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Tunisia (local)

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Cicloturismo Tunisia
by cicloturismo - alessandro, tour started December 2010, submitted 22 July 2011
Africa: Tunisia
language: it

Tunisia bike tour in winter. 300 km from Tozeur to Gabes

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Tunisia 2005
by Nicolas de Hemptinne, tour started January 2005, submitted 8 December 2006
Africa: Tunisia
language: fr

South of Tunisia: a interesting country to visit with a bicycle.

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The crossing of Chott El Djerid
Cycle Touring in Tunisia
by Tracey Maund and Colin Champion, tour started June 1994
Africa: Tunisia

[We] spent about a week touring Tunisia in June 1994. We took road bikes and stayed in hotels. It was nice and sunny, but there was sometimes a stiff north westerly breeze.

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Saharan Margins
by John Stuart Clark
Africa: Tunisia

The desert is subtle and baffling, with few landmarks and none that appear on any map. For those of us from temperate climes, travelling through such an extraordinary environment can be a mystical experience. It is a disarming vacuum, seemingly benign and very romantic. But come tea time, we come into our own, as temperatures plummet and camel dung camp fires become compulsory. On a clear night, the canopy of stars is awesome and the silence creepy. By 5:00 am, the temperatures are sub-zero.

Cycling info pages

Tunisia: Bicycle Tour Travel Guide
by David Mozer
Africa: Tunisia

North Africa, the ``Maghreb'', invites a spirit of adventure. On the crossroads of early Western civilization, its citizens date their arrival back to the lost tribes of Israel and the Phoenician and Roman conquests. On an early morning stroll through one of the many ancient ruins, you almost see a chariot coming over the horizon. The region has the warm, bright and healthy climate common to the Mediterranean. The north is a tapestry of pristine whitewashed towns, beautiful beaches, the deep green Atlas mountains, extraordinary historical sites and rich agricultural valleys of sunflowers and olives.