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Reports by Tom Roberts

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A Serie A Cycling Tour Of Italy
by Tom Roberts, tour started 1997

This website is a diary of a first attempt at cycle touring in Italy (spring 2000) which included visits to 5 top Serie A football games on route between Rome and Milan. Very much inspired by reading other peoples bike tours [...] I had soon purchased my bike and panniers and had my maps out planning my first cycle tour which would combine my two main interests of football and cycling.

My trip began watching the Rome derby and then ended in Milan to see Inter Milan play Juventus in the derby of Italy. Cycling nearly 800km inbetween these two cities I managed to take in the hills of Tuscany, Pisa, the Ligure coastline, Lake Garda and Lake Como while also visiting 3 other top football games watching the teams of Juventus, Palma, AC Milan and Fiorentina.