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Touring Tuscany

From message to rec.bicycles.rides in January 1995
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To anyone who's been there... My wife and I are planning a bicycle tour of Tuscany. We are planning a two week tour late-May to early June. Our itinerary at this time starts in Florence (three days) then goes west to Montecatini (overnight) via Vinci. Next to Pisa (two nights) via Lucca. From Pisa south to Casciana (one night), then to Volterra (one night), San Gimignano (one night) and Siena (two nights). Heading north from Siena to Radda and Greve (one night) , then back to Florence (one night). Any comments on the route, roads, accommodations, etc. will be appreciated.

Amidst all the planning we've done we do have some bicycle specific questions. Which is the easiest airport to fly and bicycle in and out of in the Pisa/Florence area? Do airports have baggage storage facilities, for bike boxes and empty duffles? Or are there other methods available for handling these items? In past overseas tours we had friends living in the areas we were visiting we could leave our stuff with.

Any other advice or recommendations will also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Chris WCF@GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU

Hi Chris, I did a similar trip last year to what you are doing this year, at least it sounds that way; I also went late May into early June - weather was incredibly hot (over 100 every day), but the countryside is so gorgeous and the trip was so much fun that it really didn't interfere with having a splendid time.

We also left out of Florence (stayed at the Hotel Silla there) and headed next to Greve Da Omero Hotel); Siena (Hotel Chiusarelli); Volterra (villa nencini) and on to the Island of Elba (Hotel Bahia); Have a great trip! Don't miss the Enoteca Nazionale in Siena for great wine tasting; and outside of Florence on your first day, stop for lunch in La Panca at the trattoria "Le Cernacchie". wonderful food and charming owners!

Head in the direction of Greve from Florence (going through the town of Strada) after going through Strada, continue straight and start going downhill. on your right hand side there will be a blue highway sign with arrows indicating that bearing to the left you will go towards FIGLINE. Take that left! You do not ber to the left until you see that sign! 9about 2.5KM from Strada) Continue in the direction of Figline, Cintoia, panca. The road will definitely climb, but all of Tuscany is very hilly, as I am sure you are well aware, so this is a great warm up for lunch!

Have fun!

Denise Della-Dora