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Nepal (local)

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Nepal Bike Tour
by Zork, tour started September 2001, submitted 26 May 2014
Asia: Nepal
language: it

First big tour with MTB in Nepal, no one before us did this tour

Percy on a hill
Bicycling tour Lumbini Pokhara Chitwan National Park (plus water-rafting)
by amit mukerjee (bumpy trail bicyclists of iit kanpur), tour started September 2011, submitted 26 September 2011
Asia: Nepal

on this five day tour, we visited the lumbini complex near the indo-nepal border at bhairahawa, the lovely hill town of tansen, pokhara and its hidden seti river gorge, water rafting from fisling and then cycled from the end of the water rafting to the river city of narayanghat. on the last day, we toured chitwan national park (outer area only) in the morning, and then drove back to kanpur.

the hills above butwal, en route to tansen
Mountainbike Katmandu
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2000, submitted 12 August 2010
Europe: Nepal

I did a lot of travels on occasion of my professional career... Covering 'Asia' as a sales manager. Often I have taken my mountain bike with me. Left it at the luggage counter at Singapore's Changi airport. This time, I went to Kathmandu.

Friendly people. Sometimes hard to understand (Indian accent). Wherever you go, they like to sell you something (...and never give up, even if you say 'no'... A rather cheap place, except the 'entrance fee' to Nepal... The hotel has organized an accompanying taxi. Use of a tour guide or an accompanying taxi is no shame.

Foreigners have to give the locals a job. That' s what it is for the last 100 years and longer. My daughter made the Annapurna round, a walkway for tourists. And one (paid) guy kept her rucksack all the way... That's the way it is! Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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Nearby the Everest View
Cycling in Nepal
by Paul Jeurissen & Grace Johnson, tour started 2010, submitted 16 July 2010
Asia: Nepal
language: en, nl

Nepal isn't just the Himalayas. Of course you have great views over the Himalayan mountain range while cycling from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Still what we most enjoyed was cycling through Nepal's medieval towns and across the Terai.

On our Cycling in Nepal website we show what it's like to travel through this ancient mountain kingdom.

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Cycling through Bhaktapur, Nepal
L'altro Nepal
by Zork e Percy, tour started 2002, submitted 3 May 2006
Asia: Nepal
language: it

Un viaggio incredibile tra le montagne e l'India, per conoscere veramente l'anima di questo stato, per assaporarne appieno la gente e i meravigliosi paesaggi ogni giorno nuovi.

Percy fa a gara con i local!