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Albania (local)

This page lists all reports that for Albania only that do not involve other countries.
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Albania 2019
by Petr Makalous, tour started May 2019, submitted 27 June 2019
Europe: Albania

A small piece of an amazing cake called Albania

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Albania in Bicicletta
by cicloturismo - alessandro, tour started December 2011, submitted 8 January 2012
Europe: Albania
language: it

Albania on winter Bike Tour. 400 km alone from and to Durres.

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Rec.Travel Library: Albania
Europe: Albania

Cycling info pages

Driving your bicycle in Albania
by by Roman Zapatrin, , submitted 9 June 2008
Europe: Albania

In May, 2008, I spent two weeks in Albania. First week I stayed in the city of Vlora, during the second one I crossed the country from Ionian sea coast to the Greek border near the Prespa lake. All this gave me an opportunity to acquire my own experience in cycling in Albania, which I would like to share in this short review.

Contents: roads, maps, drivers, city driving, bicycles and parts, communicating with people.

Gribe mountains, South Albania
Pictures from Albania
by Zdenek Horcik,
Europe: Albania

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