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Germany (all)

This page lists all reports that for Germany including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Originally round-the-world but now much more interesting
by Tom Allen, tour started June 2007, submitted 22 January 2010

This is my travel blog of several years on the road. It started life as a round-the-world trip, but before long I realised that A-to-B cycling isn't as interesting as getting off the beaten track and really exploring a place. So since I left home I've had as much time off the bike as on it, earnt more than I've spent, learnt a new language, met an amazing girl and got married to her! Eager to travel by bike as a couple, we're currently seeing where this new dimension takes us.

I prefer to write about the way the trip affects me psychologically and about the cultural, political and historical curiousities I encounter. It's an uncomfortably personal story at times, but I think it's more interesting than reading pages of distance measurements, road conditions and visa hassles.

My creative outlet comes through photography and video which I also share on the site - I carry 6kg of camera equipment and don't regret it for a second!

Sleeping under the Saharan stars
Pays-Bas Bicyclette 2009
by Jej, tour started September 2009, submitted 19 January 2010
language: fr

D'abord ce fut une vague idée,
Partir à Véloland,
Ensuite un voyage,
Au rythme de mes errances...

Voici les photos et une vidéo de ce joli voyage.

Happy to be there!
To France the Long Way - via Berlin, Grongingen (NL), Bruges (B)...
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started June 2009, submitted 16 January 2010

The shortest way to France from Munich would be about 300 kilometers. We reached the French border after pedaling 2,300 kilometers. On a round-about route we cycled north to Berlin, west to Hamburg and Groningen in the Netherlands and south as far as Rouen in France. By then we had had enough headwinds and rain. Our Bike Fridays, folding bikes, made it possible to continue by train to southern France and finally back to Munich two months later.

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We cross the Havel on the historic Glienicke Bridge which links Berlin and Potsdam.
Dunkerque to Aachen - crossing Belgium and Holland en route to Germany
by Chris, tour started March 2008, submitted 23 December 2009

February is always grim in England and I always dream that March will be better. The days are longer, the bulbs have come through and spring days are on their way. So we decided that March was the perfect time for the first tour of the year - in 9 days we'd cycle from Dunkerque to Germany, north through Belgium and across Holland via the polders.

This is what happened....

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The Belgian sand dunes at sunset
ciclabile del fiume Ems da Emden a Paderborn
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2009, submitted 22 December 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

A Emden il mare non c'è. Sembra mare l'ampio fiume Ems. Le innumerevoli imbarcazioni in movimento e in sosta tra i canali ne fanno un porto di mare. C'è l'odore che viene da ovest con il vento. A pochi chilometri, il mare del Nord, profuma di maree basse laddove le isole Frisone contendono il territorio al mare. Un mare grigio, tipico del nord, che gli amanti degli spazi senza fine gradiscono particolarmente. Dopo aver attraversato campi, canali, fattorie, questi turisti portano, per sempre, con sè l'emozione di aver visto la fine della terra. Molte di queste emozioni sono possibili solo viaggiando in bicicletta.

Quello che leggerete sono incontri e sensazioni di viaggio.

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Europe on two wheels - From Holland to Sicily and back
by Erik Nomden, tour started July 2009, submitted 12 December 2009
language: en, nl

For the tenth year in a row I am doing a medium to large cycling trip. This time I will be staying in Europe. The idea is to cycle through Germany and Austria to southern Italy and Sicily and to cycle back home over Sardinia, Corsica, France and Belgium. An overall estimate shows me that it will be around six thousand to seven thousand kilometers to fully realise the plan.

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The West Coast of Corsica
Ciclabile del fiume Weser-I^ parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2009, submitted 4 December 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

Sole, splendimi fin dentro al cuore, Vento, caccia via pensieri e pene, Non v’è al mondo diletto maggiore Che andar vagando sconfinatamente.” (H. Hesse)

In Germania è pura convenzione attribuire l’inizio e la fine di una ciclabile. Esse esistono dappertutto, nascono, non muoiono, prendono nomi diversi secondo il territorio attraversato. Quando non hanno un nome segnalano una località. Ricoprono il territorio come una rete, adeguate sempre alla circolazione della bicicletta, mezzo di trasporto, preso in considerazione tanto quanto gli altri mezzi.

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Ciclabile del fiume Weser-II^ parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2009, submitted 4 December 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

Da Rinteln a Nienburg 110 km.

Il piccolo centro storico della cittadina di Rintel non si dimentica. Le luci ancora alte del tardo pomeriggio accendono la Kirchplatz, la torre di St. Nikolai, le case policrome delle vie laterali, i giardini e il canale. Ma la città ha qualcosa che altre non hanno e che fa “intenerire il core”: il tramonto. Il sole estivo scende tardi e proprio in mezzo al fiume, che in questo tratto scorre da est a ovest, e raccoglie lungo la sua riva, teneri amanti, famiglie a passeggio, escursionisti attardati e cicloturisti stranieri intenti a scrivere messaggi col telefonino in quest’ora “che volge al desio”.

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To the North Cape
by Walter Hoogerbeets, tour started May 2009, submitted 2 December 2009
language: en, nl

There was a moment when an idea popped up in my head: I should go to the North Cape. Or actually, I acquired the strong inner conviction that I had to go to the North Cape. I could hardly think of something else.

So in spring of 2009 I left my house in Holland, followed the coasts of North sea, Wadden sea and Norwegian sea until that magical northernmost point.

4625 km through amazing landscapes with extreme variation: from the flat countries where it is sometimes hard to tell where land ends and sea begins, to the fjords where granite rises vertically out of the water.

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Climbing out of Valldalen to Trollstigen
Wo war die Grenze?
by Frank Brächter, tour started June 2009, submitted 22 November 2009
Europe: Germany
language: de

Twenty years after the wall has come down, a few cyclists took part in the Grenzsteintrophy (aka Boundary Stone Trophy) and I've been one of them.

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Cycling the former germany border
Europe en vélo
by Benoit Bergeron, tour started 2009, submitted 19 November 2009
language: fr

J'ai fait le tour de l'Europe à vélo en solo durant l'été 2009. J'ai parcouru 12 000km à travers 11 pays. J'ai vécu une expérience magnifique! Venez lire mon blog!

Passau, Germany
Cycling Gypsies: A Bicycle Odyssey with Dogs
by Fin & Zoa, tour started July 2008, submitted 14 November 2009

We don't just have our house on our bikes, we also have our two dogs, Jack and Paco, along for the ride. That's 60kg of furry luggage and another 50-60kg of non-furry luggage between the two of us! Needless to say we don't go fast but we do go everywhere, refusing to let our extra load stop us from tackling hills with grades of up to 18%. We have been on the road with our two dogs since July 2008. So far we have covered 17,000 kms and 18 countries in continental Europe.

Island Hopping in Arctic Norway
2003 Tandem Tour of the Alps
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2003, submitted 8 November 2009

A tandem tour of the Alps, starting from Munich, then riding through Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

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Sustens Pass
Ciclabile fiume Elba (Elberadweg) seconda Parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2006, submitted 30 October 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

A Magdeburg il ponte che attraversa Elba e Alte Elbe dà inizio alla seconda parte della ciclabile denominata Elberadweg che porta da Praga fino a Cuxhaven.

Inizia con un percorso bellissimo nel verde della sponda destra fino ad Alt Lostau, paesino che merita una sosta con adeguata, se pur breve, visita. Pochi tratti di fiume ancora e l'attenzione cade successivamente sull'imponente realizzazione del Elbe-Havel-Kanal, prima visibile da sotto, quasi una autostrada che attraversa il fiume, poi che accompagna per 3 chilometri.

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Ciclabile del Fiume Elba (Elberadweg) prima parte da Praga
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2006, submitted 30 October 2009
language: it

La Elberadweg inizia con la scoperta del fiume Moldau (Vltava) che attraversando Praga fa di essa una delle più belle capitali Europee.

Seguendo la corrente del fiume, dopo il centro storico, si attraversa il Cechuv Most e il percorso ciclabile inizia proprio all'interno di un vasto parco. Nella breve salita si dà l'addio alla città osservandone ancora una volta l'architettura classica e moderna.

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Cycling around Germany with a E-bike and a normal one 2009
by José Rössner, tour started June 2009, submitted 13 October 2009
Europe: Germany

Rika (my sister) bought an e-bike, so we want to test it. I hope that after 4000 kilometres ride, I will get to know the pros and cons of electrically assisted bicycles. In the morning we cycle to Waldshut, our starting point for our trip around Germany.

I take a photo of the bridge over the Rhine in Waldshut and hope to be back here in 6-7 beautiful and exciting weeks. From Waldshut to Schluchsee we have to climb approximately 600 meters. As long as the ground is flat, I can keep up with the e-bike but if it gets steep, I cannot keep the pace. We decide that both of us cycle our own speed. If Rika arrives at the top of a hill, she will have to wait until I reach the top of the mountain. Until now it was vice versa.

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Rur Eifel
Travel By Bike - Fietsen over Europa's mooiste wegen
by Koen Beliën, submitted 14 September 2009
language: nl

Travel By Bike is a website about a group of enthusiastic bikers with more than 10 years of travel experience. From Belgium through The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom. Do not forget look at to the page 'pregnant on bike', reading our travel stories and watching the beautiful pictures!

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Logo Travel By Bike
Cycle tour on the Rhine, Mosel and Eifel in Germany
by Chris S, tour started July 2009, submitted 2 September 2009
Europe: Germany

I'd never seen so many cycle tourists before in one place. It was like the Ortlieb Panniers Owners' Club annual get together. Every colour of pannier on display, plus canoe bags, bar bags and whatever else you can buy from your local bike shop in waterproof PVC. We took our place in amongst the masses and headed off down the Rhine. The cycle lane was immaculate and wide and the countryside very easy on the eye. We'd arrived in Germany on Day 1 of a 7 day cycle tour of the Rhine, Mosel and Eifel and were already feeling very much a part of the scenery.....

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Map of the route
Nord-ostsee Kanal Route
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2007, submitted 16 June 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

Viene qui descritto il tratto che va da Hochbrucke fino a Brunsbuttel. Una sessantina di chilometri lungo il canale, quasi una crociera, e una ottantina di chilometri risultanti da una escursione allâ'interno. Nato dopo quello di Suez, lo solcano più di 40.000 imbarcazioni ogni anno e presenta grandi opere a corredo, ponti e porti, strutture possenti realizzate per renderlo attivo.

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ciclabile del canale mare del nord con mare baltico
An Easter Tour in Franconia, Germany
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started April 2009, submitted 30 May 2009
Europe: Germany

Our first tour of the season takes us to Franconia. Franconia? Sounds like a place from a Marx Brothers film. Remember ``Duck Soup'' and the land of Freedonia? On the German map it's called Franken and is a wonderful place to cycle in the pre-Easter season, if the weather is right. And it was. The countryside was just turning green and the villages were decorated with beautifully crafted, traditional Easter wreaths. We cycled from Nuremberg to Heidelberg and then followed the Altmühl Bike Path to Kelheim.

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Bridge over the Altmühl at Ornbau
EuroTour 2009: Trento - Praha - Berlin - København
by Flavio, tour started July 2009, submitted 8 April 2009
language: en, it

The EuroTour 2009 is a bicycle tour across Europe.

The program is from Trento, at the beginning of Italian Alps, to København. Main stops in Praha and Berlin. Around 2000 km through Italia, Austria, Deutschland and Denmark.

Departure is scheduled in July 15th, and in the website's page you can view daily maps and distances (it's only a scheme as a general rule, not mandatory!).

If you'd like to join our group, for all the path or for some parts, please write to us for any informations. The email address is in the website of the tour (

Scheduled path of EuroTour 2009
Nordseekusten Radweg - Ciclabile Costa Mare del Nord
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2007, submitted 1 April 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

E quando al tuo vento affidi le braccia, alzandole, imitando le centinaia di uccelli incontrati in precedenza e la tua libera mente formula le domande più diverse alle quali vorresti dare risposta, sai che il vento le raccoglie e in esso si perdono. Cycling in the wind è tutto questo. ..``e con selvaggia freschezza, con vigore mi soffiava in viso la felicità'' (A. Achmatova)

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Costa del Mare del Nord
Summer cycling from Hungary to Morocco and across Canada
by Alfred Maleczki, tour started 2006, submitted 28 March 2009
language: hu

A lonely Hungarian cyclist who has the Summers free and likes to make new advantures on his bike.

Started with his short Croatian tours, but made it always longer, and in 2005 didn't stop before the 2700th kilometer in Greece. In the following year he decided to start the real adventure, to cycle out of Europe.

2007 was the year of cycling across Canada, the headwindy way - of course :) After this 9000km trip now he is in the planning stage of the South-American tour for 2009.

Atlas mountains, Morocco
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2007, submitted 2 March 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

Il percorso che porta questo nome e che ripercorre lo spostamento dei popoli nordici e nomadi con le loro mandrie da nord a sud, inizia subito dopo Wedel, una cittadina fuori Amburgo. Una trentina di chilometri per fare i quali non c'è via migliore che la costa...

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Cycling from Germany to Istanbul and back
by Christian Hoffmann, Jan Wilkening, tour started August 2007, submitted 14 February 2009
language: de

Cycling from Germany to Istanbul via Austria and the Balkan - and back via Greece, Italy and Switzerland in August and September 2007. Including tour diary in German, statistics, loads of pics and Google Maps.

Our team in Istanbul
Ciclabile Berlino-Usedom
by Fernando Da Re, tour started August 2008, submitted 2 February 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

L'isola di Usedom era alle spalle dopo un'ora e mezza di traghetto. Kamminke, porto di partenza, aveva lasciato un caro ricordo e la conoscenza di una triste pagina di storia: la collina di Golm.

La nuova ciclabile ora si chiama Radfernweg Berlin-Usedom e viene percorsa in senso contrario. Il suo logo, nuovo, moderno e verde, appare presto in prossimità dello sbarco ed è facile conformarvisi per la nuova e copiosa segnaletica.

See all 50 reports by Fernando Da Re

Austrian Danube Bike Trail
by Ralph Herbert, tour started May 2008, submitted 13 January 2009
Europe: Germany, Austria

This was the first European bike tour I did after researching numerous alternatives. It begins in Vienna, goes to Regensberg, Germany and ends in Vienna. It was such an awesome experience that I have done two more since.

We packed our stuff in the panniers, stored our suitcases in a loft of the bike shop and hit the road. There is nothing like the feeling of leaving all your possessions behind except what you have on your bike, and striking out on a trip in a foreign country where you don't know the language, don't know a soul, and don't really care when you get back... It was finally lights out and I laid back in bed and it was such a surreal experience. Here I was on a night train to Munich, Germany, listening to the wind blow through the opened window, the clacking of the wheels on the track and the occasional squeal of the brakes as we pulled into the next station. Kinda like something out of an Agatha Christie novel.

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ciclabile costa del mare baltico (da Wanermunde a Usedom)
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2008, submitted 5 January 2009
Europe: Germany
language: it

Quando la ruota della bici si arresta sul bagnasciuga del mare, i sentimenti assumono due caratteristiche:

quella che rimanda al riposo e al benessere che il mare si presume possa dare, ma anche quella di partire, oltrepassare il confine visivo dell’orizzonte. Anche se i pensieri scivolano oltre, il bagnasciuga arresta la corsa dell’improprio mezzo e l’orizzonte rimane un insuperabile confine imposto.

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costa del mare baltico
Tandeming 'round the world' 09
by Art & Judee Wickersham, tour started December 2008, submitted 29 December 2008

We are entering our fourth year on our tandem adventure 'round the world'. We have visited Mexico, Central & South America, New Zeland, Australia, South East Asia, China, and Europe. We are now wintering over on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. Off to Morocco in Feb. 09 then back into Europe for 09.

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Ciclabile Berlino-Copenaghen (fino Warnemunde)
by Fernando Da Re, tour started July 2008, submitted 16 December 2008
Europe: Germany
language: it

Certamente non si può dire che l’odierno stato di salute del mondo, malato di rumore, sia alla ricerca di silenzio.

Se per Pascal “il silenzio è la massima delle persecuzioni”, non sono pochi i medici che consigliano l’assenza di rumore come antidoto alla vita moderna. Grazie al silenzio irrompono nella mente salutari rumori. Il silenzio non è solo assenza di rumore è un “altrove” e può diventare “l’acustica dell’anima” (Novalis).

La bicicletta irrompe nella natura con la voce del silenzio. In questo itinerario di 400 chilometri (primo tratto del più lungo Berlino-Copenaghen), si può capire che quanto precedentemente asserito non è da considerare un’ingannevole retorica. Qui il silenzio ci abita regalmente nelle innumerevoli stanze di uno Schloss (castello) che si chiama natura. Il silenzio non parla, non scrive e non compone musica. Eppure si fa sentire. Una bicicletta può bastare per ascoltarlo.

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europa tour
by Claudia and Thomas, tour started April 2008, submitted 10 December 2008
language: en, fr est le site de l'association ``Vélo pour nous, vélo pour vous'', qui à pour but de promouvoir la pratique du vélo.

Entre autres, il raconte les voyages en vélo de ses adhèrents, et pas seulement...

Une grande partie est dédié au voyage de Claudia et Thomas autour d'Europe. Leur but est de faire un inventaire de la culture du vélo en Europe. Des jolis photos et un impressionant carnet de bord vous attend à les découvrir...

North-Cape to Zurich
by José Rössner, tour started June 2008, submitted 15 October 2008
language: en, de, nl

From June 16 to August 1 2008, I cycled from Alta to the North-Cape, there I started a 7-week trip through Finland Sweden Denmark Germany Netherlands Belgium and France back to Switzerland.

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fortunately, these aren't bulls
Francia, Germania e Svizzera 2008
by Davide Tambuchi, tour started August 2008, submitted 7 September 2008
language: it

A tour along Rhein, Alsace, North of Switzerland

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Project VELAIA - A VELosophers epic journey around gAIA
by Daniel N. Lang, tour started 2007, submitted 6 September 2008
language: en, de

This is the website and travelogue of The Project VELAIA. 22 year old velosopher, environmentalist and often minimalistic outdoor adventurer Daniel N. Lang has decided to go around the world by recumbent and upright bicycle after finishing an epic journey of more than 17.000km from Paris to Beijing as a rider of the Beijing to Paris 2007 Carfree Rallye, following coastlines for hundreds of kilometers, crossing deserts during mid summer in the Middle East, Central Asia and China and climbing some of the highest passes of the world under extreme conditions in the starting Tibetan winter.

After Eurasia he cycled Australia, New Zealand and the United States and is now on a tour through the South American Andes, starting in Caracas, Venezuela and cycling his way down to Chile at the time of writing this (beginning of September 2008).

See all 2 reports by Daniel N. Lang

Cycling on a StreetMachine GT recumbent on 4500m in Tibet
First Irish circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle
by Fearghal & Simon, tour started October 2008, submitted 28 August 2008

This November, Simon Evans and Fearghal O'Nuallain will begin the first Irish circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle. Their unsupported expedition will cover over 30,000km, passing through 30 countries and some of the highest, lowest, driest, coldest, warmest and loneliest places on earth. In doing so, they will be promoting the positive contribution that cycling can make to mental health and the environment, raising 100,000 euro for Aware and highlighting climate change.

Munich to Paris - Door to Door
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started June 2008, submitted 25 July 2008
Europe: Germany, France

This was our first tour of the season and we have new bikes. In the Internet we saw a site describing a new bike route connecting Prag and Paris and decided to follow the French section. After cycling from here to the Rhine, we rode through Alsace-Lorraine, the Champagne Region and enter Paris along the Canal de l'Ourcq. We followed river valleys and canals, but still were in for a lot of climbs before we reached our goal.

See all 25 reports by Suzanne Gibson

Von München nach Paris
by Janos Kertesz, tour started June 2008, submitted 24 July 2008
Europe: Germany, France
language: de

Eine Radreise, die uns von München nach Augsburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Nancy, Bar le-Duc, und schließlich nach Paris führte. (1050 km).

See all 18 reports by Janos Kertesz

Germany -- bicycle tours of two piciclisti who only have bikes in their mind.
by Pinar & Paolo Pinzuti, tour started September 2007, submitted 9 July 2008
Europe: Germany
language: en, it, tr

We decided to make our honeymoon in Southern Germany at the border to Switzerland, riding our bikes from the Lake Constance (Bodensee) to the Lake Königsee. We did a one-week-tour in August 2007. The cycle route between the lakes sets out from Lindau toward the Allgäu hills. Tiny villages dot the landscape between forests and meadows. Offering a view over the Allgäu Alps, the route goes on to Füssen with its lovely houses. Passing the gorgeous Neuschwanstein Castle, Bad Tölz on the Isar, the route continues through the Upper Bavarian picture-book scenery to Lake Tegernsee and on to Lake Schliersee. The tour?s final destination is right in the heart of the Alpine countryside of the Berchtesgaden National Park: Lake Königssee is truly a crowning finale to a princely cycle tour.

See all 5 reports by Pinar & Paolo Pinzuti

Giro del lago di Costanza (Bodensee tour)
by webmaster -, tour started July 2006, submitted 26 May 2008
language: it

Il lago di Costanza (Bodensee) è un percorso ideale per i ciclisti grazie alla bellezza del paesaggio e all'abbondanza di strutture appositamente pensate per loro: dalle piste ciclabili agli enti turistici e alberghi che offrono una particolare accoglienza con tanto di depositi custoditi, assistenza tecnica e materiale informativo a disposizione.

Il periplo completo del lago attraversa tre stati (Svizzera, Germania e Austria) e misura circa 260 km, considerando anche la propaggine occidentale formata dai bacini dello Zeller See e dell'Untersee; non ci sono praticamente rilievi; è possibile abbreviare il percorso sfruttando una delle numerose rotte che collegano le due sponde del lago (Bodensee-Schiffbetriebe). Lungo il tragitto si incontrano villaggi con le abitazioni dalla tipica architettura del Baden-Württenberg e alcune splendide isole e penisole collegate alla costa da ponti e quindi facilmente accessibili anche alle biciclette: Mainau, Reichenau e Lindau, su cui sorge il nucleo dell'omonimo villaggio. In tutta la regione si trovano numerosi centri balneari e termali oltre a un'infinità di spiagge che ben si prestano a un intermezzo rilassante fra una tappa e l'altra.

See all 2 reports by webmaster -

Accesso al centro storico di Costanza
Bike tour report Bassano-Munich May 2008
by Fabio Ferronato, tour started May 2008, submitted 23 May 2008
Europe: Italy, Austria, Germany

Cycle tour report from Bassano (70 km from Venice) to Munich.
This time I include a google map with the GPS tracks :-)

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One of the nice bike ways around Bolzano

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