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Hungary (local)

This page lists all reports that for Hungary only that do not involve other countries.
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Budapest in bicicletta
by Fernando Da Re, tour started April 2012, submitted 3 May 2012
Europe: Hungary
language: it

La bicicletta aiuta a scoprire anche questa bellissima capitale.

Attraversata dalla lunga via ciclabile denominata Eurovelo 6 (Nantes-Odessa), la città Budapest si presenta all'appuntamento con il turismo in bicicletta, ben organizzata e sorprendente. In Ungheria le piste ciclabili stanno crescendo ma anche le strade "amiche dei ciclisti", contrassegnate da un simbolo verde e poco trafficate, si prestano bene al cicloturismo.

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Biketour-tips: Pilis, Mátra
by Györgyi Gábor
Europe: Hungary

In the last few years the popularity of cycling has increased in Hungary, so more and more people are choosing biking to spend their spare time. With the growing popularity of cycling the local governments can only limitedly satisfy the claims of bike road-building. Although the length of cycle-roads increase a little from year to year. These roads are sometimes real roads, not the edge of tracks or parts of pavements, but in other cases they are separated with a line from the tracks or pavements.

Pilis is ideally situated for either cyclists to see Budapest or the bikers who are curious about Esztergom (church!!) and the Danube bend. We can find here roads with good quality, but the asphalted forest roads (without any traffic) are also good. The ascents [...] are generally 4-8% steep.

Mátra is the highest mountain-range (on a small area) of Hungary, its top Kékesteõ is 1015m above sea level. With the normal and forest roads, the Matra is in any case a favourable mountain-range for those who search after roads in forests, and who like the ascents. Eger, Parádfürdõ, Szilvásvárad, and the castle of Sirok are things that are worth seeing or cycling there for. At the south foot of the Matra are grown grapes.

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A (pale) view of Budapest


by Medveczky György
Europe: Hungary
language: hu

Contains a lot of pictures in connection with our cycling and hiking activities.

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