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Reports by Ken Brown

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Rhine - Mosel Cycling Trip
by Ken Brown, tour started September 2003, submitted 29 January 2006

This was my second European bike tour, primarily following the Rhine and Mosel rivers. I started in Frankfurt, cycled down the Main to Mainz, then north along the Rhine to Koblenz. I then went up the Mosel Radweg as far as Metz, France, took a train over the Vosges mountains to Savern, then followed the Marne au Rhin canal to Strasbourg. I concluded my trip by again following the Rhine, back to Mainz and Frankfurt.

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Die Pfalz along the Rhine
Austria Photos
by Ken Brown, tour started October 2002

A really beautiful collection of photographs from his October 2002 tour along the Tauern Radweg from Krimml to Salzburg to Passau, and then the Danube from Passau to Vienna. Includes a written account of the trip.

See all 2 reports by Ken Brown

The view was worth the climb