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Ukraine (local)

This page lists all reports that for Ukraine only that do not involve other countries.
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(Video) Ukraine
by Blanche, tour started August 2012, submitted 23 September 2012
Europe: Ukraine
language: en, nl

It's the second biggest country of Europe. Still a lot of Europeans don't really know it. And western cycle tourists don't visit it often.This summer we discovered it by bicycle! Here is what we found in Ukraine. Have fun!

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Around of Crimea
by Andrey Shadrunov, tour started September 2011, submitted 21 February 2012
Europe: Ukraine

Road cicle tour in fast pace by Ukrainian Azov coast and Crimea coast started from Russian Rostov-On-Don City. First part was gone on with my companion and all other way I run along.

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MTB tour of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains
by I.P., tour started August 2011, submitted 30 April 2011
Europe: Ukraine

A mountain bike ride along and across the Ukrainian part of the Carpathian Mountains from the Ukraine-Poland border to the Ukraine-Romania border. The route is approximately 500 km long. It is by no means an ''extreme'' tour (most probably it can be described as ''moderately challenging''). The main purpose of this ride is to map out and document a through-trail that uses forest roads, jeep roads, local dirt roads, and low-traffic local roads where other options are not available.

Ukraine 2002 - Riding in Crimea and along the Dniepr
by Peter Wulff, tour started May 2002
Europe: Ukraine

Having in 2001 experienced how nice a country Ukraine in many ways is, I returned for more riding in 2002. During about two months I rode 3927 km in Crimea and along the Dniepr river. I arrived in Ukraine by boat from Istanbul in Turkey and left the same way. Since last time I was in Ukraine things have improved; better food (now one can have Ukrainian made cornflakes and musli), the cities also look better. Surely Kuchma is doing something right. One thing hadn't improved though - the horrible mentality in most state-owned hotels. Luckily there are several types of alternative accommodation. Ukraine is cheap and during two months I spent less than 1000 USD. On the whole I enjoyed the riding as much as the previous year, not that Ukraine is always pleasant, but it is rarely boring. There is something special about riding in Ukraine, the contrasts, it's socialist history, the absence of western tourists, the light, the Ukrainians, well, I can't exactly put my finger on it but nice it is.

The itinerary/places where I slept was as follows; Feodosia - Ribatche - Jalta - Feodosia - (Kerch) - Feodosia - Strelkovoe - Dzankoj - Feodosia - Otradnoe - Feodosia - Kurortnoe - Sudak - Jalta - Lyubimovka - Pribreshnoe - Mirnyj - Meshvodnoe - Khorli - Lazurnoe - Golaja Pristan - Kahovka - Kamjanka Dnieprovka - Nikopol - Dniepro Dzerzhinsk - Komsomolsk - Chigirin - Cherkasy - Prokhorovka - Kedina Gora - Khorol - Komsomolsk - Dniepro Dzerzhinsk - Novomoskovsk - Vasilivka - Strelkovoe - Feodosia - Belogorsk - Bakshisaray - Inkerman.

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Cow herd at Kurortnoe
Bicycle Trips in Ukraine
by Peter Wulff, tour started April 2001
Europe: Ukraine

During six months in Ukraine I did 11 longer bicycle trips, in total 5300 km. I sincerely enjoyed riding in Ukraine and want to recommend it to other cyclists. [...] The following is a kind of diary about the last six trips followed by some practical information.

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Ukraine-Ausflug von Mattias und Klaus
by Mattias Doffing, tour started December 1991
Europe: Ukraine
language: de

Cycling info pages

Biking in Ukraine: tips on where and how to cycle around Ukraine
by Rick DeLong, , submitted 17 October 2005
Europe: Ukraine

All about cycling in Ukraine. Routes and detailed info for Kiev, Carpathians, and Crimea. Trip reports and pictures of trips. General info on Ukraine, transportation, weather, getting your bike on the train, etc.

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