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Reports by Matthew Chachere

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Riding Paris=-Brest-Paris '95
by Matthew Chachere, tour started August 1995, submitted 23 October 2009

My memoir of riding the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 km Randonnee in 1995 - a day-to-day dairy, plus a bit of history and an equipment list.

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Riding Paris-Brest-Paris 1995 -- A personal memoir
by Matthew Chachere, tour started 1995

Paris-Brest-Paris is the oldest traditional cycling event, started in 1891 by a Frenchman named Giffard who thought it would be a great way to promote cycling, as a test ``not primarily of speed but brains, skill and endurance.'' It was held thereafter every ten years, and since the middle of the century, every four years. Attracting more than 4,000 or so riders from a number of countries, it is a ride of over 1,200 kilometers (about 750 miles) that must be completed within 90 hours.

See all 2 reports by Matthew Chachere