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Italy (all)

This page lists all reports that for Italy including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Italy.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Two month across West Europe on recumbent bikes
by Carsten, tour started June 2010, submitted 4 January 2011
language: de, en, fr, it, es

We are two guys from Germany, who travelled across West Europe for two months.

With our Performer High Racers, we came through nine European countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherland) and crossed both the Pyrenees and the Alps two times each. After 9000 km we finished our tour in August and now we have completed our web page with detailed information for each stage and thousands of photos.

The page is in German but offers a integrated translation service.

Somewhere in Spain
Graines de pignons
by Carine et Anaël , tour started March 2010, submitted 8 December 2010
language: fr

Nous sommes un couple français proche de la trentaine, ayant envie de mener une vie proche des idées de la simplicité volontaire et de la décroissance (moins de biens, plus de liens). Nous avons décidé de prendre quelques mois pour voyager en vélo tout en s'arretant sur la route pour faire du volontariat dans des fermes biologiques et sur des chantiers d'écoconstruction (WWOOF).

Nous avons traversé la France et l'Italie, et continuerons vers la Grèce puis la Turquie, avant de retourner en France, toujours en vélo (l'itinéraire n'est pas encore déterminé).

Cyclo-wwoofing en France
Scanuppia and other Trails in the Lago di Garda Area
by Erik Nomden, tour started October 2010, submitted 4 December 2010
Europe: Italy

The lake Garda is the mountain bike paradise of Europe and there are many roads that lead up into the mountains. Some of these roads are a challenge and some roads are a major challenge. And then there is one tremendous challenge: the Scanuppia, a concrete road that is leading upwards from Besenello to the small natural area of Scanuppia, which is the steepest ascent of Europe and maybe the steepest ascent of the World. Reports speak of gradients of 45 %. Whether it is possible to actually cycle there remains a mystery, yet there seem to be people who have made it. And so I would be able to do so myself, I try to convince myself. And while we are around now, we may just as well give it a try.

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Marco and me at work on the Scanuppia
Etsch Valley Bike Path - South Tyrol
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started September 2010, submitted 6 November 2010
Europe: Italy

The last tour of the season - that is if the weather cooperates. The plan is as simple as it is elegant. We take the train from Munich to Landeck in Austria. From there it is a short bus ride to Nauders near the top of the Reschen Pass and the border to Italy. That saves riding in unpleasant traffic, not to mention a hefty climb! From Reschen in South Tyrol it's downhill (almost) all the way.

See all 25 reports by Suzanne Gibson

Riding the Etsch Bike Path
by Fabio Ferronato, tour started August 2010, submitted 18 October 2010

5 days bicycle tour across the alps:

  • route Bassano Ravensburg Munich Brenner
  • GPS (gpx) files - recommend for Google Earth !!! :-)
  • Day-by-day altitude profile
  • photos geo placed on google maps
  • photos showing (roughly) where bike paths start/end

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Eine kurze Herbstausflug nach Südtirol
by Janos Kertesz, tour started September 2010, submitted 18 October 2010
Europe: Austria, Italy
language: de

Wir sind mit dem Zug nach Landeck gefahren und von dort mit dem Bus nach Nauders. Die Radreise führt über dem Reschenpass nach Vinschgau, wo wir den Etsch-Radweg bis Trient folgten. (212 km)

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Tuscany hill towns
by Patrick Keogh, tour started September 2010, submitted 9 October 2010
Europe: Italy

This blog is the record of a cycle touring holiday in Tuscany during September 2010. The trip included Volterra, Siena, Pienza, Montepulciano and Cortona. Extensive use was made of secondary roads including strade bianche.

The blog should be read in conjunction with the planning information that is in this wiki and more photographs that are in this Flickr set

View from Montepulciano
Two New Zealanders heading East across the landmasses of Europe and Asia
by Emma and Justin, tour started March 2010, submitted 5 September 2010

We're Emma and Justin, two New Zealanders who have 'gone cycling' after six years working and living in London.

We talked about the possibility of a big trip quietly at first. We were on a train in England somewhere and we sketched a rudimentary map which plotted our way towards Russia. Our cycling trips became more ambitious, and we tested our enthusiasm for the idea by cycling the length of the UK (Lands End to John O'Groats) over three weeks in 2009. After 6 years living away from New Zealand we decided it was time to pack up London lives, quit jobs and go.

We have been on the road since March 2010 and intend to reach the edge of Asia by March 2012. Our website documents some of the places we've discovered on our travels.

Lana 2010 Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2010, submitted 31 August 2010

Lana has become our standard fall tour. This time, we have convinced some guys from our bicycle gang to follow us... Climbing the Mendel pass (Menapaces training pass...) as well as the passo Pallade (with a rather long downhill to Lana = 18 kilometers). And a car free day at Stelvio rounded our efforts... Enjoy the picture! Good luck to all the followers!

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Lana 2006 Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2005, submitted 13 August 2010
Europe: Italy

Again Lana... Lana has become another standard tour. This time we concentrated on Passo Lavazze and the Passo Timmelsjoch.... Enjoy the picture! Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

looking back - serpentines on Timmelsjoch
Lana 2003 Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2003, submitted 13 August 2010
Europe: Italy

Lana again... has become another standard tour. As Lana is located so central, like a big gate to well known summits, like Passo Mendola, Passo Palade (Gampenpass), Passo Lavazze, Sella Ronda, etc. This time we tried hiking beside biking.... Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

climbing up
Lana 2002 Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2002, submitted 13 August 2010
Europe: Italy

Lana has become another standard tour. As Lana is located so central, like a big gate to well known summits, like Passo Mendola, Passo Palade (Gampenpass), Passo Lavazze, Sella Ronda, etc. This time we tried a short trip to the Passo Stelvio. Enjoy the picture! Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

on side ways to Passo Stelvio
Southern Tyrol Tour 2008
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2008, submitted 13 August 2010
Europe: Austria, Italy

Lana, has qualified to be a standard location, we visit every year end of August, begin September... A wonderful place! Bicycling is like to play in a huge fruit garden. Nobody cares, if you take an apple for refreshment... Lana has the advantage of beeing near to the Passo Mendola, it lays on foot of Passo Palade (Gampenpass). Nearby the city of Meran, with a lot of cultures opportunities, e.g. Gardens of Trautmannsdorf. From Lana you may reach the beautiful Passo Lavazze with a 18 % steep climb, and the Sella Ronda. Moreover at Marlings you may reach the train, which can lead you to Spondinig (close to the entrance of the Stelvio Road) and Mals (close to the Passo Rescia). Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

climbing up the Penser Joch
Cesenatico Training Tour 2002
by Iris Mueck, tour started April 2002, submitted 13 August 2010
Europe: Italy

Some guys went down to Cesenatico by car, we joined them... Cesenatico is nearby Rimini, with a very good gastronomic infrastructure. This people are prepared to welcome bicyclists. The surroundings of Cesenatico are scenic: San Marino, Nove Colli and more... A good and rather cheap training place in spring time... This has been more a bicycle club oriented tour. Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

relax in Cesenatico
A roundtrip by bicycle in the center of the Alps
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2003, submitted 12 August 2010

I have met a friend on the occasion of the Norwegian 'Styrkeproven'. My longest tour, I ever did. The Styrkeproven starts at Trondheim and finishes after 540 kilometres in Oslo. I made it in 21 hours... My Norwegian friend decided to join me on a planned tour throughout the Alps.

We started at Landeck (Austria). So, the first summit has been the Arlberg Pass. Then we have been riding up the Rhein Valley in Switzerland. Night we spent at the city of Chur.

The very next day, we did two summits: Lenzerheide and Julier Pass. I remember, when I did the Julier Pass in my youth: people in the valley avoided to talk to foreigners. Of course they speak the Roman language (some of the 'ladinisch' - which is more or less the same, but with a touch of Italian (latin) influence... We ended in an expensive area. St. Moritz. [...] We left Livigno over the two Eira Passes ending at Bormio. It has been late, but there was still a little power in us: we made the Stelvio Pass from the South. Very demanding attempt! As it was late, we spent the night at the Franzenshöhe Hostel. Further down we hit Mals and later the Rescia Pass. As we ended at Landeck again and my Norwegian friend had time enough, we decided to continue by bicycle. We have been riding all the way the 'Inntalradweg' to Passau and further to Vienna, where the tour ended. Good luck to all the followers!

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View to the Stelvio Summit from Bormio side
Crossing the Alps by Mountainbike
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2000, submitted 12 August 2010

This has been my first attempt of crossing the Alps by mountainbike. I joined an experienced group. They started at Lech/Arlberg. On the first day, we climbed the Kristbergsattel, having night at Silbertal (Montafon). The very next day, we climbed up to Gargellen and then the 'bike-push' part over the Schlappiner Joch. Now, we are in Switzerland. Night, somewhere in the Engadin Valley. [...]

On top of the Tremalzo Pass you find a tunnel, which you have to pass. There is a bus shuttle service for bikers accommodated in Riva, just interested on the downhill. It is one of the most famous downhill roads in Europe. You find down hillers, never seen before... But you see, from time to time bike accidents... A wonderful scenic view to the Lago die Garda paid for the effort of climb. Our tour ended in Riva. This people are prepared for bikers. You can find every spare part you need. Hotels and restaurants are prepared for bicyclists. We left Riva, after a rest day, by a shuttle bus, back to Austria. Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

the old 'graphit' road down to Bormeo
Routes des Grandes Alpes 2003
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2003, submitted 10 August 2010

We said: we can do it on our bicycles...: The Route des Grandes Alpes. Starts on Lake Geneva (Genfer See) and is one of the famous French routes through the Alps to the Mediterranean. It leads, from Lake Geneva to the Côte d'Azur and crosses 16 high alpine passes (nine of which more than 2000 m), including the Col de l'Iseran, the highest road pass with 2770 m in the Alps. The route to overcome about 700 km long with an altitude difference of 15 700 m. The 1913 opened for the first five individual stages range is now 600 km from Department of Streets and along 68 km of national roads. Several cuts are stages of the Tour de France. Passing Martigny, and climbing the Forclaz Pass, heading for Charmonix. On the foot of the Aquille du Midi we have seen the huge glacier which winds down near Charmonix. Impressive: the climb up on the Roselend road.

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looking down on road made good: climbing up Grand St. Bernard
Sicily Tour 2003
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2003, submitted 9 August 2010
Europe: Italy

After the good experience on the Amalfi coast, we tried further South: Sicily. For a round trip to large... Anyway, we climbed up the Etna road (elevation round 2.000 meters). We had a rest day at the city of Belpaso. This people understand to live! I remember an excellent Grappa, we have been offered...!

Leaving Belpaso, we followed the costal road to Messina. Crossing the sea street by ferry. We went up the Aspromonte mountain range. Interesting experience. We continued in going back by ferry to Island Sicily and followed the North costal road. Wonderful climbs, untouched nature. Interesting little villages; often found on top of a mountain. Going back 'home' (to the airport Cantania), has been a very powerful ride, because of the high numer of hills... Good luck to all the followers.

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Heide auf der Aschenbahn
Swiss Alps and more
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2010, submitted 9 August 2010

My daughter Anne, a very brave bicyclist, joined me. After a long winter we like to see the sun again... Unfortunately, we have seen rain and snow again... The best part has been the Lago Lugano (on Italian side...) and the Lago di Como (North shore - wonderful detours to avoid the Hwy tunnels...). We have visited Madonna di Ghisallo, whereas a museum and a bicycle monument is there... Nevertheless, Madonna di Ghisallo is elevetad by round 800 meters, what means: climb bicyclist, climb!

On the way back we hit the very nice city of Sondrio. Due to strong front wind, we went up the passo Bernina by train (ferrovia Retica). Worth to do this relax tour: good views to Piz Bernina and Piz Palue. But we went back on bike at the Hospiz Bernina. A short downhill to meet the entrance to the Passo Forcola (Border to Livigno, which is a so called free trade zone - no value added tx - belongs politically to Italy). [...]

Recommended to see this wonderful bicycle path... Good luck to all the followers!

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two brave bicyclists, visitng Madonna di Ghisallo
A Mountainbike tour to Livigno
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2004, submitted 8 August 2010

Half way of the classic tour to Lago di Garda. But still nice, as it covers the prim half part. Interesting the climbing over Schlapiner Joch, Scaletta and most interesting Alp Chaschauna. A sort of power check... Livigno is a very nice ( and rather cheap - no tax) place to stay. We left Livigno, using the tunnel to the lower end of the Passo Fuorn (Ofenpass). Further down the Inntal bicycle path way. Ending at Landeck, whereas we catched the train back to Vienna. Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

climbing up Alp Chaschaunna
Lana & car free day on Stelvio
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2009, submitted 8 August 2010
Europe: Italy

1st day: start at Innsbruck (after a night travel by train): Innsbruck - Brennero - Lana (a wonderful bike path down the Eisack valley). Distance: 140 kilometres.
2nd day: Lana - on the bike path to Trento and back. Distance: 115 kilometres.
3rd day: Lana - Prad - Stilfer Joch - Umbrail - Santa Maria - Meran - Lana. Distance: 176 kilometres.
4th day: rest day (it is not recommended to go by bicycle to any Alpine road due to heavy traffic of motorcycles).
5th day: Lana - Kastern - Sant Nicolo - Mendel Pass - Gampenpass - Lana. Distance: 90 kilometres.
6th day: Lana (by train to Mals) - by bicycle to Reschenpass (a new wonderful bike path), and on the ``Inntalradweg'' to Landeck.
by train, back to Vienna. Distance: (by bicycle) 90 kilometres.

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

Along the living apple gardens
Ticino Tour 2006
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2006, submitted 7 August 2010

Starting at Feldkirch (Austria), we followed the Upper Rhein bike path, which leaded us nearly to the city of Chur. As it starts raining, we went by bus over the San Bernardino pass, down to the city of Bellinzona (Ticino). Via Monteceneri we hit Lugano.

The Italian side of the lake is just wonderful. Not so extreme busy as on the Swiss side. Looks logical we followed the road to the Lago di Como and further to the city of Sondrio. At Tirano we have crossing the boarder again. Back to Switzerland and up the Bernina pass from the South. Nor recommended - too strong head wind. With our very last power, we have been climbing up the Passo Forcola. Downhill to Livigno on low speed to avoid further cold. Fingers went stiff!

The very next day, we left Livigno in snow. Snowflakes at night covered the landscape with snow powder. We have been one of the last bikers leaving Livingo Tunnel by bicycle. Today they have installed a bus shuttle service. Down the Ofenpass (Passo Fuorn) to Zernez and further the Inn valley bike path to Landeck. Now the very last part close to Landeck is finished. Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

At the Lago di Como
Slovenia Tour 2004
tour started July 2004, submitted 7 August 2010

Starting at the Wurzenpass, were we suffered the very steep climb, crossing boarder to Slovenia near Kranska Gora. Not knowing that we end up in a rather long climb again, we rod South, doing the Vrsic Mountain road. On the other side, the beautiful Soca river valley (Slovenian name of the river Isonzo). We have crossed back to Italy at the Selva Nevea pass. This tour covered cities like Udine, Grado, Triest, Ljubljana, whereas we went home by train. Good luck to all the followers!

downhill on Selva Nevea
Krimmler Tauern & Southern Tyrol - Mountainbike Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2004, submitted 7 August 2010
Europe: Austria, Italy

We tried hard. To our surprise we ended in a snow field. If weather would have changed, we won't be more able to publish this page... As the weather didn't change, we had a wonderful tour. Passing Val di Vizze, ending at the Inn river valley bike path. Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

keep goin'
Cinque Terre Tour 2004
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2004, submitted 4 August 2010
Europe: Italy

By train from Vienna to Milano. Following the route 'Milano - San Remo'... Left the route near Genova and riding the Cinque Terre coastal road. Visiting Carrara. Back home via the Passo Cisa. And further North along the Lago di Garda. Hit the train again at Innsbruck. Good luck to followers!

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Passo Cisa
Amalfi Coast
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2002, submitted 4 August 2010
Europe: Italy

One of the best tours in Europe. Fun, good weather, good landscape. Down the Amalfi coast - like Hwy 1 in California. Good luck to all the followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

typical costal view
Andras Szilagyi s web page about bicycle tours Alps,Carpathians,Dolomites...
by Andras Sszilagyi, tour started 2010, submitted 25 July 2010

A short summery of my bicycle tours done in the past in Italy, Austria, Romania,Hungary,Slovakia,Poland,Ukraine.

There are a lot of tour suggestions including Georgian Millitary High Road,where I am looking for cycling mates.

My web site is getting richer in every two-three months by adding new tours.

Grossglocknerstrasse before Heiligenblut
Milan - Praga - Berlin by bike
by bikeblog, tour started August 2008, submitted 19 July 2010
language: spanish

The most interesting places of this trip are:

  • Lago di Como (Italy)
  • The Alpes (Switzerland and Austria)
  • Munich
  • Crossing the border to Check Republic
  • Praga
  • Dresden
  • Berlin

Trans Alps Bike Tour: Switzerland - Italy - Slovenia - Austria
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010

Starting in Switzerland, biking across the Alps in eastern direction through the Dolomites of Italy to Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia; cruise around Mt.Triglav National Park, and finally mastering Austria's Southern Alps on the way back to Switzerland. Strong presence of snow and as a consequence the closure of some mountain passes caused many spontaneous changes of the route.

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Bike Tour: Italy - France - Spain - Mallorca
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010
language: en, de

One month on the bike for over 2000 kilometers from Switzerland to Mallorca. Alpine crossing of Switzerland, snowy winter days in the French Alps, coastal road along the Mediterranean Sea, the challenge of the Pyrenees, wild romantic Costa Brava, Gaudi dominated Barcelona and finally around the island of Mallorca.

Ein Monat auf dem Fahrrad für die über 2000 Kilometer von der Schweiz nach Mallorca. Alpen-Cross durch die Schweiz, verschneite Wintertage in den französischen Alpen, Küstenfahrt dem Mittelmeer entlang, der Lockruf der Pyrenäen, wild romantische Costa Brava, Gaudi dominiertes Barcelona und schlussendlich die Umrundung der Insel Mallorca.

See all 10 reports by camino10

Balkanised: A ride (mostly) in the former Yugoslavia
by Peter Quaife, tour started March 2010, submitted 22 June 2010

A ride mostly from Albania to Austria which included too much snow.

See all 5 reports by Peter Quaife

Descending the Cakor Pass, Montenegro
Bike Tour Italy - Greece - Turkey
by camino10, submitted 1 June 2010
language: de, en

Biking across the Swiss Alps to Venice, along the adriatic coast of Italy to Greece; island hopping on Corfu, Crete, Santorini, Naxos, Samos; and finally following Turkey's Mediterranean coast to Antalya.

Durch die Alpen der Schweiz nach Venedig, der adriatischen Küste von Italien entlang nach Griechenland, Insel Spass auf Korfu, Kreta, Santorini, Naxos, Samos; und schlussendlich der Mittelmeer Küste entlang bis Antalya in der Türke

See all 10 reports by camino10

Riviera del Brenta:cento ville e una ciclabile che non c'è.
by Fernando Da Re, tour started April 2010, submitted 2 May 2010
Europe: Italy
language: it

Spesso chiamata ciclabile, della ciclabile non ha nessuna caratteristica. Questo itinerario lungo il naviglio Brenta, detta Riviera, delude l'appassionato cicloturista che pensa di trovare l'interesse architettonico del paesaggio, sposato con il viaggiare lento, con la serenità dell'osservazione, con la tranquillità della propria sicurezza.

Un peccato veramente che queste caratteristiche, presenti nelle più note ciclabili europee, non siano presenti in questo luogo, vero gioiello italiano e mondiale.

See all 47 reports by Fernando Da Re

A four month tour of mainland Europe by tandem
by Chris, tour started April 2010, submitted 1 May 2010

A four month cycle tour by tandem, starting April 2010. The plan, if you can call it that, is to have a good time, eat lots of food and visit some eco projects along the way. We also want to cover some miles in a clean, responsible, but ultimately enjoyable, cheap and stress-free manner. What better vehicle than the bicycle could we use to achieve this?

To me, the bike is the ultimate in human transport. Someone said that human progress should have stopped after the bicycle was invented. In my opinion, it did stop. The rest has been downhill. (I know that's not true, but I thought it sounded good.)

Anyway, this is the blog of our trip. We hope you enjoy the blog and we hope we enjoy the trip. That way, we're all happy.

See all 3 reports by Chris

On tandem on the Avenue Verte, France
London to Paris
by craig shipton, tour started July 2010, submitted 16 April 2010

London to Paris. An adventure in July. Arriving in Paris in time to see the Tour de France. Read my blog of the journey.

On the way to Paris
Alpine bicycletour from a col onto an other col - 7th year / part
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2009, submitted 17 February 2010

In the summer of 2009 I cycled in the Alps again. I organized my tour around 3 milestones: I registered for participating in the 2nd hardest well known bicycle-marathon of Europe, the traditional and famous La Marmotte (174 kms + 4900m heightdiff. with the Col du Glandon, Col du Galibier and at last Alpe d’Huez.). The other event was the international BIG meeting in South Bayern (Germany) with other bicycletourers and at last a test tour along the route of the Ötztaler radmarathon (228 km + 5200 m heightdiff.). A participation on that event in the following year became one of my dreams in my life. Beside these I visited another nice and memorable climbs above 2000m, in Switzerland (Mattmarksee, Lac Moiry, Barrage Grand Dixence, Alpe Galm, Tatschalp, Oberaarsee besides snowwalls and the wonderful Männlichen, etc) and in France (Col de la Colombiere, Val Thorens, Col de l'Iseran, etc.) the country of the Tour de France.

I had successful days on the La Marmotte and the Ötztaler radmarathon testtour.

Totally I cycled 2335 kms + 47060 m heightdifference on 18-19 whole days.

See all 26 reports by Györgyi Gábor

Col de l'Iseran (2770 m), France
Bike Journeys
by George & Monique, submitted 15 February 2010

For me this is the fifth year of touring and the fourth for my wife. Our site is about the cycle tours we've made through Europe. We've cycled trough nine countries so far (some several times) and hope to visit the rest in the years to come. Enjoy!

On the river Maas in Belgium
Cycling Passes and Summits in the Alps
by Michael Fiebach, submitted 29 January 2010

Cyling Passes and Summits in the alps: Here is a cross section of (sofar) 35 passes and unnamed summits - from the famous to relatively unfamiliar (ie from Timmelsjoch to Passo Cason di Lanza) - from a day long workout to pleasant afternoon climbs (ie from crossing Vrsic Pass to a nice hill outside of Vrsno) - from road to MTB rides (like the ride to the Karwendelhaus or Tiliacher Joch). All are represented with pictures, maps, approach elevation data -also many route descriptions, ride statistics and personal opinion. Content wil grow.

See all 8 reports by Michael Fiebach

descending the east side of Hochalmsattel, Karwendel Mountains, Austria
Europe on two wheels - From Holland to Sicily and back
by Erik Nomden, tour started July 2009, submitted 12 December 2009
language: en, nl

For the tenth year in a row I am doing a medium to large cycling trip. This time I will be staying in Europe. The idea is to cycle through Germany and Austria to southern Italy and Sicily and to cycle back home over Sardinia, Corsica, France and Belgium. An overall estimate shows me that it will be around six thousand to seven thousand kilometers to fully realise the plan.

See all 19 reports by Erik Nomden

The West Coast of Corsica -- by-cycle to neverwhere
by Andy Nyffeler, tour started May 2009, submitted 19 November 2009
language: de

Meine erste grosse Radtour begann zu Hause und führte mich in Richtung Asien. Ich bin aber nicht der Typ, der für alles einen Plan hat. Ich lasse mich einfach dahintreiben, und finde Unterwegs immer wieder Ideen, wo ich gerade hin könnte. Häufig durch Jemanden, der gerade unterwegs ist, und mir von seinen Erlebnissen oder Plänen erzählt.

My Tour Logo

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