a room with other travelers. To be more specific though and to give you a better idea of what to expect I will say that a hostel room is like a hotel room but instead of being just one bed there are a couple (or a few) bunk beds. There are also (gasp!) other people. People you do not know! These other people are travelers who are most likely very much like you in the sense that they are exploring and traveling and doing it as absolutely cheaply as possible. Hostels have been around a long long time. There are over 20,000 of them around the world. Hostels are very much a part of the culture of Europe, and are starting to be known in the USA as well. Hostels are a cheaper way of staying in a city where you do not live.

world map
Rec.Travel Library: Belgium
Europe: Belgium

Organizations and clubs

Europe: Belgium
language: fr

Page indépendante, non commerciale dédiée aux réalisations écologiques exemplaires harmonisant les relations de l'homme avec son environnement naturel, social et culturel.

Fietsersbond Vlaanderen
Europe: Belgium
language: nl

De Fietsersbond is er van overtuigd dat de fiets in het verkeer niet het probleem is maar de oplossing. Een eenvoudige oplossing voor een vlotte mobiliteit.

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