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Reports by Geoff Husband

All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Various cycling routes from a base in central brittany - France
by Geoff Husband, tour started 2017, submitted 11 December 2017

Gouarec is unique as not only is it on the Nantes-Brest canal, but it is also where the V1 cycleroute crosses the canal. This gives lots of very easy and varied cycing both on and off road. The village has all you need and the whole place is very cycling orientated. The routes on this page cover very easy wobbles to some more serious rides, but all have a restaurant/bar at their turning point! Please use and share freely.

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This is the campsite at Gouarec that makes a lovely base for these tours
A simple 60 km loop based in Gouarec in central Brittany.
by Geoff Husband, tour started March 2014, submitted 28 March 2014

This is the first of a series of free-to-all day-ride routes I have produced for people visiting central Brittany. 60km long and of moderate difficulty it makes a lovely day out.

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The market at Rostrenen
Climbing the Ventoux on a Cyclecamping trip
by Geoff Husband, tour started 2014, submitted 19 January 2014

In September 2013 I led a group of cyclists on a camping tour form Tours to Mont Ventoux. We were carrying full camping gear, and what follows is a description of the day we climbed the Ventoux and how we all managed to cheat by camping half way up. I'd like to encourage any touring cyclist to give it a go;-)

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The whole gang and the top of the Ventoux
A relatively easy tour From Roscoff Ferryport in Brittany, France complete with hotel details
by Geoff Husband, submitted 20 February 2013

This is a great introduction to cycling holidays in Brittany France. The hotels are typical country hotels, not expensive tourist traps,but all offer clean simple rooms with en-suit facilities etc.

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A circular cyclecamping tour from Roscoff ferryport in Brittany - France
by Geoff Husband, tour started 2012, submitted 3 March 2012

This is a loop from Roscoff Ferryport to take you both along the coast and into the interior of Brittany. It averages around 30 miles a day and is ideal as a first tour - all campsite stops are marked and a google map included.

Have fun:-)

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A lazy camping trip in Normandy
by Geoff Husband, tour started September 1997, submitted 4 October 2007

For people living in the South of England this is an easy tour to get to and makes a perfect first cyclecamping tour. No days over 40 miles, easy terrain and lots of history and beautiful countryside. Though done in 1997 nothing has changed. Especially for those terrified by some of the tours posted here:-)

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The Breton Bikes Charity ride to the Pyrenees.
by Geoff Husband, tour started September 2003, submitted 6 March 2006

In September 2003 a group of 14 cyclists rode over most of the major cols of the Pyrenees including of course the mighty Tourmalet. The majority of the group had never cycled in mountains, were not 'sporty' cyclists and with an age range of 32 to 65 were a pretty mixed bunch. To make things interesting the group cyclecamped without any motorised back-up at all, everything was carried on the bikes.

The trip was an adventure that in the end raised over £12,000 for the Charity ITDG. In the fortnight it took there was triumph and tragedy; laughter and tears. What follows is the account of that ride

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The Sculpture at the top of the Tormalet
The record of the Breton Bikes charity ride in the Pyrenees
by Geoff Husband, tour started October 2003, submitted 17 November 2005

In September 2003 I organised and led a charity ride in the Pyrenees. A group of 14 braved the elements, and gravity, to raise £12,000 for Intermediate Technology Development Group. The two-week trip involved tears and blood, food and wine, 2000m cols and 50 mph descents. What follows is the record of that trip.

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Tourmalet - The Hard Way
by Geoff Husband, tour started 2000

The statistics are frightening, the Tourmalet is a ``Hors Catagorie'' climb, the most difficult of all, and a rare beast indeed. The Col is at 2115 m, nearly 7000 feet, the second highest in the Pyrenees and by repute, the most difficult. If you look at the Michelin map you'll see the road, previously marked in yellow, becomes made up of red and yellow dots. I've only seen this on a couple of sections of road in France and means that the road is very dangerous. But for the cycletourist it has two saving graces, firstly it is generally a steady though hard climb, the second is that it is so stunningly beautiful that by the top the part of you which will hurt most will be your neck from craning around at some of the most spectacular scenery in cycling.

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Nongeographical bicycling information

Understanding different bike steels
by Geoff Husband, , submitted 11 December 2017

There are many different sorts of steel tubing now available on the market. This is an overview of how they differ and what is best for touring.

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A Reynolds frame sticker