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This page lets you submit your pages about tours, organizations, and other information. Feel free to answer the questions as you like, without too much concern for syntax and structure. I'll edit this anyway before publishing it.

The Trento Bike Pages are strictly noncommercial and will not publish ads in any form. Please do not enter spam, or sites with commercial content. If you are offering services, bicycle tours, accomodations, or anything else that must be paid for, Trento Bike cannot list them.

Please make sure that you list at least a title and URL, and a description. Nongeographical bicycle tips means forum sites, maintenance help, packing lists, etc. If this is a correction due to a URL change, please list both the old and the new URL - the rest is optional, it's enough to just enter the changed fields.
The URL of your page. Please make sure that this URL remains valid permanently under this URL. If you have no webspace, tell me, I can host pages if they do not contain too many large pictures.
Please specify a few words that describe the contents of your page.
If you want your name shown in the "by..." subtitle, enter it here. It's recommended but optional. Feel free to use nicknames or first names.
If you want your name to be a hyperlink to your homepage, enter your homepage URL here. Do not enter an email address, I will not publish it because it would attract a lot of spam very quickly!
Specify the language of your page. If you have translations, list them all. Abbreviations (en for English, it for Italian, fr for French, de for German, nl for Dutch, and so on) are ok.
if this is a tour, trail, or event, please specify the month (1-12) and year your tour began. Otherwise, leave this empty.
Please list all continents that your tour covered (usually just one), or where your organization is located. Otherwise, leave this blank.
If your tour is mostly in a single country, enter it here. For organizations, enter the country where it is located. If your tour covers multiple countries, leave this blank and enter the next field below. Only enter one country name here.
Country list:
If your tour covers several countries, list them all here. Otherwise, leave this blank.
You can enter the URL of a tag picture here that will appear next to your entry. This could be an especially nice tour photo, or a map, or the logo of your organization. You can leave this blank but entries with pictures are more attractive. Or write "ok" if you want me to pick a photo from your site.
If you do submit a picture, please enter a few words that describe it, such as the name of the place where a photo was taken.
Please write a paragraph or two about your page. The text should be a synopsis of your page so a reader knows what to expect. Good descriptions attract readers. Please limit this to about 200 words; I will edit or truncate excessively long descriptions. But don't just write one sentence, cut-and-paste an especially interesting paragraph from your page if you have no abstract. You can use HTML markup, such as <a href>, but I may edit this too. Preferrably use the same language as your page (see Language above).
Please enter an email address where I can reach you if I have questions, or a problem with the link arises. I will not publish this email address, and will not make it available to any third party. It will be accessible only to the Trento Bike Pages maintainer. Feel free to leave this blank.

Remember, if you have something to sell, you cannot be listed here.