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France (all)

This page lists all reports that for France including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only France.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Cycling info pages (continued)

Ardeche, a fantastic area for bikers
by Frederic Berlioz,
Europe: France
Cycling in Corse
by Lucio Cadeddu,
Europe: France

See all 5 reports by Lucio Cadeddu

Cycling Map of France
by Jean-Pierre Jacquot,
Europe: France

The IGN (Institut Géographique National) has just [Spring 1995] issued a cycling map of France, with the help of FFC (Fédération Française de Cyclisme) and FFCT (Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme).

See all 5 reports by Jean-Pierre Jacquot

Bicycles and Trains in France
by Gary Mak,
Europe: France

See also the important note on Bicycles on Trains in France, 1998 from Barbara Leonard's Bicycling à la Française.

Books on mountainbiking in France
by Shaun C. Murray,
Europe: France
Pari Mont-Blanc
Europe: France

Pari Mont-Blanc is a challenge for two men, Eric Foulon and Pascal Carré, to climb the Mont-Blanc by an ambitious and original way: departure from Paris to Saint-Gervais by bicycle and arrival at the Mont-Blanc by the Dome du Gouter

Cycling in the Pyrenees
Europe: France

from the pages of the Ariège region, has some information about events in the area.

Rec.Travel Library: France
Europe: France
French Railways
Europe: France
language: fr, en, es, de, it, nl

Organizations and clubs

Club des Cent Cols (Club of the One Hundred Mountain Passes)
Europe: France
language: fr

The Club des Cent Cols, founded in 1972, appeals to mountain cyclotouring aficionados. It had 2500 active members in 2003. One simple rule to become a member: To have crossed by bike at least 100 different mountain passes, 5 of which must have an altitude of 2000 metres or more. The Club publishes an annual magazine, organizes several fun and easy-going meets at the summit of famous (or less so) passes every year. Permanent tours are also offered to members, all based on the theme; One Hundred Passes in... (e.g. the Alps, the Pyrenees, Corsica, the Drôme, the Atlantic-Mediterranean watershed line, etc...)

The site also features some travelogues.

Club de Cent Cols
AF3V - Association Française de développement des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes
by réseau en France
Europe: France
language: fr

>L'AF3V est un organisme à but non lucratif (association Loi 1901) créée le 20 décembre 1997. Elle regroupe les acteurs intéressés au développement des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes en France. L'AF3V est composée des grandes fédérations FFCT (Fédération de cyclotourisme) et FUBICY (Fédération des cyclistes urbains) et de nombreuses associations locales d'usagers porteuses de projets régionaux. Elle est soutenue par le Ministère de l'Aménagement du Territoire et de l'Environnement et le Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports. Elle tend à rassembler, au delà du monde cycliste, les institutions et organisations ayant intérêt au projet dans le secteur de l'aménagement du territoire, des loisirs, du tourisme, du transport et du développement durable.

Fédération des Usagers de la Bicyclette
Europe: France
language: fr

La FUBicy (Fédération Française des Usagers de la Bicyclette) regroupe la plupart des associations françaises dont l'objectif est de promouvoir l'usage de la bicyclette en tant que moyen de déplacement non polluant, non gaspilleur d'énergie, silencieux et générateur de bien être physique.

The French Federation of Bicycle's Users (FUBicy - Fédération Française des Usagers de la Bicyclette) federates the greater part of the french associations whose aim is to promote the use of bicycle as a mean of transport, which is pollution free, silent, which saves energy and generates physical well-being.

Europe is small: London/Paris to Eindhoven
by Wieler Touring Club Café Wilhelmina
Europe: Holland, UK, France
language: nl, en

De meeste internationale hoofdsteden yijn binnen 24 uur vanaf Eindhoven te fietsen. Op onze homepage vindt u vetenswaardigheden over de nog nooit vertoonde monsterrit van Londen naar Eindhoven.

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Fédération Française de Cyclisme
Europe: France
language: fr

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