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France (local)

This page lists all reports that for France only that do not involve other countries.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Côte d'Azur - Alpes Maritimes - Route Napoleon - Korsika
by camino10, submitted 1 July 2010
Europe: France
language: de

Der Süden von Frankreich ist wunderbares Fahrrad Touren Territorium. Der attraktiven Mittelmeer Küstenstrasse der Côte d'Azur entlang, die Route Napoleon in den französischen Alpen, der mächtige Canyon du Verdon oder auch die traumhafte Insel Korsika.

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Cycling Burgundy, Alsace-Lorraine, and Champagne Regions of France
by Ben and Beth Elderd, tour started September 2009, submitted 3 May 2010
Europe: France

We were sitting around our dining room table sipping a glass of wine (can't remember if it was from a box or bottle) thinking about where to take our next bike tour, when I said, ``We should try for more diversity.'' Beth immediately replied, ``You're not going to go off about our immigration policy again? I thought we were going to discuss our next tour.'' I responded, ``No, no, not that type of diversity!'' Beth replied, ``Oh, you mean terrain, like cycling along rivers, canals, rolling terrain, forests, maybe a mountain or two, that kind of diversity?'' ``No'' I said, ``I was thinking more about red grapes, white grapes and grapes with bubbles.'' The solution was to combine both: red, the canals and forests of Burgundy; white, the mountains of the Alsace; bubbly, the rolling hills of Champagne.

So sit back, open a bottle of your favorite, and we hope you enjoy our journal.

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Looking back at the village of Andlau
France - Normandy mini cycle tour - September 2009
by Chris, tour started September 2009, submitted 9 December 2009
Europe: France

The last weekend of September and the weather forecast is good for Brighton and northern France. We really don't want the start of winter to arrive too soon, so it's off to Dieppe for a short 4 day cycle tour of the Normandy region, taking in Rouen and the coast on the way.

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A retail park somewhere near Yvetot
Cruzando Francia de Nantes a Estrasburgo por la Eurovelo6
by EnBici, tour started July 2009, submitted 19 November 2009
Europe: France
language: es

En la mayor parte de este viaje seguimos el trazado de la ruta ''Eurovelo 6``, que aunque con tramos todavia en proyecto, es una via ciclista que une la desembocadura del Loira en el Atlantico con el delta del Danubio en el Mar Negro recorriendo toda Europa de Oeste a Este.

Pero como las vacaciones no son eternas, este año nos tuvimos que conformar con el tramo que cruza Francia. Empezamos en Nantes remontando el Loira hasta Digoin, luego por el Canal du Centre y el Saone, y despues por el canal del Rin y el Doubs hasta llegar a la frontera con Alemania. Alli abandonamos el trazado de la EuroVelo-6 para girar al Norte y siguiendo la cuenca del Rin visitar Colmar y Estrasburgo. En total fueron 1250 km de pedaleo con algun corto trayecto en tren que nos llevaron 16 dias, 13 de ellos viajando en bicicleta.

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Paseo arbolado de Chinon
Riding Paris=-Brest-Paris '95
by Matthew Chachere, tour started August 1995, submitted 23 October 2009
Europe: France

My memoir of riding the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 km Randonnee in 1995 - a day-to-day dairy, plus a bit of history and an equipment list.

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Tour Across France 2008
by Piaw Na, tour started September 2008, submitted 18 October 2009
Europe: France

At the end of August in 2008, Mike Samuel, Roberto Peon and I toured across France, starting in Hendaye on the Spanish border, and then riding across the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean coast. There, we took a train transfer to Montpellier, and then rode North through Languedoc, Provence, and the Rhone Alps to Bourg-en-Bresse and then Geneva. The journey totaled 1047 miles with 92949 feet of elevation gain.

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We arrive at the Mediterrenean
Tour of the Loire Valley
by John May, tour started May 2003, submitted 4 September 2009
Europe: France

This was a five-day bicycle trip to various Chateaus in the Loire Valley, using Tours as a base. Following that, a few days sightseeing in Paris, sans bicycle.

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Château de Villandry and gardens
Cycle across France - coast to coast - St Malo to Sete
by Liz Hibert, tour started May 2008, submitted 17 July 2009
Europe: France

Three fledgling cyclists, Liz, Nix and Mal, pimp their £400 bikes and invest in wooly jumpers to cycle across France coast to coast from St Malo on the English Channel to Sete on the Med. 3 bods, 3 bikes, 14 days cycling, 2 days resting, 1100 km, 700 miles and 0 punctures!

What follows is the journal of the ride seen from our saddles. It hopes to be informative to those who dare, and reflective for those who like the highs and lows of the human story. Each day has a detailed google map of the route we took, pics, contact details of the place we stayed, and of course the journals of Liz, Mal and Nix. Oh and when we calculate our daily speed we're basing it on the length of the complete day with our breaks - this was a challenge with no time for long lunches or relaxing strolls on cycling days.

The Pyrenees before Medicare
by Ben Elderd and Beth Elderd, tour started June 2008, submitted 7 May 2009
Europe: France

It's amazing how time flies. It seems like just the other day that our fathers were taking the training wheels off our first bikes and now we've been informed that our subscription to AARP needs renewing. On top of that we get more advertisements for Medicare drug plans than we get catalogs from the Colorado Cyclist. Maybe it's time to do a Bucket List. And if it is time, the first thing on it is to cycle the Pyrenees before we're eligible for Medicare.

And that led to this tour ...

We decided to give ourselves an easy start by cycling down the West Coast of France from Bordeaux to St. Jean-de-Luz, a scenic ride through pine and fern forests, alongside sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean.

At St. Jean-de-Luz we would take a left turn and head into the Pyrenees toward the Col de Tourmalet. After conquering or being conquered by the Pyrenees, we'd go on to Carcassone where we would make one more left turn to follow the Midi-Canal for a leisurely, and flat, ride back to Bordeaux.

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Beginning of a new tradition - helmet kisses all around
Cycling in France's Loire Valley - Paris to Chenonceau
by Kevin Rodger, tour started September 2008, submitted 5 January 2009
Europe: France

This is a photo diary of a bike trip in September, 2008 from Paris, France to Blois and Chenonceau in the Loire Region of France. It also includes a description of cycling out of Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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Yvette and Kevin in front of the Chateau at Chambord.
Cycling in France - Paris, Burgundy, Alsace and Provence
by Glen and Margaret Netherwood, tour started September 2008, submitted 23 November 2008
Europe: France

Our 2008 cycling trip gave us a taste of France. We cycled in Paris, Burgundy, Alsace and Provence. We loved French bakeries and cake shops. This has had some not so good side effects - we came back with extra weight! And that's in spite of cycling over 1000km.
If you are planning a similar cycling tour you will find a lot of useful information in our trip Itinerary and day-by-day Trip Report. If you would like to see the beauty of cycling in France do not miss the Best Photos & Videos. You may also be interested in our recommendations for the best places to see, stay and eat in Top 5. If you have any questions or comments please write to us. Enjoy and have a great time on your virtual bicycle tour!
Glen and Margaret

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Cycling in the Vinyards of France
Auvergne (France) 2008
by Daniela Ulicna, tour started August 2008, submitted 22 November 2008
Europe: France

This eight day trip around the volcanic region of Auvergne in the centre of France took us through some surprising ladscapes, nice valleys and some challenging passes (at least challenging for us). On our site you will find the description of our itinerary and brief notes on what we saw with some potentially useful tips for housing.

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Pass de le Croix-Morand
France Again: A short tour in Burgundy
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started August 2008, submitted 18 October 2008
Europe: France

Burgundy is a great place for cycling: whether your tour is to be short or long, flat or hilly, with emphasis on nature or architecture - in Burgundy you have your choice. For part of our short visit we followed bike paths following the Canal de Bourgogne and Canal du Nirvenais, otherwise we cycled on small roads with almost no traffic through pleasant, but hilly, countryside. We visited Auxerre, Tonnerre, Avallon, Pontigny, Semur-en-Auxois ...

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Eine Rundreise in dem schönen südfranzösischen Weinland Corbiére
by Janos Kertesz, tour started August 2007, submitted 26 July 2008
Europe: France
language: de

Wir haben uns in diesem wunderbaren Landstrich fünfzehn Tage lang von dem hier herrschenden Wind voran treiben lassen. Schöne Landschaft, guter Wein und die romanische Kunst geben einen guten Rahmen für eine vergnügliche Fahrt.

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Pyrenean RAID
by Big T, tour started June 2008, submitted 8 July 2008
Europe: France

A complete blog describing a ride across the Pyrenees from Hendaye on the Atlantic coast to Cerbere on the Mediterranean coast. 4 and a bit days diarised for 11 cyclists and 1 support car. The pain, suffering, cols and route are all described.

Hey Ho Logo
by Conrad Philipp, tour started October 2006, submitted 31 March 2008
Europe: France
language: de

Im Herbst kamen Robert und Conrad auf die spontane Idee eine Radtour zu starten. Aufgrund der fortgeschrittenen Jahreszeit kamen nur noch mediterane Gebiete für die Tour in Frage. Nach einer Nachtschicht vor dem Rechner und über den Atlanten entschieden wir uns für Korsika. Die Insel galt als gebirgig jedoch schreckte uns das nicht ab, denn umso schöne Aussichten erhofften wir uns von den Gipfeln. Auf der Insel angekommen erwartete uns zuerst bedeckter Himmel. Die Wolken verzogen sich jedoch bereits am zweiten Tag und so hatten wir traumhafte Aussichten am Cape Corse.

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Goin' with the Wind: A Tour in Southern France
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started August 2007, submitted 13 October 2007
Europe: France

For our two-week tour we choose the little corner of France tucked in between the Pyrenées Orientales and the Mediterranean: wine growing country, rich in history, near the Spanish border. Having just recovered from a knee injury in early summer, I can now put my knee to the test with hills and a loaded bike.

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South West France
by Maurizio Billo, tour started 2007, submitted 8 October 2007
Europe: France

Cycling along Canal du Midi and Canal de Garonne from Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Nice pics and travelogue.

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A lazy camping trip in Normandy
by Geoff Husband, tour started September 1997, submitted 4 October 2007
Europe: France

For people living in the South of England this is an easy tour to get to and makes a perfect first cyclecamping tour. No days over 40 miles, easy terrain and lots of history and beautiful countryside. Though done in 1997 nothing has changed. Especially for those terrified by some of the tours posted here:-)

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Il canale dal Rodano a Sète
by Paolo Adamoli, tour started September 2007, submitted 22 September 2007
Europe: France
language: it, fr

La Francia è un paese solcato da canali navigabili e ogni canale possiede almeno un'alzaia o un sentiero di alaggio. Da queste considerazioni è nato il progetto di un viaggio lungo un canale di navigazione.

Abbiamo scelto una via d'acqua breve e facilmente raggiungibile dall'Italia, il canale dal Rodano a Sète, prolungamento del più famoso e lungo Canal du Midi che da Toulouse conduce sino al Mediterraneo. L'alzaia del canale dal Rodano a Sète è completamente sterrata, con fondo a tratti mal tenuto. A volte corre su una sponda, a volte sull'altra della via d'acqua: occorrono un po' di esperienza, di intuito e di fortuna per non imboccare sentieri che si perdano nella campagna.

In cambio si ha il privilegio di vedere la Provenza e la Camargue da un punto di vista privilegiato e sconosciuto ai più.

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Una chiatta risale il canale fra gli stagni della Camargue
Viaggio in Francia del sud
by Silvia Montevecchi, tour started June 2004, submitted 12 May 2007
Europe: France
language: it

journal + a lot pictures

See all 3 reports by Silvia Montevecchi

cycling out of Grenoble and Avignon
tour started May 2006, submitted 5 May 2007
Europe: France
Radtour in Südfrankreich
by Hubert Becker, tour started June 1999, submitted 27 March 2007
Europe: France
language: de

Eine abwechslungsreiche Radtour durch das zentrale Südfrankreich über insgesamt 630 km, 7 Tagesetappen zwischen 64 und 120 Kilometer.

See all 29 reports by Hubert Becker

Gorges du Tarn
Radtour Atlantik - Mittelmeer
by Hubert Becker, tour started June 1992, submitted 27 March 2007
Europe: France
language: de

Eine reizvolle Radtour in 7 Etappen über insgesamt 829 km durch hügeliges Gelände, Tagesetappen zwischen 90 und 145 km. Die Etappenziele wurden nach Sehenswürdigkeiten und dem Angebot der örtlichen Gastronomie ausgewählt.

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Monastry of Carennac
Radtour durch die Pyrenäen
by Hubert Becker, tour started June 2002, submitted 23 March 2007
Europe: France
language: de

Eine Radtour durch die französischen Pyrenäen in 8 Tagesetappen über 760 km. Das Gebirge, wo Majestix der Himmel auf den Kopf gefallen wäre. Die Wolkendecke hängt vor allem im westlichen Teil der Pyrenäen so tief, daß man Mühe hat die Straße zu sehen. Obwohl nicht so hoch wie die bekannten Alpenpässe, haben es die hiesigen ``Giftzwerge'' in sich.

A bike circle within 8 stages over 760 km through the French Pyrenees. The mountain range where the sky would have been fallen on Majestix' head. Expecially in the western part of the Pyrenees, the cloud cover is so low that it is difficult to see the road. Although not as high as the well known passes in the Alpes, the local ``spiteful little devils'' are tough ones.

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The beutiful Port de Pailhères
Cycling Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley of France
by Ben and Beth Elderd, tour started September 2005, submitted 21 January 2007
Europe: France

We had just finished cycling the South Island of New Zealand and instead of sitting back and relaxing on the flight home, we began planning our next trip, a month long self-supported cycling trip in France.

What better place to begin a trip to France then in Paris. From the 'City of Lights' we would dabble in a little art history by visiting Monet's gardens and then it would be off to the D-day beaches and a WWII history lesson. From 20th century history we would go back in time to the 11th century and visit Bayeaux and its famous tapestry. We would then check out life in a monastery, cycling across Normandy to Mt. St. Michel.

From Mt. St. Michel we would travel along the Brittany coast. At St. Malo we would leave the coast for the medieval city of Dinan and continue to the mouth of the Loire. We would then cycle through the land of chateaux and wineries ending our trip at Fontainebleau.

Our site includes lots of photos along with a daily log and an equipment list.

See all 6 reports by Ben and Beth Elderd

Cycling along the Seine, looking down on Le Petit Andelys
Alsace on Tandem Recumbent
by Dick Feldman, tour started August 2006, submitted 17 December 2006
Europe: France

This is a description with lots of pictures of our August 2006 trip on tandem recumbent around Alsace with a few days in Bourgogne. We also did some traveling on the train, even with out very long bike. I also describe some of our planning work and how we built a box to take our 104-inch long bike on the airplanes from New York state to Mulhouse France. We camped part of the time and stayed in a great chambre d'hote (bed and breakfast) for several days.

Radtour auf Korsika - südlicher Teil
by Hubert Becker, tour started May 2004, submitted 22 November 2006
Europe: France
language: de

Eine anspruchsvolle Radtour in 8 Tagesetappen über insgesamt 549 km durch das südliche Korsika, Tagesetappen zwischen 40 und 109 Kilometern.

A demanding bicycle tour over 8 days and 450 kilometers through southern Corsica. The daily stages were between 40 and 109 kilometers.

See all 29 reports by Hubert Becker

The Col de Scalella is not very well known; the pass is steep and nice.
Cycling the ''B'' side of Alpe d'Huez: Col de Sarenne
by Steven Hill and Rebecca Heald, tour started July 2006, submitted 14 November 2006
Europe: France

Photos and video of the more scenic and quiet backside ride up to Alpe d'Huez, Col de Sarenne, in the French Alps.

See all 5 reports by Steven Hill and Rebecca Heald

Highlands & Volcanoes - Touring in the Massif Central
by Erik Nomden, tour started September 2004, submitted 1 November 2006
Europe: France
language: en, nl

The canyon of the Tarn is one of the obvious highlights of the Cévennes National Park. Another landmark landscape phenomenon are the so called 'Causses'. Causses are the bleak and barren high limestone plateaus of the Cévennes National Park.

This site deals about a short but fascinating cycle trip that Willem Hoffmans and I undertook through the gorges, plateaus and volcano landscapes of the Massif Central. Cycling in the autumn means there are gew facilities but also few tourists, which gave us a whole new perspective of life in the French countryside.

See all 19 reports by Erik Nomden

Willem in the volcano Landscape of Cantal
Cycling Alpe d'Huez - The Marmotte and Etape du Tour - July 2006
by Steven Hill and Rebecca Heald, tour started July 2006, submitted 9 October 2006
Europe: France

A historical look at Alpe d'Huez plus written and photo reports from the Marmotte and Etape du Tour events. Both events finished at the top of Alpe d'Huez this past July.

See all 5 reports by Steven Hill and Rebecca Heald

Etape du Tour riders on Alpe d'Huez
A short tour in Bourgogne - greenways and waterways
by Maurizio, tour started June 2006, submitted 2 September 2006
Europe: France

See all 2 reports by Maurizio

With the Lafayette Riders in France
by Steve Fox, tour started July 2006, submitted 10 August 2006
Europe: France
language: en, fr

This bike trip in France, from Metz to Nice in July 2006, was our annual club event.

The Lafayette Riders (Cavaliers) started in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, where a cardiologist noted the poor condition of the miners and determined to do something about it. Bicycles seemed the answer. Eventually, the mining group encountered American riders and it was decided to form a group with the Marquis de Lafayette being the symbol of enduring Franco-American friendship.

The Lafayette Riders alternate between France and the United States each year, and next year (2007) the club will get together in northern California.

De Genève au Ventoux
by Patrick Schleppi, tour started July 2006, submitted 18 July 2006
Europe: France
language: fr, en, de

Un tour par les petites routes et par des cols ni très hauts ni très connus pour arriver sur une montagne vraiment unique.

Taking small roads and riding over passes neither very high nor well known to climb to a really unique mountain.

Kleine Strassen und wenig bekannte, nicht so hohe Pässe, die zum einem einzigartigen Berg führen.

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Mont Ventoux
A Cycle Tour Along the Three Rivers of France
by David Foster, tour started August 2001, submitted 5 July 2006
Europe: France

Freda White in her classic travel book on this region said that a visitor to this region of South West France would cry 'Now I know why they say ``la belle France''!. It is truly one of the best parts of France with beautiful rivers, rugged cliffs and gorges, spectacular cliff top castles and more than its fair share of the ``plus beaux villages'' (prettiest villages). It is a region that has been popular with tourists for years and during the peak holiday season from mid July to mid August, the roads, hotels and campgrounds are packed with holiday makers. Avoid this time of the year and you will have quiet roads to pedal along and a wide choice of accommodation.

This is truly one of Europe's best cycling regions.

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A Cycle Tour Throuhg Normandy and Brittany
by David Foster, tour started May 2000, submitted 5 July 2006
Europe: France

We had eaten breakfast on board the ferry from Portsmouth, but shortly after setting up our tents in the campground in the old citadel at St. Malo, Alan and David walked down to the town to look for a boulangerie to buy bread for another breakfast. They had seen people walking about with fresh baguettes, but after wandering around for some time, they hadn't found the boulangerie. They stopped on a street corner thinking that there had to be one somewhere. They turned around and found that they were actually standing in the doorway of the boulangerie blocking the entrance. Armed with several baguettes, croissants and confiture, they started on their way back to the campground, only to be waylaid by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from a waterfront café. Eventually they returned to the other members of the group who quickly devoured everything. This pre-occupation with food was to set the tone for this tour through Brittany and Normandy.

See all 13 reports by David Foster

Cycling in Picardy, Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley
by David Foster, tour started May 1999, submitted 5 July 2006
Europe: France

We caught the ferry from Newhaven in southern England to the French port of Dieppe from where we planned on cycling through Normandy. Because of bad weather, the ferry was diverted to Boulogne, 120 kilometres further north. Well that was the official reason given by the captain after we had left Newhaven. One of the crew told us that the real reason was that work on the ferry terminal in Dieppe hadn't been completed so the large hydrofoil ferries which had only started operating the route couldn't berth properly. Most of the people on board were taking advantage of the cheap fares to have a day shopping in France and provided there was a hypermarché nearby, they weren't worried where they ended up. For us on our bicycles, it meant a rethink of our plans.

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Radeln wie Gott in Frankreich .... an der von Nevers nach Angers
by Olaf Kantorek, tour started April 2004, submitted 2 May 2006
Europe: France
language: de

Zwei Wochen gemütlichen Entlang der Loire radeln. Kleine Hotels, gutes Essen, nette Dörfer und natürlich viele Schlösser. Dazu ein wildes Fluß wie ich ihn in Europa nicht erwartet hatte.

Unterwegs waren wir meist auf ruhigen Strassen - der Radweg befindet sich noch im Aufbau. Nur bei Tours war der Autoverkehr unangenehm.

See all 6 reports by Olaf Kantorek

Die Loirebrücke in La Charite sur Loire
Cycling the quiet one-lane back roads of the Ariege Pyrenees
by Steven Hill and Rebecca Heald, tour started September 2005, submitted 8 March 2006
Europe: France

``For prehistoric man who sheltered in the many caves, for the catholic heretics who defied the Church, and for resistance fighters, war-time refugees and downed WWII pilots who eluded the Nazis to escape over the mountains into Spain,'' the Ariège Pyrénées have a long history of serving as a refuge. Today, this unspoiled region attracts those eager to escape from the stresses of modern life, and cyclists wearied of persecution by vehicular traffic.

Although we found the High Pyrenees a spectacular and historic place to cycle, we enjoyed the Ariege Pyrenees as much or even more. We never thought, in advance, that the two areas would compare, but after tallying all the check marks from our exhaustive field testing and crunching the numbers through our proprietary, mathematical bike tour formulas... we can declare a virtual dead heat. Now I'm left with the difficult task of explaining to the humble reader (that's you) how such a conclusion can be drawn. If you sat in for the two-part High Pyrenees show aired earlier this month, then you'll note immediately that the Ariege isn't quite as spectacular, and perhaps doesn't rank as high in the "friggin', jaw-dropping, gorgeous" category. But here's where it does top the charts: The region has countless, quiet, picturesque, one-lane, rolling and often challenging country roads extending in all directions, and sprinkled with charming villages. The main roads follow the valleys and are sometimes almost flat, but it's easy to find routes that branch off and over steep cols. The roads are in terrific shape; I don't recall a single pothole.

See all 5 reports by Steven Hill and Rebecca Heald

The Breton Bikes Charity ride to the Pyrenees.
by Geoff Husband, tour started September 2003, submitted 6 March 2006
Europe: France

In September 2003 a group of 14 cyclists rode over most of the major cols of the Pyrenees including of course the mighty Tourmalet. The majority of the group had never cycled in mountains, were not 'sporty' cyclists and with an age range of 32 to 65 were a pretty mixed bunch. To make things interesting the group cyclecamped without any motorised back-up at all, everything was carried on the bikes.

The trip was an adventure that in the end raised over £12,000 for the Charity ITDG. In the fortnight it took there was triumph and tragedy; laughter and tears. What follows is the account of that ride

See all 10 reports by Geoff Husband

The Sculpture at the top of the Tormalet

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