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This page lists all reports that for Iceland including those that involve other countries too.
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Reykjavik bike tour
by Stefan Helgi Valsson, submitted 18 September 2009
Europe: Iceland

[A company offering a free Reykjavik city tour.]

A visit to Reykjavik is incomplete without travelling along the city's coastline by bike. We won't just show you the essential must-sees and the breath-taking sights of Iceland's capital; We tell you the stories that bring these places to life!

Our guides, love the city and its remarkable history. We understand that a good tour is more than just a history lesson. That's why we work to weave amusing Reykjavik anecdotes and stories into an unforgettable historical street performance destined to be a highlight of your visit!

From the city center to the greener parts of the city and picturesque views of the sea - you'll take in many of the most important sights on our popular easy-riding two-hour tour.

Tours are conducted in English, and German on demand.

Reykjavik iceland guided bike tour
The Icelandic Mountainbike Club
Europe: Iceland

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