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Reports by Alan and Pauline Lord

All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Lands End to John O'Groats
by Alan and Pauline Lord, tour started May 2000

1014 miles in 16 days - a photographic diary.

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Bayonne to Gibraltar - A Fantastic Journey
by Alan and Pauline Lord

A Fantastic Journey is the only real description of this ride, because that is exactly what it was. A journey into territory far away from the normal tourist routes. Where the only indication of the 21st century was the motor car. And where English is rarely been heard, let alone spoken.

Following our long cycle rides of the previous two years and because bad weather caused us to call a halt last year near Bayonne, we decided to continue our ride to Gibraltar. However we decided to change the route to take in more of the real Spain. It may not appear to some to be the best route. It certainly was not the quickest. It did however encompass many places we wanted to see. Some were Towns and Cities, some were geographic places such as Parque Naturals and Mountain Ranges. Our route took us through the following major cities and towns: San Sebastian; Vitoria; Burgos; Palencia; Toro; Salamanca; Bejar; Trujillo; Merida; Constantina; Seville; Arcos de la Frontera; Tarifa; Gibraltar.

See all 2 reports by Alan and Pauline Lord

Daybreak at Toro from Duero valley