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Bosnia (local)

This page lists all reports that for Bosnia only that do not involve other countries.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Spalato, Mostar e Sarajevo (II^ parte)
by Marco Zoffoli, tour started July 2016, submitted 22 February 2017
Europe: Bosnia
language: it

Continua il racconto-esperienza nei Balcani, con arrivo a Sarajevo e ritorno al mare con relax finale al mare.

Continues the story-experience in the Balkans, arriving in Sarajevo and return to the sea with a final relaxation on the beach.

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Spalato, Mostar e Sarajevo (prima parte)
by Marco Zoffoli, tour started July 2016, submitted 22 February 2017
Europe: Bosnia
language: it

Questo cicloviaggio ci resta appiccicato addosso diversamente dai precedenti. Quando penso ai momenti, ai luoghi particolari, ai volti incontrati e indelebili mi avvolge la malinconia. L'idea era quella di muoverci in terra balcanica e raggiungere alcuni luoghi simbolo di una tragedia che avevamo vissuto solo attraverso i media negli anni '90. Non mi sono reso conto che sono passati più di 20 anni dal termine di quel conflitto... forse perché in seguito si è incendiato anche il Kosovo e si è protratta la tragedia.

The idea was to move in the Balkan land and reach some places symbol of a tragedy that we had experienced only through the media in the '90s.

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non dimenticare Mostar
Cycling Bosnia and Herzegovina
by JW & Gu, tour started July 2009, submitted 30 August 2009
Europe: Bosnia
language: en, nl

Cycling Bosnia was part of our western Balkans cycling trip in July 2009. We cycled from the border near Dubrovnik to the beautiful city of Mostar and continued through beautiful mountains to Sarajevo. From Sarajevo we cycled to Jajce and Bihac. You can watch our video-report. The video is in HD, if it shutter to much, push the HD-Off button in the video.

For more information about our trip:

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Bjelasnica to Lukomir
by Hajrudin Nino Klipo, tour started August 2002
Europe: Bosnia

[It's a] beautiful one day ride from Bjelasnica Olympics ski center to exotic village Lukomir. There is highest village in this part of Europe (about 1500m up sea level). Those village is located on edge of second deepest (more of 1200m) canyon in Europe- river Rakitnica canyon. Perfect place for real adventure biking, fishing, hiking, rafting...

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Across the highland plateau of Prenj - the Bosnian Himalayas