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Italy (all)

This page lists all reports that for Italy including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Raoul to Civitanova marche (it) from Nordkapp (norge)
by geena, tour started May 2007, submitted 3 June 2007
language: it

At moment Raoul (who has left on 12 May from Civitanova Marche, Italy) on his bicycle is along the road to Kaamanen (Finland) where he is going to stay overnight. In the next two days he will reach Nordkapp!!!!! ;-))

A short tour to St. Gotthard
by Igor Kovse, tour started April 2007, submitted 9 May 2007

I made this short tour because of a name: my bicycle has ``St Gothard'' written on it. But Gods didn't make it easy for me. My very last kms down from St Gotthard pass were like this:

``The heat was evaporating rapidly from my wet hands, and every gallery on the way down meant a refuge like coming home. I brake intermittently with one hand, sucking the water out of the glove on the other one. Behind the road barrier I can't see anything, it's total whiteness, I'm riding through the cloud. Could be like heaven if I weren't soaked to the bones.''

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St Gothard bicycle on St Gotthard pass
tour in sicily, summer 2006
by by Davide & Vladimiro, tour started August 2006, submitted 2 May 2007
Europe: Italy
language: it

Agosto 2006: 1.000 km lungo la costa siciliana da Palermo a Trapani, Marsala, Mazara, Agrigento, Ragusa, Siracusa, Catania, Messina e tutti i bellissimi paesini incontrati.

Mare, sole, arte, storia, sapori e profumi dell'isola al centro del mediterraneo, dove hanno attraccato e hanno lasciato tracce della loro cultura Fenici, Greci, Romani, Arabi, Normanni, Spagnoli, da Ulisse e Archimede, a Federico II, fino a Garibaldi e ai giorni nostri

In bicicletta lungo l'Adda - Il Sentiero Valtellina
by Paolo Adamoli, tour started 2007, submitted 8 April 2007
Europe: Italy
language: it

Queste pagine raccolgono gli itinerari lungo l'Adda, il quarto fiume d'Italia, nel suo primo tratto, in Valtellina. La pista ciclabile dell'Adda, nel suo tratto in provincia di Sondrio, prende il nome di Sentiero Valtellina. Il percorso è ancora in fase di realizzazione, ma è stato commpletato quasi all'80% al mese di aprile 2007.

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Le prime cime della Valchiavenna si specchiano nell'Adda che scorre dietro al forte di Fuentes, in prossimità di Colico.
Pictures of my bicycle tours through the Alps
by Erik Strub, submitted 2 April 2007
language: de

Pictures of my bicycle tours through the Alps.

Near the summit of the ``Große Scheidegg''
Venezia to Roma by Bicycle
by Thomas Wuilbaut, tour started July 2005, submitted 27 March 2007
Europe: Italy
language: fr

Mon voyage entre Venise et Rome, environ 900kms de bonheur en passant par Bologne, Florence, Sienne, Montepulciano... Un vrai bonheur! Avec des cartes, infos pratiques, tracks GPS...

My travel in Italy in 2005 from Venice to Rome, about 900kms of happiness and beautiful landscapes going through Bologne, Florence, Sienna, Montepulciano... A pure delight!! Maps, practical infos and GPS recordings included. In French but don't hesistate to ask for details...

Rolling Across Europa
by John Robinson, tour started June 2006, submitted 24 March 2007

During the summer of 2006, I traveled with only a bicycle from Lviv, Ukraine down to Napoli, Italy, then north to Calais, France. From Calais I ferried to Dover, then rode to London to complete the voyage. I visited eleven countries and saw a variety of landscapes and weather. I had encounters with many people and most of these were positive. I also used this experience to draw attention to a little orphanage in eastern Ukraine, the Makiivka HIV / AIDS orphanage.

Grossglockner Pass - higher than I wanted to go
Tour of the Alps 2006
by Jerry Nilson, tour started June 2006, submitted 15 February 2007

Another tour of the mighty Alps, which lasted 25 days. I cycled only 3615 km this time (around the same distance as the Tour de France) and climbed merely 150 different passes (some more than once) of which 103 were new to me. It added up to 79544m height metres.

Maratona-rides: Gran Fondo Marco Pantani & Maratona dles Dolomites.

Places: Aprica, Vivione, San Marco, Garda, Monte Pasubio, Asiago, Misurina, Vallarga, Cuneo, Casterino, Mont Authion, Molini di Triora, Sampeyre, Sestriere, Mont Cenis, l'Iseran, Aréches, Chamonix, Lac d'Emosson, Bretaye, Hahnenmoos, Gemmi, Grosse Scheidegg, Glaspass.

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Rifugio Genova across the lake
Dolomites and Alps Bicycle Tour
by Lee Taylor, tour started July 2001, submitted 1 February 2007

This was a credit card tour (stayed in hotels and ate at restaurants). The route was from Como, Italy to Trento and Cortino de Ampezzo, then into Austria and over the GrossGlockner. Return was via Innsbruck and St. Moritz to Como.

London to Beijing by bicycle
by Dave Wilson, tour started January 2006, submitted 23 January 2007

A travelogue from an 8 month, 16,000km bike tour from London to Beijing via the ancient silk roads.

2006: Cycletours and training in the Dolomites and participation on the Granfondo Campagnolo
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started June 2006, submitted 14 January 2007
Europe: Italy

In the summer of 2006 I aimed to finish to succeed the Granfondo Campagnolo, the hardest bicyclemarathon in Italy in 2006. Before the Granfondo I and two friends of mine spent 3 days in the Dolomites, with those tours I bicycled onto 6 passes above 2000m there. The most wondeful climb was the very hard Tre Cime di Lavaredo (2350 m) from the Lake Misurina, with a beautiful panorama. An another memorable pass was the Staller Sattel (2052 m) on the austrian border: the last 5 km is very nice with panorama, calmness, forest, flowers, blue lake down and snow on the mountains. The Giau pass was a hard one, but ``only averagely nice''.

The Granfondo was one of my most memorable bicycle memory. I was the only one who finished it with a 13 kg+ 2,5 kg pack heavy touring bike. I could bicycle with the last 30-40 participant; I enjoyed the nature, countryside and the feeling; I stopped few times for photos. After arriving in time, as the speaker saw with how a bike I arrived into the finish, he called me next to him and after 2-3 sentences he spoke a few minutes about my performance. After it, the 50 people audience clapped for me and immediatelly I could hear the hungarian anthem from the loud-speakers. It was a surprise for me from the speaker, who found this performance very serious with a bike, I had.

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At the Finish of the Granfondo Campagnolo 2006'
An Alpine bicycletour onto the next few cols above 2000m - the last / 3rd chapter
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2006, submitted 14 January 2007

After the last 2 years of my alpine bicycletours, in 2006 I went back to the Alps with the aim that after my tour maybe I would be the first hungarian people who bicycled up to all (74-75) of the asphalted alpine passes above 2000m. After 6 years of alone bicycling, this year I had two guys with me. In Italy and France we had nice, warm, sunny days with cycling a few hard cols, passes, like the 2612m high Passo Nivolet (I'm sure between the 3 best / most beautiful passes, where I had been), or the almost unknown Passo del Preit (2083 m), onto we bicycled in stormy weather with thunderstorms. The Fort Gondran (2347 m)was also very nice next to Briancon, I can suggest to visit it.

After Col du Lautaret, Alpe d'Huez, Col du Sabot, we arrived to Chamonix on a nice day, when at last we could see the snowfields of the Mont Blanc before sunset. Next day we got rain and cold as we cycled to Switzerland, and the bad weather remained for 3-4 days long. We had to postpone passes onto the next days, or climbed 1-2 of them partly in rain and arrived to the top in 4-8 degrees Celsius. The Sustenpass was the worst and coldest. The Passo Spluga (2117 m) was also a very beautiful pass, with a lot of hairpins, views and superb hairpin-row on a almost vertical wall, with short straight sections. Because the times went by too fast on that evening I decided to climb the famous Mortirolo (and the 2100m high Passo Val Bighera) in dark, in the night. It was wonderful: in a calm, dark forst in a warm air. I enjoyed very much the nature, air, and the views, because it was light, because I had fortune with the full Moon. I enjoyed the feeling so much, that I spent much time above. Our last pass was the Passo Goletto di Crocette (2070 m), onto we had 8-10% steep kilometers in or after raining for 2-3 hours. With a few passes postponed, we remained 4 passes to climb, that I did in September 2006.

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Climbing Passo Nivolet (2612 m), Italy
Cycling from Holland to Istanbul
by JW & Gu, tour started July 2006, submitted 7 January 2007
language: nl

In the summer of 2006 we cycled 62 days and 3700 kilometers through Europe. From Holland to Germany, the Alps, Italy, Corfu, Lefkada, Keffalonia, Greece and western Turkey to complete our journey in front of Istanbul's Blue Mosque. On our site you can find a lot of pictures, tips and travel stories (in Dutch, English will appear later).

In de zomer van 2006 fietsten we 3700 kilometer in 62 dagen door Europa. Van Nederland trokken we door Duitsland, de Alpen en Italië naar de Griekse eilanden Corfu, Lefkas en Keffalonia, over het Griekse vasteland naar Turkije om te eindigen voor de Blauwe Moskee in Istanbul. Veel plezier!

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From Zürich to Sicily
by José Rössner, tour started May 2005, submitted 4 January 2007
Europe: Italy

From Zürich (Switzerland) to Sicily (Italy). Through Lugano-Como-Bergamo-Verona-Vicenza-Padova-Ravenna-Rimini-Ancona to Pescara. After Pescara the river ``Sangro'' comes down out of the Abruzze mountains. I followed this river to get on the other side of Italy. Further through Napoli-Amalfi,down the coast of Calabry to Messina (Sicily) -Siracuse-Agrigento-Marsala-Trapani-to Palermo. (the capital of Sicily) Total kilometre 2731

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Salt-road, on the westcoast of Sicily
Cycling the Alps
by paul Stockton, tour started August 2003, submitted 2 November 2006

My girlfriend suggested we cycle from her brother's house to her mom's. Of course, her brother lived in Switzerland, and her mom in Austria, and there were a few mountains in between. I immediately jumped at the chance. Little did we realize that it would be the hottest summer in the Dolomites in 250 years. It was swelteringly hot, but we persevered, and had a great trip through some amazing scenery.

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Bike repair stand on a bike path in Austria
Spring in Apulia, Italy
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started May 2006, submitted 1 November 2006
Europe: Italy

After the long German winter, we are impatient to get started with the cycling season. Looking for a land of early spring sunshine and mild temperatures, we decide on Apulia, southern Italy, the heel of the boot.

Apulia is more than just sunshine. There are many small roads with little traffic, beautiful beaches and an excellent cuisine. Those interested in history and art won't be disappointed: with Palaeolithic finds, Greek vases, Romanesque churches, Norman fortresses and Baroque cities there is much to see.

We toured two weeks, 750 km and stayed in hotels or pensions.

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Small town not far from Otranto
Our trip around the world - we are now in Cambodia
by Benoit Cote et Genevieve Fortin, tour started 2006, submitted 1 November 2006
language: en, fr

We are now in Cambodia, after 10 months of cycling thru New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand. Our site is bilingual.

Our web site is about the trip that we are now realizing. We have gone across the world to go back to Canada. We already crossed 5 different countries in 10 months. We will keep biking for around 2 more years. The subject treated by the web page is mostly about our trip (story, pictures, organisation) but we added a lot of other stuff like recipes, rock climbing, and small articles. We are French-Canadian, so our web site is belingual.

This is the road to get to Siam Reap from Thailand
A bicycle tour from Switzerland to South Africa
by Herve, tour started September 2004, submitted 19 October 2006

I decide to leave Switzerland and cycle until Tibet. The road decide for me and I finally arrive one and an half year later in Cape Town, South Africa. This is a journey dedicated to freedom, people and nature. This tour may continue to South America but I'm still working as a tour guide in Namibia to get money for the next destinations.

Have a look on my cold stage in Turkey, nice time in Syria, amazing Sudanese crossing, wild Tanzanian experience, pure Namibia, etc... I hope you will enjoy and feel free to contact me.

Cycling from Holland to Rome
by JW & Gu, tour started July 2004, submitted 8 October 2006
language: nl

In the summer of 2004 we cycled 2250 kilometer from Holland to Rome. During the trip we passed through 10 countries and cycled through the Ardennes, Vosges, Alps, Apennines and Tuscany. We enjoyed the beautiful italian villages and met a lot of other cyclists. A lot of pictures, tips and travel stories in Dutch (English translations will soon appear).

In 2004 fietsten we van Nederland naar Rome. We fietsten door 10 landen en door/over de Ardennen, Vogezen, Alpen, Appenijnen en Toscane. We genoten volop van de mooie Italiaanse stadjes en ontmoetten heel veel andere fietsers. Veel plezier!

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Rough path France
Bassano - Munich - Venice
by Fabio Ferronato, tour started August 2006, submitted 5 October 2006

From the beginning of the Italian Alps to Munich, and way back to Venice.

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Fahrrad Touren Berichte
by camino10, submitted 1 September 2006
language: en, de

Bike Tours: Travelogues, photos, maps and tips about long distance bike traveling in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, France, Spain; Mexico, Canada; South America and others.

Reiseberichte und Reisefotografie von Radtouren in Europa (Italien, Griechenland, Spanien, Mallorca, Frankreich, Tschechien, Slovenien etc.), Kanada, Mexiko, Südamerika und viele mehr. Lass dich inspirieren!

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Corinth Canal, Greece
A Short Tour in Central Tuscany
by Kirby James, tour started April 2006, submitted 26 August 2006
Europe: Italy

These pages describe a week long cycle tour through Central Tuscany in May 2006.

The route took me from Siena to Florence via Castelnuovo Berardenga, Vagliagli, Radda, Gaiole, Panzano, Montefioralle, Greve, San Polo, Strada, and Impruneta.

See all 6 reports by Kirby James

Il Duomo, Firenze
Viaggi in bicicletta
by Paolo Adamoli, tour started 2006, submitted 26 August 2006
language: it

In questa sezione del sito personale di Paolo Adamoli vengono descritti alcuni viaggi in bicicletta dal 1998 al 2006.

Oltre a itinerari classici come il Danubio da Ulm a Bratislava, è interessante l'ultimo viaggio, nel luglio 2006, da Magdeburgo al mare del Nord e lungo il Nordsee-Ostsee-Kanal sino a Kiel, sul mar Blatico.

See all 5 reports by Paolo Adamoli

Cycling to Rome on the Via Francigena
by GollyGumDrops, tour started August 2005, submitted 18 July 2006
Europe: Italy

Cycling from Luni to Rome on the mediaeval pilgrimage road, the Via Francigena.

See all 2 reports by GollyGumDrops

A trip from Crete (Greece) to Holland.
by Jelmar and Maarten, tour started April 2006, submitted 4 July 2006
language: nl

We fietsen vanaf Heraklion een rondje Kreta. Vanaf hier varen we naar de peloponissos, waar we richting Patras fietsen. We gaan naar Italie waar we richting Sicilië fietsen. Via Sardinië en het prachtige Corsica, varen we naar Touloun. Als afsluiter nemen we een paar hoge alpen passen zoals de Galibier. Na 3000 km en 2 maanden nemen we het laastje stukje de trein naar Huis.

cycling to the galibier with a heavy packed bike
Via Roma - A bicycle journey from Holland to Italy
by Erik Nomden, tour started July 2001, submitted 3 July 2006

I do not believe my eyes. Before us lies a wide, completely flat valley. A late evening sun shines over the valley below. The 2.400 meter high Monti Sibillini rise majestically out of the plains. This is one of the most beautiful valleys I have ever seen.

Willem Hoffmans and I set out from our homes in Holland for a journey to Italy. Through the Vosges, the Jura and across a lot of cols in the French Alps we reach the Italian border. In Italy we make a lot of detours through Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

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Field of flowers in the Monti Sibillini in Umbria, Italy
Radtour Toskana
by Olaf Kantorek, tour started June 2003, submitted 29 June 2006
Europe: Italy
language: de

Bericht über eine organisierte Tour von Florenz nach Siena.

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Sonnenblumen am Wegesrand
Flüela, Stelvio, Gavia, Bernina, Albula & Co.
by Patrick Schleppi, tour started July 2003, submitted 27 June 2006
language: en, fr, de

Pour changer un peu, mon tour 2003 s'est fait en groupe, avec véhicule d'accompagnement et tout le matériel pour camper. Au programme: de grands et beaux cols.

Zur Abwechslung wurde meine 2003er Tour in einer Gruppe gefahren, mit Begleit-Fahrzeug und Camping-Material. Auf dem Programm: grosse, schöne Pässe.

To change a bit, my tour 2003 was done in a group, with accompanying vehicle and camping stuff. On the programme: high, beautiful passes.

See all 6 reports by Patrick Schleppi

The last hairpin curves to the Stelvio pass
Venice to Rome (Venezia a Roma) 2005
by Nick Taylor, tour started September 2005, submitted 23 May 2006
Europe: Italy

A tour from Venice to Rome in bella Italia. We travelled a total of 668 kilometres in seven days, with around 32 hours of cycling time. After a couple of short easy days on the flat, we hit some evil hills and late summer heat as we headed south of Bologna into Tuscany, before finding an easy direct route straight into the heart of Rome and St Mark's at the Vatican.

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The distance from Buonconvento
2ruote arcobaleno
by Trentino Arcobaleno, submitted 4 May 2006
Europe: Italy
language: it, en, de

Stiamo progettando, sperimentando e segnalando percorsi cicloturistici sul territorio trentino, cercando di unire le piste ciclabili e promuovere una mobilità sostenibile da parte dei turisti trentini, italiani e stranieri. Un modo nuovo di conoscere il territorio valorizzando le forme di ospitalità biologiche e sostenibili (quali agriturismi, aziende bio, ecc..) Criteri di costruzione dei percorsi:

  • i punti di partenza sono raggiungibili in bici, treno o autobus;
  • i punti di ristoro/pernottamento consigliati saranno in prevalenza le realtà segnalate nella Guida al consumo critico `Fa' la cosa giusta!';
  • i percorsi sono adatti a cicloturisti, anche non troppo allenati, anche se affrontano alcune salite (inevitabile per il territorio trentino), poichè si sono bilanciate pendenze e distanze. Inoltre è possibile utilizzare il servizio di trasporto pubblico per evitare tratti impegnativi o in caso di stanchezza per completare le tappe;
  • i percorsi valorizzano la rete delle piste ciclabili del Trentino e le uniscono (con itinerari progettati e sperimentati) in modo da non percorrere strade trafficate, se non per tratti molto brevi. Si snodano anche su strade sterrate, comunque percorribili con biciclette da cicloturismo, attrezzate con borse.
Tour of the Alps 2004
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 2004, submitted 22 April 2006

While the railway stayed mostly in tunnels, our road wound its way through short tunnels on our way to Flüelen at the end of the lake. It was along these cliffs that William Tell was said to have duped the Austrians, who had taken him captive and were returning by boat to their headquarters when a fierce storm arose.

Now with over 50 images.

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Joris en Stella fietsen van Nederland naar China
tour started August 2005, submitted 20 April 2006
language: nl

Joris en Stella fietsen vanaf augustus 2005 van Nederland richting China. Na een uitstapje door het middenoosten wordt nu de weg naar het oosten voor gezet.

Bicycle Geneva to Milan
by David Wolf, tour started August 2005, submitted 13 April 2006

Web site for our bike trip from Geneva to Milan. The three of us, Mike, Steve and Dave left from Boston and Denver on July 29th and rode about 275 miles over the next 8 days - with one day off for rain. For the most part, the route was relatively flat, except for two days in the Alps. We crossed the Simplon Pass from Switzerland into Italy - made famous when Napoleon decided it was a good route to invade southern Europe.

We did this as a self-guided trip without escort or SAG. We pre-booked hotels for about half the nights and stayed flexible on routes and destinations for the rest.

See all 2 reports by David Wolf

Bicycle Geneva to Milan
by David Wolf, tour started August 2005, submitted 13 April 2006

Web site for our bike trip from Geneva to Milan. The three of us, Mike, Steve and Dave left from Boston and Denver on July 29th and rode about 275 miles over the next 8 days - with one day off for rain. For the most part, the route was relatively flat, except for two days in the Alps. We crossed the Simplon Pass from Switzerland into Italy - made famous when Napoleon decided it was a good route to invade southern Europe.

We did this as a self-guided trip without escort or SAG. We pre-booked hotels for about half the nights and stayed flexible on routes and destinations for the rest.

See all 2 reports by David Wolf

Cycling tours through the world
by Jelmar en Maarten, tour started April 2006, submitted 7 April 2006
language: nl

We have cycled many kilometres trough Europe. On our first trip we cycled from Holland to Sweden. After Sweden we cycled trouhg Great Britain. And we cycled further trough Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and ended our tour 6000 km later in Faro (Portugal).

On our next trip we are going to cycle from Heraklion, Crete to Holland. This trip starts 14 April 2006. More info on our site. In the future we will expend our tours outside Europe.

See all 2 reports by Jelmar en Maarten

Riding the Camino Santiago
Along the Po River from its Source to the Adria
by Janos Kertesz, tour started April 2001, submitted 26 March 2006
Europe: Italy
language: de

Die klare Struktur etwas vom Anfang bis zum Ende zu machen reizt immer, so das Konzept von der Quelle zur Mündung. Zu oft hört man das Vorurteil, die Po-Ebene sei langweilig. Vielleicht für den zu bedauernden Autofahrer auf der Autostrada. Wir haben die Strecke am Po als abwechslungsreich und hoch interessant erlebt, mit schönen Landschaften, reizvollen Dörfern und großartigen Städten.

See all 18 reports by Janos Kertesz

Small villages and old churches protected by the dike
The Beautiful Towns and Villas in Veneto
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started May 2003, submitted 20 March 2006
Europe: Italy
language: de

Unsere Radtour führte uns zu den Städten Verona, Padua, Venedig, Treviso und Vicenza, eine herrliche Fahrt in die Kunstgeschichte Venetiens. Auch zu der Geschichte Venetiens gehören die mehr als 2.000 Villen, die in der Zeit zwischen dem 15. und 18. Jahrhundert im Hinterland Venedigs gebaut wurden,deren Architektur wir heute noch bewundern können. Vor allem stand Andrea Palladio dieser Villenarchitektur Pate. Dafür dass wir immer wieder mal verkehrsreiche Straßen in Kauf nehmen mussten, wurden wir ausgiebig belohnt.

See all 25 reports by Suzanne Gibson

Andrea Palladio's Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine
cycling the Danube and Elbe cycle ways (2004 and 2005)
by Jack Dann, tour started May 2005, submitted 10 March 2006

Cycling the Elbe and Danube cycle ways.

Two tours, one of the Danube cycle way from Germany to Budapest, then through Slovenia to Venice, and the Elbe cycle tour from Hook of Holland to Prague via Hamburg; passing through Germany and Dresden.

Brink Expedition
by Kendon Glass, tour started October 2002, submitted 26 February 2006

The Route:

Americas: Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina
Atlantic Traverse: Azores Islands [Portugal]
Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey
The Middle East: Iran
Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, India
South East Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
Australasia: Australia

Welcome to the Brink Expedition!

Imagine attempting a global traverse that would take you 50,000 kilometres through some of the most difficult terrain and extreme weather on the planet, all the time attempting to use only human power and the natural elements.

Starting deep in the heart of Amazonian South America the Brink Expedition will encounter unforgiving Patagonian winds, snowed over Himalayan Mountain passes, monsoons on the sub-continent and the oppressive heat of Australia's Red Centre.

So while the clock ticks, the seasons will turn, making this a full-throttled Race Against the Elements!

Athens to Bremen
by Michael Fiebach, tour started 1999, submitted 15 February 2006

This tour includes scenic detours around Greek islands, the Peloponnese, and proceeds through Italy, Austria, and Germany. This site also has tours in the USA: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana; and in Portugal and Spain.

See all 8 reports by Michael Fiebach

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