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Reports by Cletus Lee

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Bike Adventures in the Czech Republic
by Cletus Lee, tour started August 2001

After such a wonderful trip cycling through Slovakia and Hungary last year with Bob Simonds, I wanted to return to the area for more. Alas, this year, Bob was not able to manage a repeat performance. I was very anxious to try out my Lightning Voyager (recumbent). One evening, while Becky and I were having dinner with Jim Porter and Kay Kamas, Kay mentioned that her son Daniel was wanting to visit the Czech Republic during the summer of 2001. Daniel's paternal grandparents were native Czechs that immigrated to Texas and Daniel's father spoke only Czech until he was about 7. Daniel was interested in seeing some of his heritage. I suggested to Kay that if Daniel were up to cycling, I would love to have some company. I e-mailed Daniel, and he took me up on the offer. Here is my version of the trip.

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Along Bike Rt 12 to Cesky Krumlov
Slovakia Tour 2000 - a recumbent tour
by Cletus Lee, tour started August 2000

The idea for this trip originated about 10 years ago as the Communist block nations fell in the democratic revolution. I thought it would be enlightening to see a somewhat developed part of the western world as it emerged into a global economy but before McDonalds showed up in every little city, town or village. In the intervening years, my interest in cycling waxed and waned. Lack of a cycling partner with sufficient stamina and interest in venturing into this part of the world also delayed the trip. Just about the time I discovered recumbents, I re-established a friendship with Bob Simonds, one of my best friends during college some 30 years ago. After discovering a similar cycling interest and mutual enthusiasm in recumbents, I suggested this trip. A year of planning, e-mails, and trial rides (Va. Trip Sept. ’99, Easter - 2000 Cave Club Picnic), this trip came together.

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Wine cellars in Edelstal