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France (all)

This page lists all reports that for France including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

BicycleTOURing in the Pyrenées II. (France, Spain)
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2010, submitted 9 March 2011
Europe: France, Spain, Andorra
language: en, hu

In 2010 my bicycletour went back to the Pyrenées to collect another paved roads going above 2000 m, to have all of them. By its start I cycled up to Mont Ventoux on its four different ascents in the same day to have the Galerien version of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux.

I saw 3 times the Tour de France: they were great feelings, unforgettable memories. I climbed legendary Tour de France climbs, like Col de Peyresourde, Aspin, Luz Ardiden, Aubisque, Pla d’Adet, Col d’Azet, etc. In Spain I was amazed by the huge rockwalls of the Ordesa canyon and the region of that and found wonderful (and one of the most beautiful roads) the East side of the Coll de Fanlo. In Spain with other ones I visited Cerler, Boi Taüll, a hardly known, but wonderful road to Presa L’lauset, then in Andorra 3 roads: one of them the legendary and nice Arcalis. I visited calm ascents like the idyllic valley of Lac Bouillouses and valley of Puigmal. After climbing Vallter I finished my tour in Barcelona.

The bicycletour was totally 2368 kms + 42996 m heightdifference.

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Col de Peyresourde before the Tour de France caravane
France Sea to Sea ('Manche to Med')
by Andrew Cornwell, tour started May 2008, submitted 18 January 2011
Europe: France

A superb eleven day, 1040 km route from the Channel port of Caen in Normandy to the Mediterranean near Montpellier - passing through many of the classic landscapes of France including the Loire Valley; Dordogne, Lot and Tarn gorges; and the Cervennes.

Summary route details and distances, hotel addresses, equipment list and photos all included in the report.

See all 4 reports by Andrew Cornwell

Reaching the Mediterranean at Maguelone
Two month across West Europe on recumbent bikes
by Carsten, tour started June 2010, submitted 4 January 2011
language: de, en, fr, it, es

We are two guys from Germany, who travelled across West Europe for two months.

With our Performer High Racers, we came through nine European countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherland) and crossed both the Pyrenees and the Alps two times each. After 9000 km we finished our tour in August and now we have completed our web page with detailed information for each stage and thousands of photos.

The page is in German but offers a integrated translation service.

Somewhere in Spain
Provence and Languedoc Tour, 2009
by Suze, tour started May 2009, submitted 2 January 2011
Europe: France

I had long dreamed of visiting France, of seeing the southern countryside, eating what I imagined to be totally delicious food, and experiencing ancient and medieval art and architecture. I had longed to know something of an older culture than ours in Massachusetts. New England is old in the United States, but very young in the world. When I turned 60 I decided to do it, to finally visit France, and when there to travel on a cycle. I had ridden in the 1970s, but gave my Fuji ten-speed away long ago. I hadn't been on a bike since about 1980, but in August 2007, on a whim, bought a new bike and a year later rode it solo around Lake Champlain in Vermont. My husband wanted to go with me to France, so in May 2009 we rode from Avignon, France, in a looping tour of about 500 miles, mostly very flat, visiting Roman ruins and ancient cities. It was his first cycle tour ever, and so I planned an easy trip, staying in bed and breakfasts or hotels, saving time for visiting museums and historic sites. This trip went from major city to major city, with some very beautiful riding in between. It included a ride the length of the famous Canal du Midi, running from Agde to Toulouse. We traveled from Avignon to Orange, then into the Luberon, west to Arles, south to the Camargue, west again along the Mediterranean to Sète and back inland toToulouse. The journal was written after my 2010 visit to the Cévennes in France.

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Landscape near Fort Buoux, Luberon
Autour des Pyrénées
tour started May 2008, submitted 19 December 2010
Europe: Spain, France
language: fr

Deux semaines en solo au printemps, de la Méditerrannée à l'Atlantique et retour. Les collines de Catalogne, les solitudes de l'Aragon, la pluie basque...

Graines de pignons
by Carine et Anaël , tour started March 2010, submitted 8 December 2010
language: fr

Nous sommes un couple français proche de la trentaine, ayant envie de mener une vie proche des idées de la simplicité volontaire et de la décroissance (moins de biens, plus de liens). Nous avons décidé de prendre quelques mois pour voyager en vélo tout en s'arretant sur la route pour faire du volontariat dans des fermes biologiques et sur des chantiers d'écoconstruction (WWOOF).

Nous avons traversé la France et l'Italie, et continuerons vers la Grèce puis la Turquie, avant de retourner en France, toujours en vélo (l'itinéraire n'est pas encore déterminé).

Cyclo-wwoofing en France
The Lonely Cyclist in the Pyrenees
by Erik Nomden, tour started July 2010, submitted 15 November 2010
language: en, nl

From my home in Holland I have cycled over the Normandy Coast, the Loire Valley and the Auvergne and Cantal regions to Spain for a double coast to coast ride through the Pyrenees. First from east to west through the Spanish Pyrenees. Then from west to east through the French Pyrenees. This journey includes all the famous cols from the Tour de France but also some nice unpaved cycling routes in the Pyrenees.

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Vall de Boi, Spanish Pyrenees
Cycling Corsica
by JW & Gu, tour started May 2010, submitted 7 November 2010
Europe: France
language: en;, nl

Impressions from our cycling trip on the beautiful isle of Corsica in May/June 2010. We cycled around 800 kilometers from Bastia along the coast to Calvi and Porto and then through the inner highlands to Corte and back to Bastia. You can watch our video-report!

For more information you can visit our website:

See all 6 reports by JW & Gu

Cycling in Corsica
Starting at the End of the World
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started 2010, submitted 4 November 2010
Europe: France

An all-day train ride takes us from Munich to Morlaix in Brittany via Paris. The train from Paris to Morlaix doesn't take bicycles and we are again happy to have folders. Our tour starts with an abundance of rain and hills as we follow Brittany's spectacular southern coast to the Loire. From here we cycle the popular - and flat - Loire Valley Bike Path into Burgundy where the scenery gets more interesting as we ride along the Canal du Centre and Saone River. After having covered approximately 1,500 km we take the train from Dijon back to Munich.

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A Bike Journey - London to Melbourne
by Freddie & Guy, tour started May 2010, submitted 3 November 2010
language: en, de

A Bike Journey follows our bicycle travels between London and Melbourne. Having lived in the UK for 6 years, we are now moving Down Under and have decided to go by bike! We left London in May 2010 and have so far cycled through Europe, Turkey and Iran. We are planning to continue our journey through India, South East Asia and Australia. We hope you enjoy following our tour.

Cycling through 47°C heat in Turkey
CORSE TOUR ----> Cycling hanged over the sea
by Maurizio Billo, tour started September 2010, submitted 24 October 2010
Europe: France

We are Anna & Maurizio and We cycled Corse above the sea following some narrow road carved on the rock as ''Route Departementale'' 81, 81a, 80 that represent some of the most scenic paths a cyclist may hope to find.

Spectacular views of the West Coast and Cape Corse.

And at the end of the holiday We went in Provence and We summited Mont Ventoux.

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Cycling hanged over the sea
Cévennes: Solo Cycling
by Suze, tour started May 2010, submitted 22 October 2010
Europe: France

This is a description of my nine-day solo trip, in May 2010, in the Cévennes mountains of France. The trip was mostly camping, but no cooking. My goal was to see the Cévennes, mountains full of history and culture, their geography older than the Alps or Pyrenees. There was a good mix of climbing, mountains, medieval towns, villages, rivers ... always gorgeous and fun riding, but not a very high mileage. I wanted to learn something of the area, its culture and history, without being totally exhausted. In all it was about 300 miles, about 14,000 feet of climbing. I rode from Montpellier to Albi, with a loop up the Gorge du Tarn and down the Gorge du Jonte.

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Taken during descent of Gorge du Jontes
Eurovelo 6 Frankreich - Teilstrecke Basel nach Besancon und retour, ca. 300km
by Alois Mayr, tour started September 2010, submitted 1 October 2010
Europe: France
language: de

Gerade erst fertiggestellt: Die französischen Teilstücke des Eurovelo-Radweges 6 von Basel nach Nantes. Mit großem Aufwand wird er beworben, schließlich ist auch offensichtlich viel Geld in diese Verbindung gesteckt worden. Da wir (2 Personen) den westlichen Abschnitt der Loire ab Orleans schon mehrmals gefahren sind, ist diesmal Basel nach Besancon dran. Die Strecke entlang dem Rhein-Rhone-Kanal und dem Doubs soll schön sein. Besancon wird in allen Reiseführern gelobt. Die Realität weicht dramatisch davon ab.

Sommerreise in Frankreich Juni - Juli 2010
by Janos Kertesz, tour started July 2010, submitted 15 September 2010
Europe: France
language: en, de

Wir sind mit dem Zug nach Morlaix/Bretagne gefahren und von dort aus haben wir eine schöne Radreise in Bretagne, in dem Tal der Loire und in Burgund gemacht. (1482 km)

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Eine kurze Rundreise im Norden von Burgund
by Janos Kertesz, tour started August 2008, submitted 15 September 2010
Europe: France
language: en, de

Wir haben bei einer Rundfahrt von sechs Tagen die Städte Tonnerre, Auxerre, Vézelay, Avallon, Semur-en-Auxois und Montbard/Fontenay besucht. (315 km)

See all 18 reports by Janos Kertesz

Tour de Brittany 2010
by Hugh Morgan, tour started August 2010, submitted 7 September 2010
Europe: France

This describes our nine day family tour around Western Brittany starting in Gouarec on the Brest-Nantes canal. We did about 30 miles day carrying our own luggage and staying in small hotels and bed and breakfasts. My wife and youngest daughter were on a borrowed tandem and my older daughter and I were on our own bikes which we brought from home on the roof rack. We had various people tell us that Brittany was flat or hilly and we didn't really know what to expect but take it from me it was hilly. Overall we had a great time.

Corsica from 08. until 23 Mai 2010
by José Rössner, tour started May 2010, submitted 7 September 2010
Europe: France
language: en, de, nl

I spend this year my spring break in Corsica. An ideal country to test my new Cannondale bike with electric components from Bionx. (Motor, battery and display). A mountainous island, big enough to cycle around a fortnight. By train, I'll go from Zurich to Livorno. A ferry of ``corsica ferries'' will take me to Bastia. Here I begin to circle counter clockwise around Corsica. First I'm going up to Cap Corse, then via Saint Florent, Calvi, Porto, Ajaccio and Sarténe to Bonifatio, the very south of the island. Northbound I'll spend a few days in the inland mountains.

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Two New Zealanders heading East across the landmasses of Europe and Asia
by Emma and Justin, tour started March 2010, submitted 5 September 2010

We're Emma and Justin, two New Zealanders who have 'gone cycling' after six years working and living in London.

We talked about the possibility of a big trip quietly at first. We were on a train in England somewhere and we sketched a rudimentary map which plotted our way towards Russia. Our cycling trips became more ambitious, and we tested our enthusiasm for the idea by cycling the length of the UK (Lands End to John O'Groats) over three weeks in 2009. After 6 years living away from New Zealand we decided it was time to pack up London lives, quit jobs and go.

We have been on the road since March 2010 and intend to reach the edge of Asia by March 2012. Our website documents some of the places we've discovered on our travels.

Baarn - Barcelona with 2 kids
by Family de Ruijter, tour started August 2010, submitted 31 August 2010
language: en, nl

Dutch family cycling on a Hase Pino tandem from Baarn - Barcelona. The kids are 6 and 8 years old.

Routes des Grandes Alpes 2003
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2003, submitted 10 August 2010

We said: we can do it on our bicycles...: The Route des Grandes Alpes. Starts on Lake Geneva (Genfer See) and is one of the famous French routes through the Alps to the Mediterranean. It leads, from Lake Geneva to the Côte d'Azur and crosses 16 high alpine passes (nine of which more than 2000 m), including the Col de l'Iseran, the highest road pass with 2770 m in the Alps. The route to overcome about 700 km long with an altitude difference of 15 700 m. The 1913 opened for the first five individual stages range is now 600 km from Department of Streets and along 68 km of national roads. Several cuts are stages of the Tour de France. Passing Martigny, and climbing the Forclaz Pass, heading for Charmonix. On the foot of the Aquille du Midi we have seen the huge glacier which winds down near Charmonix. Impressive: the climb up on the Roselend road.

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looking down on road made good: climbing up Grand St. Bernard
by Andrew Cornwell, tour started May 2007, submitted 9 July 2010
Europe: UK, France

Five days on the road from capital to capital and back. Starting with the crossing of the Downs and Sussex Weald, ferry from Newhaven, on to Paris via Dieppe and Gisors. Return along the Seine and Andelle valleys. Includes practical information about the tour.

See all 4 reports by Andrew Cornwell

Place de la Concorde, Paris
Côte d'Azur - Alpes Maritimes - Route Napoleon - Korsika
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010
Europe: France
language: de

Der Süden von Frankreich ist wunderbares Fahrrad Touren Territorium. Der attraktiven Mittelmeer Küstenstrasse der Côte d'Azur entlang, die Route Napoleon in den französischen Alpen, der mächtige Canyon du Verdon oder auch die traumhafte Insel Korsika.

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Fahrrad Nord Europa Tour: Schweiz - Frankreich - Luxemburg - Belgien - Holland
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010
language: de

Eine Fahrrad Tour zu den Haupstädten von Europa: Strassburg, Luxemburg und Brüssel. Als Höhepunkte galten die Route des Cretes, eine faszinierende Hochstrasse durch das Elsass in Frankreich; die Route du Vin, die Weinstrasse mitten durch das weitläufige Weinanbaugebiet im Elsass und die vielen Burgen und Schlösser wie Haut Koenigsburg, Beaufort und Vianden in Luxemburg und schlussendlich die Bergregion Ardennen und die Nordseeküste in Belgien.

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Bike Tour: Italy - France - Spain - Mallorca
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010
Europe: Italy, France, Spain
language: en, de

One month on the bike for over 2000 kilometers from Switzerland to Mallorca. Alpine crossing of Switzerland, snowy winter days in the French Alps, coastal road along the Mediterranean Sea, the challenge of the Pyrenees, wild romantic Costa Brava, Gaudi dominated Barcelona and finally around the island of Mallorca.

Ein Monat auf dem Fahrrad für die über 2000 Kilometer von der Schweiz nach Mallorca. Alpen-Cross durch die Schweiz, verschneite Wintertage in den französischen Alpen, Küstenfahrt dem Mittelmeer entlang, der Lockruf der Pyrenäen, wild romantische Costa Brava, Gaudi dominiertes Barcelona und schlussendlich die Umrundung der Insel Mallorca.

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Crossing Europe via the EuroVelo 6
by James Chassee, tour started May 2010, submitted 7 June 2010

After graduating from grad school, I decided it was finally time to do the trip that I had been thinking about for years--crossing europe via the EuroVelo 6. This journal is a light-hearted account of my trip. I try to include as much information as possible for other cyclists wishing to do the same trip, but I also try to make it entertaining. You can be the judge of that.

a country road in France
Cycling Burgundy, Alsace-Lorraine, and Champagne Regions of France
by Ben and Beth Elderd, tour started September 2009, submitted 3 May 2010
Europe: France

We were sitting around our dining room table sipping a glass of wine (can't remember if it was from a box or bottle) thinking about where to take our next bike tour, when I said, ``We should try for more diversity.'' Beth immediately replied, ``You're not going to go off about our immigration policy again? I thought we were going to discuss our next tour.'' I responded, ``No, no, not that type of diversity!'' Beth replied, ``Oh, you mean terrain, like cycling along rivers, canals, rolling terrain, forests, maybe a mountain or two, that kind of diversity?'' ``No'' I said, ``I was thinking more about red grapes, white grapes and grapes with bubbles.'' The solution was to combine both: red, the canals and forests of Burgundy; white, the mountains of the Alsace; bubbly, the rolling hills of Champagne.

So sit back, open a bottle of your favorite, and we hope you enjoy our journal.

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Looking back at the village of Andlau
A four month tour of mainland Europe by tandem
by Chris, tour started April 2010, submitted 1 May 2010

A four month cycle tour by tandem, starting April 2010. The plan, if you can call it that, is to have a good time, eat lots of food and visit some eco projects along the way. We also want to cover some miles in a clean, responsible, but ultimately enjoyable, cheap and stress-free manner. What better vehicle than the bicycle could we use to achieve this?

To me, the bike is the ultimate in human transport. Someone said that human progress should have stopped after the bicycle was invented. In my opinion, it did stop. The rest has been downhill. (I know that's not true, but I thought it sounded good.)

Anyway, this is the blog of our trip. We hope you enjoy the blog and we hope we enjoy the trip. That way, we're all happy.

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On tandem on the Avenue Verte, France
London to Paris
by craig shipton, tour started July 2010, submitted 16 April 2010

London to Paris. An adventure in July. Arriving in Paris in time to see the Tour de France. Read my blog of the journey.

On the way to Paris
Biking from Belgium to Barcelona (Spain)
by Koen Beliën, tour started July 2002, submitted 20 March 2010
Europe: Belgium, France, Spain
language: nl

A beautiful bike tour from Belgium to Barcelona (Spain).

See all 3 reports by Koen Beliën

Alpine bicycletour from a col onto an other col - 7th year / part
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2009, submitted 17 February 2010

In the summer of 2009 I cycled in the Alps again. I organized my tour around 3 milestones: I registered for participating in the 2nd hardest well known bicycle-marathon of Europe, the traditional and famous La Marmotte (174 kms + 4900m heightdiff. with the Col du Glandon, Col du Galibier and at last Alpe d’Huez.). The other event was the international BIG meeting in South Bayern (Germany) with other bicycletourers and at last a test tour along the route of the Ötztaler radmarathon (228 km + 5200 m heightdiff.). A participation on that event in the following year became one of my dreams in my life. Beside these I visited another nice and memorable climbs above 2000m, in Switzerland (Mattmarksee, Lac Moiry, Barrage Grand Dixence, Alpe Galm, Tatschalp, Oberaarsee besides snowwalls and the wonderful Männlichen, etc) and in France (Col de la Colombiere, Val Thorens, Col de l'Iseran, etc.) the country of the Tour de France.

I had successful days on the La Marmotte and the Ötztaler radmarathon testtour.

Totally I cycled 2335 kms + 47060 m heightdifference on 18-19 whole days.

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Col de l'Iseran (2770 m), France
Bike Journeys
by George & Monique, submitted 15 February 2010

For me this is the fifth year of touring and the fourth for my wife. Our site is about the cycle tours we've made through Europe. We've cycled trough nine countries so far (some several times) and hope to visit the rest in the years to come. Enjoy!

On the river Maas in Belgium
Cycling Passes and Summits in the Alps
by Michael Fiebach, submitted 29 January 2010

Cyling Passes and Summits in the alps: Here is a cross section of (sofar) 35 passes and unnamed summits - from the famous to relatively unfamiliar (ie from Timmelsjoch to Passo Cason di Lanza) - from a day long workout to pleasant afternoon climbs (ie from crossing Vrsic Pass to a nice hill outside of Vrsno) - from road to MTB rides (like the ride to the Karwendelhaus or Tiliacher Joch). All are represented with pictures, maps, approach elevation data -also many route descriptions, ride statistics and personal opinion. Content wil grow.

See all 8 reports by Michael Fiebach

descending the east side of Hochalmsattel, Karwendel Mountains, Austria
Originally round-the-world but now much more interesting
by Tom Allen, tour started June 2007, submitted 22 January 2010

This is my travel blog of several years on the road. It started life as a round-the-world trip, but before long I realised that A-to-B cycling isn't as interesting as getting off the beaten track and really exploring a place. So since I left home I've had as much time off the bike as on it, earnt more than I've spent, learnt a new language, met an amazing girl and got married to her! Eager to travel by bike as a couple, we're currently seeing where this new dimension takes us.

I prefer to write about the way the trip affects me psychologically and about the cultural, political and historical curiousities I encounter. It's an uncomfortably personal story at times, but I think it's more interesting than reading pages of distance measurements, road conditions and visa hassles.

My creative outlet comes through photography and video which I also share on the site - I carry 6kg of camera equipment and don't regret it for a second!

Sleeping under the Saharan stars
To France the Long Way - via Berlin, Grongingen (NL), Bruges (B)...
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started June 2009, submitted 16 January 2010

The shortest way to France from Munich would be about 300 kilometers. We reached the French border after pedaling 2,300 kilometers. On a round-about route we cycled north to Berlin, west to Hamburg and Groningen in the Netherlands and south as far as Rouen in France. By then we had had enough headwinds and rain. Our Bike Fridays, folding bikes, made it possible to continue by train to southern France and finally back to Munich two months later.

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We cross the Havel on the historic Glienicke Bridge which links Berlin and Potsdam.
Uphill cycle tour through France
by Simon Mitchell, tour started May 2009, submitted 2 January 2010
Europe: France, Spain

Foreword :Day 8

This morning I was Lance Armstrong leading the peleton on the road through France to Rodez! No it's OK, I wasn't suffering from heat stroke. I just saw the tell tale still partly decipherable graffiti road markings that told me that my man "Lance Armstrong" & 200 other athletes had cycled this very road. I put my head down & stepped up the cadence racing to my imaginary finish line. Out of breath, but exceedingly happy & content I hoisted my arms & shouted at the top of my voice "KING OF THE WORLD" beating my chest like a gorilla. Not quite the British coolness & understatement I know, but this was my tour, I was a winner & feeling good at what I was doing!

Grab a coffee and pull up an armchair. Travel with me for the next 30 minutes through one of the most scenic Countries in the World. France!

Europe on two wheels - From Holland to Sicily and back
by Erik Nomden, tour started July 2009, submitted 12 December 2009
language: en, nl

For the tenth year in a row I am doing a medium to large cycling trip. This time I will be staying in Europe. The idea is to cycle through Germany and Austria to southern Italy and Sicily and to cycle back home over Sardinia, Corsica, France and Belgium. An overall estimate shows me that it will be around six thousand to seven thousand kilometers to fully realise the plan.

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The West Coast of Corsica
France - Normandy mini cycle tour - September 2009
by Chris, tour started September 2009, submitted 9 December 2009
Europe: France

The last weekend of September and the weather forecast is good for Brighton and northern France. We really don't want the start of winter to arrive too soon, so it's off to Dieppe for a short 4 day cycle tour of the Normandy region, taking in Rouen and the coast on the way.

See all 3 reports by Chris

A retail park somewhere near Yvetot
Cruzando Francia de Nantes a Estrasburgo por la Eurovelo6
by EnBici, tour started July 2009, submitted 19 November 2009
Europe: France
language: es

En la mayor parte de este viaje seguimos el trazado de la ruta ''Eurovelo 6``, que aunque con tramos todavia en proyecto, es una via ciclista que une la desembocadura del Loira en el Atlantico con el delta del Danubio en el Mar Negro recorriendo toda Europa de Oeste a Este.

Pero como las vacaciones no son eternas, este año nos tuvimos que conformar con el tramo que cruza Francia. Empezamos en Nantes remontando el Loira hasta Digoin, luego por el Canal du Centre y el Saone, y despues por el canal del Rin y el Doubs hasta llegar a la frontera con Alemania. Alli abandonamos el trazado de la EuroVelo-6 para girar al Norte y siguiendo la cuenca del Rin visitar Colmar y Estrasburgo. En total fueron 1250 km de pedaleo con algun corto trayecto en tren que nos llevaron 16 dias, 13 de ellos viajando en bicicleta.

See all 5 reports by EnBici

Paseo arbolado de Chinon
Europe en vélo
by Benoit Bergeron, tour started 2009, submitted 19 November 2009
language: fr

J'ai fait le tour de l'Europe à vélo en solo durant l'été 2009. J'ai parcouru 12 000km à travers 11 pays. J'ai vécu une expérience magnifique! Venez lire mon blog!

Passau, Germany
Cycling Gypsies: A Bicycle Odyssey with Dogs
by Fin & Zoa, tour started July 2008, submitted 14 November 2009

We don't just have our house on our bikes, we also have our two dogs, Jack and Paco, along for the ride. That's 60kg of furry luggage and another 50-60kg of non-furry luggage between the two of us! Needless to say we don't go fast but we do go everywhere, refusing to let our extra load stop us from tackling hills with grades of up to 18%. We have been on the road with our two dogs since July 2008. So far we have covered 17,000 kms and 18 countries in continental Europe.

Island Hopping in Arctic Norway

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