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Reports by Barbara Leonard

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Bicycling à la Française
by Barbara Leonard

I am an American bicyclist whose focus, since 1979, has been racing. [...] In the fall of 1996 I moved to France and in February, 1997 joined a French cyclotouring club. Except for some individual training and some rides at the velodrome, all my riding is with the club. [...] My pages provide information about French cycling organizations, the types of rides available through these organizations, and my cycling experiences as a member of a French club.

Includes direct experience on La Marmotte, Riding at Longchamp, VCL Tour du Vexin, La Randonnée de Gresivaudan, Le Reblochon, The Weekend at Auxi-le-Chateau, Levallois Criterium, Velodrome La Cipale. With an important note on Bicycles on Trains in France, 1998