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Romania (local)

This page lists all reports that for Romania only that do not involve other countries.
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Bike tour in the "Transylvanian Alps" in winter conditions
by Claudiu Moga, tour started October 2009, submitted 7 January 2012
Europe: Romania

It's an extreme tour I made with a friend of mine. We climbed the toughest alpine road in Romania: "The Transfagarasan". This road goes up to 2040m high, and it was snowing, we had to fight against a blizzard, it was a great adventure.

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my friend Razvan climbing TransFagarasan alpine road in winter conditions
Tour of the Banat Region with my friend Cosmin Rotar
by Claudiu Moga, tour started April 2006, submitted 18 December 2011
Europe: Romania

It is a descriptin of a very nice tour I did with a friend of mine in the Banat Region, a spectacular area from Romania. We had quite an interesting and lovely bike trip. I hope you will enjoy it and you will come to cycle in beautiful Romania, Best regards, Claudiu

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the picture was taken on the danube defile at dusk
The tour of Romania by bicycle
by Claudiu Moga, tour started June 2003, submitted 13 July 2010
Europe: Romania

As I am an avid Romanian cycling tourist, I made a lot of tours especially in Romania which is a great country to discover by bicycle. The tour I did in 2003 was one of the best from my life and I hope you will enjoy it and come to cycle in Romania. I had plenty of adventures in that tour and I remained quite impressed by this magnificent country where I was born. I hope you will come to cycle in this beautiful country. I hope you will enjoy my tour!
Best regards,

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A storage lake on the Cerna Valley not far from the Herculane Spa
Trip Report - Romania 2007
by Kern Deorksen, tour started August 2007, submitted 27 October 2007
Europe: Romania

A trip report of a four week, 1,000 km cycling tour of Romania, complete with a villain, a mistress, and a hero.

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Descending the Transfagras highway from Balea Lac, the highest pass in Romania.
Bicycle trip across Carpatian Mountains in Romania
by Gary Valentin, tour started September 2006, submitted 17 April 2007
Europe: Romania

This is our 6th yearly tour, taking us to Romania. It was shorter than usual but we got a few miles clocked. From Bucharest we headed north into the mountains, across, and down to the Hungarian towns of Transylvania. Then east toward Moldavia and back down to the Danube Delta.

We highly recommend this tour because the roads have gotten to be excellent in Romania, and in September the winds and weather are just perfect. We could wake up at 9 AM and still do 150km along the river. If you go - don't miss the special soup ``ciorba de perisioare'', it's delicious.

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Meeting a happy calf
A mental and cycling experience in a not cycling friendly country
by Marilen Corciovei, tour started 2005, submitted 29 January 2007
Europe: Romania

A mental and cycling experience in a not cycling friendly country. This is my one day 399km trip from Bucharest to the Black Sea. As a meditation to the cycling experience in a country where cyclists are ridiculised daily.

On the Danube river
Bicycle tour at Moldova, Transylvania (Romania)
by Medveczky György, tour started July 2004, submitted 22 January 2006
Europe: Romania
language: hu, en

We take two weeks bike tour at Romania. We started our trip from Csík (Ciuc) basin, across Carpathians to Moldova (part of Romania). When we left Moldova, there was a terrible waterflood (you can see it in the pictures).

We joined three traditional dance festival: Csángó festival at Fundu Racaciun, an other at Ghimes, and Gipsy festival at Commandau, and recorded traditional folk songs, you can find them (and others) in our home page.

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Crossing the landslip, Trotus valley
Allein durch Rumänien
by Hans Jürgen Stang, tour started September 2002
Europe: Romania
language: de

Was - nach Rumänien willst Du? Mit dem Fahrrad? Und allein? Bist Du verrückt? Diese oder ähnliche Äußerungen meiner Bekannten, Freunde und Arbeitskollegen begleiten mich, als ich nach 24-stündiger Busfahrt von Mannheim aus in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) ankomme. Auch im Bus hat man mich vor Diebstählen, Zigeunern und sonstigen Gefahren gewarnt. Es mag gewiss einfachere und touristisch erschlossenere Reiseländer geben, aber der Reiz des Unbekannten und nicht Alltäglichen ist für mich ein Hauptbestandteil des Reisens, daher war ich gespannt, was vor mir lag.

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Grabstein auf dem lustigen Friedhof
1300 Romanian Kilometres
by Jeroen van Marle, tour started September 1997
Europe: Romania

A bicycle tour through Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina. This is also a cultural trip through a very little known country - an excellent example of how bicycle touring can provide an insider approach to a country and its culture. This instant classic has photos and plenty of practical information.

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The fortress-church of Homorod/Hamruden in winter
Mit dem Fahrrad durch Rumänien
by Jens Pönisch, tour started 1992
Europe: Romania
language: de

Und so begann das Abenteuer ohne einen Leu in der Tasche. Wir hatten gewisse Bedenken, denn im letzten Jahr war es uns nicht gelungen, innerhalb des Landes legal Geld zu tauschen. Nach einer Stunde erreichten wir auf der holprigen, aber schwach befahrenen Europastraße Oradea, die erste Stadt auf rumänischem Boden. Im Hotel konnten wir tatsächlich ein dickes Bündel frisch gedruckter Scheine einstecken, und nachdem wir die Hauptverkehrsader verlassen hatten, wurde es nach dem Verlassen der Stadt sehr ruhig. Durch die recht schönen Badeorte Baile 1 Mai und Baile Felix/Felixbad ging es auf nun recht hügeliger Strecke am Rande des Bihorgebirges nach Süden. Überall wurden wir angestaunt und gefragt, warum wir nicht mit dem Auto kämen, denn Radwandern ist in Rumänien noch völlig unbekannt.

Rumänien by Bike
by Natalie Hesse & Markus Müller
Europe: Romania
language: de

Erst mitten durch die Walachei und dann ab in die Karpaten... Eine Radreise durch Transsilvanien und die Walachei (Rumänien).

Die Walachei liegt rund um Rumäniens Hauptstadt Bukarest und erstreckt sich bis zum südlichen Karpatenbogen.. Hinter diesem Karpatenbogen findet man dann eine große hügelige Hochebene nämlich Transsylvanien (zu deutsch: Siebenbürgen). Während die Walachei mit ihrer Hauptstadt Bukarest (früher war es Targoviste) eines der ältesten rumänischen Fürstentümer war, gehörte Transsylvanien lange zu Ungarn (auf Ungarisch : Erdely) und weist deshalb noch heute einen relativ hohen Anteil an ungarischer Bevölkerung auf.

Let the sunshine...

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The Romania Pages
by Jeroen van Marle,
Europe: Romania

Romania is an amazing country. Most people imagine the country as rough, poor, violent, dark, or even asiatic. Dracula remains to be the first association with the word Transylvania [...] the black images linger in the minds of people who never were there, and don't consider ever going there. Maybe these pages about this special Eastern European country will enlighten a few of you, and convince you that Romania is a country to be experienced. Travelling there is partly stepping into another concept of time. Things seem to go slower than in our hurried West, and some regions seem to have decided to stop altogether for a century or two. Still, Romania is not a large open-air museum; it is on the move, and sometimes more dynamic than we'd expect. Since 1989 the inhabitants have got acquainted with the concept of freedom. Even though lots of people I spoke to were worried about their economic situation, most were happy to be able to speak aloud again after fourty years of pretty awful repression.

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The fortress-church of Homorod/Hamruden in winter - Cu bicicleta in natura
by Cosmin Nae
Europe: Romania
language: ro, en

Articles, photographs, tech talk - mainly for mountain bikers.

By Dietmar
Europe: Romania
language: de

Discover Romania by Bicycle. This site offers comprehensive information and advice. Also lots of bicycle tour reports in Eastern Europe and elsewhere (all in German, many are Word documents), infos on accomodation in Romania, travel to and in Romania, and commercial links. An excellent starting point for planning a bicycle tour in Romania. Limited English version.

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