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UK (local)

This page lists all reports that for UK only that do not involve other countries.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Ireland Diary
by Myra VanInwegen
Europe: UK

This has been a difficult trip, this touring in Ireland. Every day I've gone out on my bike, regardless of the weather. I've struggled against headwinds, winched up slopes that went on for miles. I've gotten wet a great deal, and gotten chilled quite a few times, only getting warm again by adding more layers and pedalling harder. I was really looking forward to this ferry ride back: a chance to relax and stay warm.

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Farewell to the land of rainbows
Cycling in Scotland - Munros, Ferries and Suicidal Sheep
by Jan Kuchel
Europe: UK

The travelogue of a cycling trip in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

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Time for a new haircut


Wales Diary
by Myra VanInwegen, tour started July 2000
Europe: UK

I took a long holiday to explore bits of Britain by bike. Since I like off-road cycling at least as much as on-road, I used my old Trek hardtail. I put skinny slicks on it to cover ground quickly by road, and put knobblies on it for off-road use. [...] My first destination was Wales. I left from home on July 9th, heading towards Cardiff, stopping by the Forest of Dean on the way. I stayed at the Neuadd Arms Hotel for a week, and I participated in the Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships. From there I headed north on the Lon Las Cymru (Welsh National Cycle Route and Sustrans Route 8).

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The Lakeland Loop
by Alasdair Arthur, tour started 1996
Europe: UK

The story of a cycling trip around England's Lake District: Bowness-on-Windermere, Patterdale, Bassenthwaite, Buttermere, Boot, Whitehaven, Boot to the coast and back Boot to Bowness-on-Windermere.

Offroad Adventures
Europe: UK

An excellent site with many good trail descriptions in Great Britain, with some excursions to mainland Europe and Africa

This site is for all Mountain Bikers who love the challenge of an Offroad Adventure. Offroad Adventures - Online is an online resource packed with a collection of full ride reports, routes guides (some including maps), preparation tips, equipment, images to inspire and practical advice.

To get the most from Offroad Adventures - Online you will need to spend time to read the many articles written by Real Mountain Bikers, the equipment reviews and the advice given by riders who have ridden epics in the past.

© 2003 Offroad Adventures


Singletrack magazine
Europe: UK

A quarterly magazine aimed squarely at trail riders in the best traditions of the magazines that have been and gone. We make no apologies for taking inspiration from MTB World and Max MTB. They were great mags, full of the sort of riding that the majority of mountain bikers have adopted as their lifestyle. In fact the buzzwords 'Inspiration' and 'lifestyle' are key to the philosophy behind the magazine.

Cycle Routes - SE Scotland & NE England
by John Brewer
Europe: UK

This site is intended to offer ideas for cycle trips in and around SE Scotland and NE England. The routes are not graded in any way but comments should give some idea of their nature. They are not meant to be prescriptive but are just suggestions - obviously you can adapt them to suit your own needs.

A collection of some 84 (as of October 2005) routes in the triangle Edinburgh-Carlisle-Newcastle. Click the number on the map to access the page for the relevant tour - you will get a detailed description and a map of the tour. A very fine job, John!

Cycling Plus
Europe: UK

An UK bicycling magazine. Articles, forum, tests, workshop, routes, race calendar, race results, ads. The routes are especially interesting and include East Anglia, Northumberland, New Forest, Hampshire, Kent, Peak District, Hebridean Islands, West Cork in the Republic of Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, and others.

UK Railways on the Net
Europe: UK

Journey planner, timetables, today's rail travel information, train operating companies, travel bureau links.

Mountainbiking UK
Europe: UK

An UK bicycling magazine. Forum, bike tests, kit tests, ``grime time'' (articles about preparing for races, pedal repair, suspensions, etc.), sport, videos, ads, events.

Bath Area Cycling Info
by Andy Powell
Europe: UK

Bike shops in Bath, links, magazines.

Rec.Travel Library: Great Britain
Europe: UK
Bicycle Rides in the United Kingdom
by Gerald Soto
Europe: UK

South Downs (North of Brighton);
Autumn in the Chilterns;
Isle of Wight;
Weald (Kent);
North Downs (Kent);
Peak District (Southwest): May 2, 1999;
Peak District (North): May 3, 1999
And many more.

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Cycling info pages

The World of David Duffield, UK Cycling Commentator
, submitted 2 January 2016
Europe: UK

We have brought back the classic web pages dedicated to the genius of the eccentric British cycle commentator David Duffield.

From accounts of Duffield racing his tricycle from John o'Groats to Land's End to stories from his days following the Tour de France and providing daily coverage, you'll find it all here.

Cycling before Lycra
by Allan Nelson, submitted 6 October 2008
Europe: UK

A collection of photographs and anecdotes from my father on cycling in the late 1930's and 1940's. Racing, touring, pass-storming, you name it, they did it - usually on fixed gear, and wearing corduroy shorts - ouch! No chamois leather for these boys.

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Les Nelson at Lake Bank, Coniston, ready for the time-trial.
Anniesland to Ratho Charity Bike Ride
by Pancanal, , submitted 12 November 2007
Europe: UK

Pancanal is the website for the annual Anniesland (Glasgow) to Ratho (Edinburgh) bike ride. It follows the Forth and Clyde canal to Falkirk then the Union Canal to Ratho.

This cycle is in memory of Robin Wilkie who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February 2005. All sponsorship raised from this cycle go directly to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

Books about on-road and off-road itineraries in England
by Andrew Henry and Shaun C. Murray
Europe: UK
CycleCity guides"
Europe: UK

Find maps and guide books by title, town, and county.

Organizations and clubs

Bike User Network
Europe: UK

The Bike User Network, aka BUN, is an informal network of people working to promote cycling as a serious solution to transport problems at the University and in and around Southampton. News, diaries of events, forum, the best routes around the city of Southampton and in Hampshire, shops, safety and security, and local and national cycling links and addresses.

TOYS - Tandems of York Society
Europe: UK

The Tandems of York Society (TOYS) was formed in the Spring of 1996. ``Want to learn more about tandems or bicycling? Visit The's The Learning Center for essential information, tandem information links and bicycle links on repair, maintenance, fitting, safe and effective cycling, and other miscellaneous cycling related web links.'' Also lists upcoming TOYS rides, newsletters, links, personal tandem sale ads.

The Agreeable World of the Addiscombe Cycling Club
Europe: UK

Addiscombe Cycling Club is a friendly Croydon based club catering for racing and leisure cyclists of all disciplines. Formed in 1929 its members have excelled on the national and world stage ever since. Originally most members competed in time trialling and track racing although road racing and mountain biking have now become very popular. With club meetings every Wednesday and at least FIVE organized activities a week its members have an active social scene. Most members come from around the Surrey area but the club also has members further afield who keep in touch regularly through the club.

EMCCA - East Midlands Cyclo-Cross Association
Europe: UK

The East Midlands C-C A is a group of about 50 cycling clubs who get together to administer cyclo-cross in the East Midlands.

Sustrans - Routes for people
Europe: UK

Sustrans is a civil engineering charity which designs and builds routes for cyclists, walkers and people with disabilities. Sustrans is promoting a 6,500-mile National Cycle Network for the United Kingdom which will link schools, houses, shops and workplaces with each other and with the countryside.

On June 21 2000 The first 5,000 miles of the National Cycle Network has been officially opened: see what Britons think of it, from BBC News.

National Cycle Network
North Wales Mountain Bike Association
Europe: UK

Join the Wild Welsh Wheelers on the Web. Club news, trails, racing, forum, link.

Pedal Power Against War
Europe: UK

Cycling in Croydon. Links to London Critical Mass, Urban 75, Rinky-Dink - the pedal powered sound system, and warious anti-war demos.

Audax UK
Europe: UK

The Long Distance Cyclists' Association. Includes links to other Touring Clubs and Groups in UK.

OCD Cycloclimbing - Mountain road cycling
Europe: UK

O.C.D., the Ordre des Cols Durs in the UK is a society for cyclists who enjoy climbing and visiting the high places by bicycle, with the emphasis the Alps and Pyrenees in Europe but with an ever-widening field of interest which includes the mountainous areas in the UK and the rest of the world, such as the Rockies and the Himalayas.

CTC - The Cyclists' Touring Club - Cycling For All
Europe: UK

We are the country's largest group of people on bikes. Our mission is to make cycling enjoyable, safe and welcoming for all. Also see the Central London CTC.

The Tandem Club
Europe: UK

The Tandem Club was formed in the UK in 1971 primarily to provide otherwise unobtainable spare parts and technical advice on how to maintain the older machines. This is still an important function but since then the Club has developed along with the increased interest in tandems, extending the range of services and benefits it offers to its members, and currently the Club has a world wide membership of over 6,000 members.

Coast to Coast - The C2C Guide
by Dik Stoddart
Europe: UK

The complete accommodation, tourism and route information guide. This site is designed to act as a resource centre for the excellent C2C cycle route which runs from Whitehaven, on the West Cumbrian coast, to Sunderland on the North East coast of England. Includes a page with links to plenty of Reports of C2C tours.

Map from Dik Stoddardt's C2C Guide

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