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FaroeIslands (local)

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Faroe Islands 2003, a 3 day tour
by Henrik Sunden, tour started 2003
Europe: FaroeIslands

In 2002 I made a three day cycling tour on the Faroe Islands on the way between Iceland and Norway. The Faroese ferry Norröna makes a tour to Denmark, which leaves passengers to Norway stranded on the Faroe Island for three days. This year I had the same opportunity to do some cycling on these Atlantic Islands, and I chose to go north this year. This story just tells what happened.

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A 3 day tour of the Faroe Islands
by Henrik Sunden, tour started 2002
Europe: FaroeIslands

The bike tour on the Faroe Islands was a logistical consequence of the means of transport (ferry) between Iceland and Norway on the way home from a three weeks tour on north Iceland. The ferry makes a tour to Denmark and returns to Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands before departing to Bergen, Norway.

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Faroe Islands Tourist Guide
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History, language, houses, birdwatching, angling, art and culture, summer festivals, practical info, maps, and bicycle rental.

Faroe Islands Tourist Board
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