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Reports by Margaret & Graham Robb

All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Cycling in France
by Margaret & Graham Robb

Useful commentaries and plenty of fine photographs for their trips:


I woke each morning, excited as a child on Christmas morning,wondering what adventures would be unwrapped for us that day. Though we were never disappointed, there were days which stood out as particularly magnificent. The journey from Cucugnan to Lagrasse, though hard, took us along beautiful gorges and woods from where we would emerge to wonder at the amazing sights of former Cathar castles high on inaccessible hill-tops. The quiet and simple attractions of the Canal du Midi led us into the bustling pink brick city of Toulouse. The craggy and rugged mountains of the Pyrenees, full of cycling legends and fantastic views, tested our stamina over several days. Perched along a mountain side, the Cirque du Litor was a fairy-tale path between two mountain tops and a place to which I would gladly return.

Summit of the Col d'Iseran