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Norway (all)

This page lists all reports that for Norway including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Norway.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Archivio salite d'Europa/European climbs
by Voronin
language: it, de, fr, en

Tabular data and altitude profiles of mountain passes all over Europe.

A Norwegian Summer's Ride
by Neil Critchley
Europe: Norway

After two successive summers spent cycling around the Alps and then the Pyrénées. I wanted to try somewhere different. I'd wanted to visit Norway for some time [...] As usual maps were studied, this process was more in-depth than normal since I had never been to Norway and didn't know where were the best places to visit. After much research and assessing the feasibility of several options, I decided to concentrate on the southern half of the country. This provided the opportunity to cycle over the high mountain plateau of the Hardangervidda, Norway's highest peaks in the Jotunheim and to navigate my way around Norway's most famous features - its coastal fjords.

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One of many majestic waterfalls on the edge of the Hardangervidda
Blood, Sweat and Tears - Cycling in the mountains
by Luddo Oh
language: en, nl

Reports and pictures from various mountains of Europe, America, and Australia. Partly in Dutch.

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Across the Hardangervidda mountain table-land
by Ulf Berntsen, tour started August 1989
Europe: Norway

Dyranut - Trondsbu - Sandhaug - Lågaros. This is the English version of the original Norwegian one: Med sykkel som bagasjetralle / Hardangervidda - fra nord til sør / Dyranut - Trondsbu - Sandhaug - Lågaros.

[The] report of a [...] bike trip in 1989, across the central part of the big mountain plateau Hardangervidda in Norway. The first 12 km on a narrow gravel road, the next 52 km without roads at all. My friend and I followed hiking trails.

You will find the area in your world atlas when searching south of the railway line Oslo - Bergen. We went by train to Geilo, and bus about 40 km to a desolate point at the highway to the Hardanger fjords. The endpoint of the trip was at Mogen north of the small town Rjukan, in the Telemark county. We went by boat across the 35 km distance of Mosvatn lake. Finally we made a bike trip (25 km) at the old and forgotten construction road down to Rjukan.

The Hardangervidda is a rather flat mountain plateau, at altitude 1100-1350 metres above sea level. The terrain is very easy - if you look at detailed maps in scale 1:50000. But big stones (1-2 metres), wet areas, dirt and a very small but angry wood vegetation are not indicated at the maps...

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Reiseberichte Wittram Braunschweig
by Martin Wittram
language: de, en

A large list of cycle tours, 30 at the last count. Most are in Germany, but others go all over central and northern Europe. See the overview page. English translations are available for all pages.

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Zwei Räder für's Leben (Stord, Norwegen)
by Dietmar Jaeger
language: de

An enormous collection of bicycle tours all over the world.
Eine enorme Sammlung von Fahrradtouren in der ganzen Welt.

Cycling info pages

Nordic-Quest 24
by Johann Longwitz, , submitted 27 November 2008

These will be the longest single stage mountainbike races in Europe.

Teams have 24 hours to complete 250km courses.

The Twizi hostel directory - the cheapest places to stay on the planet
by Patrick Sexton, , submitted 6 January 2007

[The author travels around the world and reviews hostels, and has built up a large hostel directory.]

What are hostels?

The quickest answer I can give to you is that hostels are budget accommodations where you share a room with other travelers. To be more specific though and to give you a better idea of what to expect I will say that a hostel room is like a hotel room but instead of being just one bed there are a couple (or a few) bunk beds. There are also (gasp!) other people. People you do not know! These other people are travelers who are most likely very much like you in the sense that they are exploring and traveling and doing it as absolutely cheaply as possible. Hostels have been around a long long time. There are over 20,000 of them around the world. Hostels are very much a part of the culture of Europe, and are starting to be known in the USA as well. Hostels are a cheaper way of staying in a city where you do not live.

world map
DBS Viking Tour
by Resykkelclubb, , submitted 9 January 2006
Europe: Norway
language: en, fi, no, de

The World's most beautiful cycling tour. July 23rd - 28th 2006. Geiranger, Trollstigen, Sognefjord, Jotunheimen, Nærøyfjord...

The Viking Tour takes you everywhere! Six days, eight fjords and nine mountain passes shared with 230 cyclo-tourists and former Tour de France competitors. Great international atmosphere and informal Fjordland hospitality dearly welcome all cyclists whatever goal they have for the tour. Competition classes are only timed for parts of each stage, giving everyone a much appreciated chance to ride with people normally at the other end of the ``peloton.'' No time limits. Our welcoming you at the stage finish only gets warmer the later you arrive. You can choose to stay in the Valhall Camps which include simple breakfasts, showers and some places pools & sauna. Or you can rent your own room, share a cabin with friends, bring a camper-van or...

The organizer Re Cyling Club provides luggage transport, feeding stations, bicyle repair service, first aid and everything needed for you to focus enjoy the experience. The cycling- and social thrills are unlimited. Available starting places are not...

Viking Tour 2006 - Noorwegen - 23/07/2006 - 28/07/2006
, submitted 1 November 2005
Europe: Norway
language: no

's Werelds mooiste fietstocht

Zesdaagse cyclosportieve en recreatieve tocht toegankelijk voor wielertoeristen en zij die willen wedijveren met ex-profs. Ontdek Geiranger, Trollstigen, Jotunheimen, Peak Road, Sognefjorden, Vikafjell, Eagles Road, Dalsnibba... 600 km en 11000 m hoogteverschil vanuit Aurland tot Åndalsnes. Een unieke kans om kennis te maken met een exclusieve meerdaagse tocht waarbij de wegen verrijzen uit de Atlantische Oceaan en klimmen tot de pieken in de wolken van West-Noorwegen. De etappes zijn voorzien van gechronometreerde zones, waarvan een klassement word opgemaakt, maar u kan ook gewoon recreatief deelnemen zonder tijdsopname. U fiets 'Touring Class' of voor de dames 'Ladies Class' naast de 'Competition Class' netjes in vijf leeftijdscategorien bij de mannen en de vrouwen onderverdeeld. De organisatie ``Re sykkelklubb & DBS Viking Tour'' zorgt voor transporten van bagage en bevoorrading zones zodat u zich kan focussen op de bergpassen, de fjorden, de watervallen, de gletsersn en de meren.

Get your free Norwegian Tunnel Guide
by Ernst Poulsen,
Europe: Norway

Reprinted with permission from the Bicycle News Agency ©
Norway is not only the land of fjords and fjell. It is also the land of tunnels. Planning a long bicycle tour in this beautiful country may be just as difficult as planning a military operation. Overlook one single tunnel - and you are headed for disaster: a detour of 25-100 km before you reach the destination which was initially only 4 km away.

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Cycling in Norway
by Ernst Poulsen,
Europe: Norway

The first part of the article contains general usefull information of cycling in Norway. The second part is an account of my personal adventure in the summer of 1994 (Larvik - Geilo - Rallarveien - Sognefjorden - Bergen).

See all 6 reports by Ernst Poulsen

Rec.Travel Library: Norway
Europe: Norway
language: se

A Nordic challenge for bikers - exercise races in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Make 3 of them in 3 years an you recive a diploma.

Scandinavian Lady Tours
language: se

A Nordic challenge only for women - exercise races in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Make 3 of them in 3 years and you recive a diploma.

Organizations and clubs

The North Sea Cycle Route
language: en, nl, de, no, se, dk

The North Sea Cycle Route: 6000 kilometres of fascinating adventure await you. Explore a wealth of cities and villages, beaches and farms, lowlands and uplands, cliff paths and byways - all without fear of getting lost - just keep on for long enough and you'll return to your starting point.

The world's longest signed international cycle route encircles the North Sea, passing through no fewer than 7 countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland and England. From Harwich and Hoek van Holland in the south to Bergen and the Shetland Islands in the north.

What you don't manage this year will wait till next year, or the year after - the North Sea Cycle Route will be there for you whenever you are ready. Choose one convenient section at a time, linked by the many North Sea ferries sailing out of major ports such as Amsterdam, Hamburg, Esbjerg, Göteborg, Bergen and Newcastle.

This online guide will provide you with all the information you need before you start to pack your bags. Naturally, you are also more than welcome to contact the local tourist information offices, which can supply additional details of the attractions, events and accommodation in their area.

Welcome to a fantastic cycle tour around the North Sea - just jump on your bike.

Europe: Norway
language: no

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