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Denmark (local)

This page lists all reports that for Denmark only that do not involve other countries.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Skagerrak o Kattegat
by Enzo Pellegrini, tour started June 2012, submitted 15 December 2012
Europe: Denmark
language: it

Racconto di viaggio ed emozioni in Danimarca

"Skagerrak o Kattegat?...Skagerrak o Kattegat?

Sul "ramo" sfoglio le onde, provenienti da mari opposti, che si infrangono una contro l'altra disegnando la fragile lingua di sabbia di Grenen.

Jutland (DK) - Quarta parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2012, submitted 30 October 2012
Europe: Denmark
language: it

Tutti vi diranno che Ribe, la città più antica della Danimarca, si visita a piedi. In bici è meglio. Con la bicicletta si può percorrere l'anello esterno. Le abitazioni legate una all'altra dai colori pastello sfilano davanti a voi armoniose nella loro linea antica.

Everyone will tell you that Ribe, the oldest town of Denmark, be visited on foot. With the bike is better. By bicycle you can take the outer ring. The structures linked to each other pastel colors parade in front of you harmonious in their ancient line ...

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Danimarca in bicicletta, Jutland in libertà - terza parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2012, submitted 26 October 2012
Europe: Denmark
language: it

Percorremmo le ondulazioni del villaggio di Ferring, raggiungemmo la costa scoscesa di Bovbierg. All'ombra del faro un gruppo di pittrici, sguardo all'infinito, tentavano di percorrere "il cammino verso l'opera d'arte nella solitudine". Le loro tele si materializzavano, tocco dopo tocco, ma il lento procedere manifestava l'attesa per un evento coloristico, che il cielo, il sole e il mare avrebbero potuto concedere. Trattenevano i colori impastati sulla tavolozza in attesa di riprodurre armonie percepite al momento solo dall'animo.

We walked along the undulations of the village of Ferring, reached the rugged coast of Bovbierg. In the shadow of the lighthouse a group of painters, gaze endlessly, trying to follow "the path to the artwork in solitude." Their webs materialized, touch after touch, but the slow pace manifested waiting for an event of color, the sky, the sun and the sea could have provided. They held the colors mixed on the palette waiting to play harmonies perceived at present only from the soul.

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Tour of Denmark (Jutland). North Sea Route
by Vicens Borrell, tour started July 2010, submitted 16 October 2012
Europe: Denmark

Route around the Jutland's peninsula following clockwise route from the North Sea (between 6000 km). We start in he center in Billund, where the Legoland park and airport to go to the southwest, and then in Esbjerg we join the North Sea route to the top of the peninsula, Skagen (which in Denmark is Danish National route becomes n.1). In between we deviate a little to take the National Route 5, Denmark (Limfjord). From Skagen we go down to the middle, Aalborg and we head Aharus where we also have airport to go out.

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North Sea beaches with bunkers
Jutland (DK) - seconda parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2012, submitted 11 October 2012
Europe: Denmark
language: it

Giravamo incuriositi lo sguardo dentro il Niels Bugge's Hotel per capire quali pregevoli servizi ci dovesse elargire la storica locanda nella quale eravamo ospiti. L'interno era arredato con gusto da mobili d'epoca. Sulle pareti, occhi vivaci di personaggi, osservavano gli ospiti, da fotografie in bianco e nero entro nere cornici di legno e gesso. Con lo sguardo, di probabili primitivi proprietari, controllavano, ancora compiacendosi, il personale e gli ospiti.

Shooting curious gaze into the Niels Bugge's Hotel to see what valuable services we should bestow the historic inn where we were staying. The interior was tastefully decorated with antique furniture. On the walls, bright eyes of characters, watching the guests, from photographs in black and white by black frames of wood and plaster. With the look of probable original owners, controlled, yet welcoming, the staff and guests

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Denmark Bike Tour 2010
by Simone Greci, tour started August 2010, submitted 26 April 2011
Europe: Denmark
language: it

Il mio primo viaggio in bicicletta, decido di affidarmi alle bellissime piste ciclabili della Danimarca.

Ho deciso di percorrere un ''ring tour'' nelle isole danesi partendo e arrivando nella capitale.

Cycling in Denmark
by Glen and Margaret Netherwood, tour started 2005, submitted 27 February 2008
Europe: Denmark

A report from a cycling trip in Denmark in September 2005. We cycled from Copenhagen to Esbjerg on the North Sea over 3 weeks, hopping from island to island, following the Baltic Sea Route, and finishing on the North Sea Route. The weather was perfect and the marked bicycle routes we followed quiet and scenic. Denmark is great for cycling - it is mostly flat, has a well marked network of bicycle routes, and the cyclists have priority lanes in towns. Highly recommended for new and old cycle tourers. Our site has a report from our trip, itinerary, best photos, and Top 5 selection of best rides, experiences, food and accommodation. Enjoy and write to us if you have any questions!

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Fields on the Island of Møn
by Maurizio Billo, tour started 2008, submitted 6 January 2008
Europe: Denmark

The Danish section of North Sea Cycle Way. Pics and a short travelogue.

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Cycling in Fyn and Sjælland
by David Foster, tour started July 1999, submitted 5 July 2006
Europe: Denmark

We had been cycling for over two months when we arrived in the village of Svogerslev near Roskilde to visit friends. We were ready for a break from our daily routine of breaking camp, loading the bikes, riding to the next night's destination and then pitching the tent again. A few days in an attractive old house with views over the gently rolling countryside were just what we needed. We felt refreshed and ready to hit the road again. With its numerous marked cycling routes and relatively gentle terrain, Denmark is an ideal place for a easy cycle holiday and the islands of Fyn and Sjælland are quite delightful.

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Viking boats in Roskilde Harbour
Wienerbrød Days - A Danish Cycle Tour
by David Foster, tour started August 1995, submitted 5 July 2006
Europe: Denmark

I stopped a few metres before an intersection and was busy peering at the map when I became aware of a number of cars stopped beside me with their indicators flashing. Six cars were patiently waiting for me to proceed so that they could give way to me at the intersection. I made certain that in future I stopped well away from intersections when I wanted to check my map. Danish motorists are extremely courteous towards cyclists. They do have a legal obligation to give way to cyclists and pedestrians at intersections, but it is much more deeply ingrained than that. It is something that is taught to every Dane from an early age.

With its numerous marked cycling routes and relatively gentle terrain, Denmark is an ideal place for a easy cycle holiday.

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Old houses in Ærøskøbing on the island of Ærø
Radtour Dänische Inseln
by Olaf Kantorek, tour started 1997
Europe: Denmark
language: de

Nachdem wir uns entschlossen hatten, wieder eine Urlaubsreise mit dem Fahrrad durchzuführen, stand auch bald fest, daß wir die Dänischen Inseln Langeland, Ærø und Fünen besuchen wollen.

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Family Touring in Denmark
by Svein Høvik, tour started July 1995
Europe: Denmark
language: en, no

After a successful biking holiday in the northern parts of the Danish mainland Jutland in 1993, we wanted to see Djursland and Sealand in 1995. The starting point was Hobro by the Mariager Fjord. We [a family of 5] had one Burley d'Light trailer for Trine [4 years old] and her personal luggage, and relatively large panniers on all 4 bicycles.

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Lundby Krat, Aalborg
by Mikkel Bech Frandsen, tour started December 1994
Europe: Denmark

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Cycling info pages

A [Very] Brief Report on Off-Road Biking in Denmark
by Mikkel Bech Frandsen,
Europe: Denmark

From the creator of the Trento Bike Pages: This article is a bit old, and may appear rather thin for the appetite of today's web surfers. Still it's one of the first articles to have appeared in these pages, so it will stay here anyway.

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Organizations and clubs

Dansk Cyklist Forbund
Europe: Denmark
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The Danish National Railways (Danske Statsbaner)
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